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Advertise with OMGN [Update 2]
8:07pm, January 15, 2006
Currently, OMGN is looking for advertisers to help fill and meet our quota for the first quarter of 2006. Regardless if your company and/or product is not necessarily related to the gaming industry, OMGN is still a great outlet for you to consider advertising with. OMGN offers a tremendous chance for you to raise awareness of your company and/or product. Please read on to find out more about why you should consider advertising with us.

Why consider advertising with OMGN?
Advertising with OMGN is a great way to promote awareness of your company and/or product. When advertising with OMGN, not only will you be reaching the most highly sought after demographic, but you'll be promoting your company and/or product with one of the fastest growing online multiplayer gaming news sites over the past year (2005). However, the most attractive incentive to advertising with us is our very affordable rates for each of our ad placements and locations on our site.

OMGN demographics
The majority of the OMGN demographic is the high sought after 14-34 year old males. With this demographic, OMGN offers the chance for many companies to easily target their biggest consumer, and allowing us to widen our reach to potential advertisers in multiple industries (not just gaming related). OMGN is also represented well by a young female demographic. Each group shows a broad range of multiple interests; this includes video games (multiple platforms and genres), electronics from hardware to software, movies and television, music of all types, and various sporting activities/merchandise, to name several interests. No matter your targeted group, you'll find our audience as a valuable target for your company and/or product.

OMGN's impressive/continuous growth
Over the past year (2005), OMGN has continually been a growing force in the online multiplayer gaming industry in providing our readers, new and old alike, with a diverse source of data and information as it relates to the our focused subject. We can make this claim through compiling our own numbers of traffic calculated and other sites that track and rate our traffic numbers with others.

In 2005, OMGN under-went an impressive growth of traffic from 2004 by experiencing a 118% increase when comparing the two years. Each quarter of 2005 also showed an increase for the former quarter as well. Between Q1 and Q2 of 2005, OMGN experienced a 9% increase in ad-enabled impressions; Q3 showed a 10% increase in ad-enabled impressions from Q2; to end the year, Q4 showed to most impressive growth in the site by recording over a 35% change from Q3 of 2005 in ad-enabled impressions. Even into the first quarter of 2006, OMGN is still showing impressive growth. Currently, Q1 of 2006 is on pace to produce over 15% growth from Q4 of 2005 in ad-enabled impressions.

Other signs of OMGN's growth can be seen by looking at the past five months, in which each month broke our all-time record in totaled ad-enabled impressions for a month. January 2006 is no different; currently we are ahead of our pace to break December 2005's ad-enabled impression record for a month.

With our own numbers of growth being as impressive as they are when broken down quarterly and monthly in the past year, it's even more impressive with how OMGN has stood up against some of the largest sites on the internet no matter the content or focus. Alexa Traffic Rankings* is a great tool in comparing over millions of the largest sites on the internet. Out of several millions of sites listed in the Alexa Traffic Rankings, OMGN currently stands within the top 125,000 sites on the internet in terms of traffic (sites that include Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Wal-Mart, EBay, and many more of the top sites that come to mind). Though 150,000 doesn't sound too terribly impressive, it's our growth in the rankings that stand out. In November of last year, OMGN stood at 136,036 on Alexa Traffic Rankings, increasing its previous position by almost 45,000 spots. For December, OMGN moved up to 121,986, which was over a 14,000 position rise.

As good as our growth of ad-enabled impressions has been, our growth of unique visitors to the site is as equally impressive. 2005 saw a 126% growth in unique visitors from 2004. The fourth quarter of 2005 showed a 33% increase in unique visitors from the third quarter of the year, with December registering over 67,000 unique visitors (a monthly record for OMGN). Currently, January is on pace to break this record as well.

Not only has OMGN received a growth in our ad-enabled impressions and unique visitors, we have experienced a growth in our content as well. This relates to advertising in the sense that our site is constantly updated with various content giving our audience many reasons to browser through numerous pages of our site increasing the chance of attracting them to our advertisers; as well as, giving them a chance to become familiar with our advertiser's company and/or product. This will also generating daily/weekly return visits to OMGN.

Update (02/06): OMGN has now jumped over 30,000 spots in Alexa's website ratings to 93,360. This continues to show that in the past three months, OMGN is one of, if not the, fastest growing site in its genre.

Update (02/24): Another Alexa ranking recalculation has OMGN ranked 70,675, jumping another 20,000 spots.

Of course you can order different amounts to each of our options. We are also willing to negotiate any additional ad placements on the site and alternative options with you as well.

Why wait, contact us now to take advantage of this opportunity
As you can see, OMGN not only offers you affordable rates to advertising with us, but a chance to become a part of one of the fast growing sites of its kind. We consider our advertisers as a vital resource to the future of OMGN, so we take no one for granted. You'll find a friendly and professional personnel when advertising with OMGN, along individual attention to any question or concern you may have with advertising at OMGN. We also offer a full advertising system to allow you ultimate control over your advertising campaigns.

For more information on advertising with OMGN, including payment methods, visit our "information" link that can be found in the advertising page (link found in site's footer) or click here . To register as an advertiser at OMGN, you can click here to find a registration form. For any questions you may have relating to advertising with OMGN, please feel free to e-mail us at .

Thank you for you interest in advertising with OMGN, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

*Alexa Traffic Rankings is an service that can be found at
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Currently, OMGN is looking for advertisers to help fill and meet our quota for the first quarter of 2006. Regardless if your company and/or product is not necessarily related to the gaming industry, OMGN is still a great outlet for you to consider...

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