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Developer Alex
Genre Other
Platform Computer
Interface Browser
Style Real Time
Pricing Free
Status Beta: Open
ESRB Not Rated
System Requirements View

In the lands of Lorendell, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, orcs or undead. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy warlords, take their gold and weaken their forces. Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack up to everyone else.

Each kingdom have a hero (you) and a certain amount of population, which is divided into categories:
* Peasants
* Soldiers
* Gold miners
* Iron miners
* Stone miners
* Lumberjacks

Once a day, each kingdom receives some peasants. They are the basic type of population in Lorendell. Their main function is to produce food , which is needed to support your army. If you don't have enough food, your army will be reduced by 1% each turn. The amount of peasants you receive will depend of:

* the size of your Town Center
* level of your hero
* the size of your realm

Peasants can be trained to gold miners, iron miners, stone miners and lumberjacks to enable you to gather other resources - gold , iron , stone and wood . Resources can be spent to improve your town, purchase weapons and armor for your soldiers, and perform other actions.
Peasants can also be trained to become soldiers, but you will need to keep in mind that larger army requires more food.
Every half an hour, your mines and farms add to your resources. Also, you will receive one turn represented by . Turns are used to attack other players, build improvements in your realm etc.

You can build various structures in your realm.
There are 5 types of resource - gathering buildings you can improve:

* farming equipment
* gold mining equipment
* iron mining equipment
* stone mining equipment
* lumberjack equipment

These can be found on Equipment tab.
Also, on Build tab, you can upgrade your:

* Town Center ----- gives more peasants each day
* Fort ---------------- increases Defense of your hero/army
* Siege engines --- increases Attack of your hero/army

Note: Defense from Fort will only be calculated when you are attacked by another player, it will not be calculated when you are fighting monsters or attacking another player. Also, Attack from Siege Engines will only be calculated when you are attacking another player, it will not be calculated when you are fighting monsters or defending from another player.

Military equipment
Soldiers can be equipped with weapons and armor to increase their effectives. For each race there are various weapons/armor available, becoming increasingly expensive as they become more effective. They can be bought at Blacksmith. Purchased weapons/armor are placed in your Armory.
The amount of weapon/armor types you can buy depends on your hero level (see below).

All heroes attain ability in the two primary skills: Attack and Defense. Each point in these abilities give your army a 5% bigger attack or defense. As you explore and battle, you gain experience points. When you have enough experience points, you will go up a level. At each level, hero increase his Attack or Defense by 1 point. Maximum hero level is 14 (Grand Marshal / High Warlord - depending on your race).

Hero stats can also be modified by equipping artifacts. Artifacts are parts of armor or a weapon forged by the greatest blacksmiths of all times. They can only be found in ancient ruins, which are always heavily guarded by elite monsters. Usually, artifacts give bonus to hero attack/defense, but some of them may also give a bonus to a certain type of monsters (beast, demon, elemental, dragonkin...).
Players may also wish to sell their artifacts, if they find a better one, through auction house (AH) . Since artifacts are so rare, prices in AH can be really expensive.

As you explore the land, you will discover treasures, wandering creatures, valuable resources, and a wide variety of permanent locations. There are currently two types of permanent locations:
* abandoned ruins to explore
* quest-givers which will usually have a rich reward for you if you complete their mission

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Added To Directory 5:38am, January 28, 2007
Updated 5:38am, January 28, 2007
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