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OMGN Version 3.0 Released!
Includes new Resources Directory and Marketplace
2:30am, February 21, 2006
It's been a long time since we did anything new here at OMGN, and many of our readers have been wondering why. Well, you're looking at the answer!

We've released OMGN Version 3.0 today. This new design and enhancements have been in the works since August of 2005, so we've been hard at work behind the scenes to get this great new design and set of features out for you.

You got a little preview that we were planning to add more content sections to OMGN when we announced the new Hardware section in the middle of CES (We do plan on getting that off the ground soon). Now we have two brand new sections for your perusal: the new Resources Directory and the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is where we'll put great offers for you, our loyal OMGN readers. We'll also put games of interest in there that we think you'll like.

The Resource Directory is by far the best part of OMGN v3.0. It will house information on all websites that are not online multiplayer games, but deal with them in some form or other. We realized last year that we had all these games listed for you to find and play but that we didn't list the websites that offer help guides, clan sites and the like for those games. Now we have a place for that information. To our knowledge, we are the only website that has this kind of structure, so make sure to come back often to see the new information we've got in there!

Unfortunately, both the Resources Directory and Marketplace are empty as of now. Never fear, we're hard at work getting them filled to the brim with information you'll want!

Along with v3.0, we've got a new design here at OMGN! This is the most obvious change here at OMGN. A new sleeker look that appeals to you, our gamers. Gone is the bright site and here stands a design that appeals to the senses much better. We've made some navigational changes to work with this new design, so take a few moments to re-aqcuaint yourself with our new navigational structure.

We've made some modifications to the Home page. We now have up to 4 features on the left side, and you can click on the links underneath the feature to see the other 3. We've also added a Latest Interviews/Reviews box under our Nexus box on the Home page to give you more information at first glance when you first get to OMGN.

The backend code that powers OMGN has been enhanced and made much more secure and stronger. It executes faster and is far more reliable. We feel these changes will help the website be more accessible to many users at any given time (Although we've never had the Slashdot effect happen, so OMGN's been rock solid for all three years in operation).

We've changed our advertisement system a little bit too. We've removed the Brick Ad from the top of the website to help unclutter your viewing area. We've also added the Leaderboard Ad as a standard type at the bottom of the website. We've had a steady stream of ads for the Leaderboard for some time now and felt it appropriate to add it as a standard type for our advertisers.

In place of the Brick Ad, we have added the new OMGN Ticker. The Ticker will show some of the most recent happenings here at OMGN, so make sure to give it a good glance-over every time you visit.

We've fixed up quite a few scripts and pages around here that had problems for some reason or other, or just looked bad. We've also recoded our comments system entirely, so it's fresh and much more efficient than before. Sadly, we had to purge the system of the old comments as there were many problems with the old system that made the data unusable.

Unfortunately, we've also had some casualties. We have completely removed the Member Preferences system we previously had installed that allowed members to customize their view of OMGN. We may reintroduce this later in the future, but we felt it was best to remove it for the new design to work correctly. We have also removed our Links section entirely, since the Resources Directory replaces its function. Expect to see many of our old Text/Button Links brought into the Resources Directory. We have also removed the bbCode system we allowed users to use to submit content to us for formatting reasons.

The Forum has also undergone a bit of a makeover for the new design, so make sure to check it out.

Replacing the bbCode system for our OMGN Administrators is a slick new content editing system that will allow us to present more rich content to you in our content sections. This new content editing system also allows us to easily post images in content, so expect to see more multimedia as well.

You might notice some other changes here and there along your travels in OMGN v3.0. You'll just have to surf around to find them all!

We were hoping to roll our Version 3.0 in time for our 3-year anniversary, which passed on November 11th, 2005. Unfortunately, we were behind-schedule and wanted to make sure Version 3.0 went off with as few bugs and problems as possible.

We hope you enjoy Version 3.0. Feel free to give us feedback in the Forum.
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