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Irth Online Week (December 5 -11)
1:04pm, December 4, 2005
Irth Online Week will present our readers with various content relating to Magic Hat Software's newest release, Irth Online. During the week you'll find interviews with developers, articles, and a review of Irth Online to end the week.

OMGN Exclusive Discount

On an additional note, Irth Online has been kind enough to start a special promotion with members will receive a discount of $5 on the game software. To use your discount code, you'll want to follow this link. Once there, enter MD-NOV into the "DISCOUNTCODE" box. After selecting the "Put In Shopping Car" button, you'll receive a pop-up asking for you for the "ID CODE". Enter CXRTL-OMGN into the box, and read the Terms of Service for Irth Online. If you agree to follow them, select "Put In Shopping Car" button again, and you'll be taken back to the previous page. You'll notice at the top of the page that the product has been added to your shopping cart. From here, just select "Check Out" and fill in all the necessary information for your billing.

Irth Online Week Content (Updated throughout the week)

Tony Pungitore interview
Dan Milewski interview
Irth Online Players Speak Out
Thomas Gale interview
Irth Online review

Closing Remarks

We'd like for all of readers to experience Irth Online for themselves and give us some feedback of what you think about the game. We'll also continue to update you on any news related to Irth Online in the coming future, so make sure to continually visit OMGN.

Special thanks to Dan Milewski for his hard work in helping us plan and organize Irth Online Week. Also thanks to the Irth Online community of gamers and the developers for taking part, and making our interactions with Irth Online a pleasant one during this process. And thanks to the OMGN readers and members for supporting Irth Online Week. We'll continue to provide you, in the future, with special offers and coverage of upcoming games.
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