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Nemesis War
Developer twomt
Genre Strategy
Platform Computer
Interface Browser
Style Turn Based
Pricing Free
Status Beta: Open
ESRB Not Rated
System Requirements View

Nemesis War is a free browser based game in which different teams battle for total domination of the Nemesis galaxy. The colony that is the only one left, having a functioning headquarters will be declared victorious and the game ends.

The game is executed on a turn based system, each turn lasting 20 minutes. At the end of each turn all active and alive players will receive a certain amount of action points based upon their current level. These action points (also called APs) are needed by the players to perform their actions (sounds logical, right?). Actions are for example: attacking an enemy, repairing a friendly, collecting minerals and so on.

When you are playing and scoring points, you will gain levels. The levels range from level 1 to 20. The higher your level, the better the ships you can fly and as said above, you get more action points and so can do more each turn. Next to this, when you level you gain some credits (more about those later) and you get 10 skill points that you can distribute to your pilot. There are currently 3 different skills in the game, Pilot Skills, Engineering Skills and Combat Skills. Each skill has it's own advantage, so be careful where you add your skill points to. Once you have set the new skill points, you can not revert it unless you get killed.

When you get killed, you lose 1 level. In other words, you go back to the start of the level below the one you are currently on. Obviously if you are level 1, you stay at level 1 and can start over again. This means of course that you can almost lose 2 levels, imagine that you are 1 point away from level 14 when you died. You are then set back to the start of level 12 as your current level 13 - 1 is 12. This means that you not only have to gain all the points needed to get from level 12 back to level 13, but also those from level 13 to the point where you were when you got killed. Next to this of course the ship that you were flying gets destroyed.

There are several ships in the game, ranging from level 1 scout ships until level 15 carriers. Your colony has an unlimited stock of level 1 ships, they simply never run out of them. All other ships however have to be built by your colony and for this minerals and/or debris has to be collected and brought back to the colony headquarters. Each ship will have it's own strengths and weaknesses and to be able to fly these "built" ships (if they have been built by your colony and are available) your level needs to match that of the ship you wish to fly. In other words, you can not fly a level 8 ship unless you are level 8 or above yourself. You also need to have a minimal amount of piloting skills to fly these ships, more details on the requirements can be found in the ships section of this user guide.

As said above, your colony has a headquarters and it is your task to defend it at all costs. If your colony loses its headquarters, your colony has lost and all pilots in that colony will become part of the Pirates clan until they have died. If you die as a pirate, you respawn into one of the existing colonies. Next to your headquarters, your colony can have several other structures such as Outposts, Research Stations, Training Centers, Shipyards and a few more. More details on these in the Structures section of this user guide.

So, that is it for now. The most important part of Nemesis War is having fun playing it, regardless of what happens in the game, it is just a game and seeing you enjoying it is the main reason why we created Nemesis War.

Come and join us at

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Added To Directory 1:38pm, May 26, 2008
Updated 1:38pm, May 26, 2008
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Nemesis War

Nemesis War

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