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Midnight Sun
Developer Midnight Sun Dev Team
Genre MUD
Platform Computer
Interface Telnet
Style Client
Pricing Free
Status Gold
ESRB Everyone
System Requirements None

On Midnight Sun, we do not define ourselves in terms of roleplaying or hack-and-slash. We believe in giving every player the freedom to interact with the world in a way he or she chooses - as long as they agree to follow a few simple rules. If you are a roleplayer, you can build a character without any application process, simply by entering the world and letting it shape you. We do not give rewards for roleplaying, but we promise you will find little to throw you off. If you are an explorer, you can have the time of your life discovering all the secrets (some of them only known by a few still to this day) or embarking on one of the quests. And all the powerplayers out there can test their skills and strategies against a large number of enemies and runs, solo or in a party of friends, gather powerful equipment, and gain new spells or powers as they advance within their guild. Each of our guilds has a unique playing style, and many of them consist of several subguilds, giving you even more room to build the "perfect" character that will suit your style. We are not a playerkilling mud, but should you want to match your power against another's in friendly competition, you can do so in a special arena.

Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon, grow as a character to join the famous ranks of our lords and ladies, meet new friends, and most importantly - have fun!

Some of the features you will find:

  • Original world
  • Over 10,000 rooms in 60+ areas
  • More than 60 fully optional quests
  • Six guilds, each with a unique playing style
  • Player owned houses
  • Animal (and other) companions
  • A unique astrology system
  • No playerkilling
  • Friendly players and immortals, great community

What kind of game is Midnight Sun then?

Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud that has been around since 1991. Since then it has seen a lot of changes and development and has gradually expanded. Somewhere along the way (more precisely in 1998) we replaced the ageing Amylaar driver to gain a newer, faster, more stable mud with a more powerful mudlib - and added an extra number to our name to reflect the change. Hence, Midnight Sun 2 is not a sequel to, but a continuation of the original Midnight Sun.

We do not have a single owner, but a group of admins and wizards who once were newbies like everyone else, and the sense of community is strong. You will not see the immortals only when you are in trouble. They are generally responsive and helpful, because they too used to be players. There is little competition or animosity between players and wizards and the wizards often use player input on ideas and issues. We do not pit one group against the other. We just have folks who enjoy building the game and folks who enjoy playing it.

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Added To Directory 11:24am, June 16, 2006
Updated 11:24am, June 16, 2006
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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

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