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Upcoming Changes!
5:22pm, September 7, 2005
Things will be changing here at OMGN, so take a look!

1) New server! All of Darqness Enterprises will be moving from its current server to a brand-new, never-before-used server that will house only Darqness Enterprises. Yes folks, we will have a dedicated server, so expect supreme performance on the website once this move happens. Expect it to happen within the next week. There shouldn't be much of a problem with the switch, but don't expect a flawless transition.

2) New "voting confirmation" for game owners. Many games offer incentive for their players to vote for their game in the various online polls their game appears in (I.e. our Top Games poll). We are planning on rolling out a new service to allow game owners to definitively know if a player has voted for the game on OMGN. We are still working on the logistics of this, but we'll roll it out soon to help game owners.

3) More content coming! We're slowly going to build our content here at OMGN, specifically, our non-News/Press Releases content. We plan on having additional Reviews and Interviews posted soon, and we plan on having it in a more consistent basis. Keep checking back often to see if we've got a new game reviews for you to check out, or a new interview for you to learn more about the games you love.

Stay tuned!
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Announcements List (21-30 of 115)

OMGbN Network Statistics (October 21, 2005; 0 Comments)
We have added a new Network Statistics page to the OMGbN System! It should help our OMGbN Members to better utilize the system.

Buttkicker OMGN Exclusive! (October 6, 2005; 0 Comments)
Continuing OMGN's relationship with Dambert Lush, Dambert Lush is offering the all-new Buttkicker bass shaker and amplifier at a low price for OMGN Members! The Buttkicker is a bass shaker and amplifier that can be connected to a chair and reacts...

Server Moved! (September 11, 2005; 0 Comments)
We would like to extensively apologize for OMGN's inaccessibility today. We were in the middle of our move to our new dedicated server, and we ran into a couple hitches along the way. We are nearly back to 100% functionality, so go ahead and begin...

Darqness Enterprises No More (September 9, 2005; 0 Comments)
Just a quick note. The parent of OMGN, Darqness Enterprises, is no more. It has been absorbed into Sleek Enterprises. Enjoy.

Upcoming Changes! (September 7, 2005; 0 Comments)
Things will be changing here at OMGN, so take a look! 1) New server! All of Darqness Enterprises will be moving from its current server to a brand-new, never-before-used server that will house only Darqness Enterprises. Yes folks, we will have a...

New Gamer's Beat (August 31, 2005; 0 Comments)
Blair has come up with a new column here on OMGN called The Gamer's Beat. Head on into the News section to get a good read!

Premium Enhancements (August 29, 2005; 0 Comments)
We've made some enhancements to our Premium Games system. Previously, Premium Games only appeared highlighted in the Games Directory page. We have applied the highlighting everywhere else on the site for Premium Games, so now it'll be even easier to...

OMGN Looking For Editors & Writers! (August 18, 2005; 0 Comments)
Want to work in the video game industry? Want to make a name for yourself? Well, honestly, you've got to start somewhere. Why not OMGN? OMGN could be a great launching pad for your video game writing and editing career. OMGN is in need of...

Dambert Lush Opens! (May 21, 2005; 0 Comments)
Today, Dambert Lush opened its online doors to the public. What does this mean? Dambert Lush is an e-commerce website that sells consumer electronics. OMGN is proud to announce this, as we feel many of our readers will enjoy the products at...

Guest Submissions (April 11, 2005; 0 Comments)
We've had a couple guest submissions here at OMGN recently, and we'd like to highlight them for you! We have a new Fall of Rome Review available to read. Make some time to read it, it's extensive and worth every second to read! Not only this, but...