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Legend of Mir 3
Developer iEntertainment
Genre RPG
Platform Computer
Interface Client
Style Client
Pricing Free
Status Beta: Open
ESRB Not Rated
System Requirements None

Legend of Mir 3 has been constantly leading and inspiring other Oriental Fantasy Games throughout the Asian online game markets. It has won a worldwide reputation for the recognition of its excellence in the oversea markets by achieving massive numbers of subscribers.

The unique characteristics of Legend of Mir 3, which have become the proud trademarks of this MMORPG, are the three superbly balanced character classes, exciting siege warfare, massive AI invasions and raids, easy intuitive interfaces, its own unique quest system and the complex element system.

“Mir” means “dragon” in ancient Korean and the continent, which is the place for the game play, bears the name as well. The users, who wish to step on this mysterious and amazing world, will be able to select a role of Warrior, Sorcerer, and Taoist to be reborn as a hero to repulsing the endless attacks from the evil forces and protect the continent.

• Character Class
The Player of “Legend of Mir 3” can select a class of Warrior, Taoist, and Sorcerer. Warriors concentrate on melee attacks with their overwhelming physical power, resilience, swordsmanship, and martial arts whereas Sorcerers are the masters of ranged-attacks with diverse and magnificent array of magic spells. Taoists are balanced in between. They have decent melee attack while still having the capability to attack enemies from a distance with tricky skills like deadly “Poisoning”.
However the Taoists’ true role lies in helping the others. They have various types of supporting skills for their party such as “Healing”, which makes the class truly versatile.

Also, there are a lot of different types of weapons, armors, accessories, and grocery items for each class.

• Game Systems
The game has its own unique element system. There are 7 different types of elements and they are divided into two groups, nature and soul. Ignis (fire & flame), Gelu (cold & ice), Fulmen (thunder & lightning) and Ventus (storm & wind) are the 4 nature elements and Sacer (holy), Ater (dark) and Phasma (phantom) are the 3 soul elements. These elemental bonuses or penalties can be applied to monsters or characters and wise planning and careful tactics are required to get the maximum benefit from this system while you are in combat situation.

Also there are features like “in-game messenger service”, “various levels of chatting”, “ marriage system” and others to put more emphasis on community building rather than simple solo play.
Another unique system of this can be found in warfare. In other MMORPGs, combat and wars are mainly based on PvP dynamics but Mir 3 has an additional feature that allows humans to confront massive AI-controlled army. Not like taking AI-controlled castle and confronting static and passive AI garrison but active AI army invading and raiding your villages!

Quests are taken and challenged by an individual or by a guild. For that there are main quests for the whole story line as well as guild quests and daily quests.

Fame system will encourage the users to do honorable deeds in the game.

Weapon level system is to give extra benefit to the users who use the certain weapon for long period of time. Just like your character gets stronger by raising levels after getting experience, your skills for certain weapon can be improved over time, which may allow some users to have better wooden sword than normal iron sword.

In future update, Guild Territory system will be added and guilds may have their own turf, which can be decorated, customized and defended.

• Quest

In Mir 3, there are four types of quests, these are Main Quests, Guild Quests, Daily Quests and RIES (Real-time Interactive Event System) Quests. Main Quests are the quests that follow the story line of the game, while Guild Quests can be only solved by guild actions. Also there are numerous Daily Quests. RIES is the system to managae big real-time historical events.

Also, the player can solve quests easier and more comfortably with the help from Mir Quest Book, which will keep quite useful information and logs.

• Siege

Sabuk Wall and Desert Mud Wall are the two strongholds on the Mir continent.

For any guild, taking and keeping their castles will be not only the greatest honor but also the most sacred duty to protect the nearby villages and towns. The guild that owns the wall can collect taxes from the merchants around walls.

Besiegers can bring various siege crafts such as catapult and ballista to boost their attack. The traditional struggle between human led army vs. human led army will be enriched by the sudden appearance of AI-controlled armies, which could be aggressive towards both human armies so sometimes a war can involve three parties.

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Added To Directory 12:32pm, March 3, 2006
Updated 12:37pm, March 3, 2006
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Legend of Mir 3

Legend of Mir 3

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Legend of Mir 3 has been constantly leading and inspiring other Oriental Fantasy Games throughout the Asian online game markets. It has won a worldwide reputation for the recognition of its excellence in the oversea markets by achieving massive...

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