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Fantasy Master Online
Developer Nicholas Bostaph
Genre RPG
Platform Computer
Interface Browser
Style Time Based
Pricing Free
Status Gold
ESRB Everyone
System Requirements View

Fantasy Master Online is a free Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game. That is to say, it is a game controlled through your web browser where you role play a character and have a chance to interact with other players from around the world.

Unlike most games of this type, FMO does not pit players directly against one another. There is no end, and no way to win. Instead players decide their own goals. Will you explore and plunder dungeons to become a powerful adventurer? Will you find yourself skillful at playing Golden Arrow and become one of the main suppliers of powerful magical arrows to other adventurers? Or would you prefer to think of yourself as a smith and merchant, keeping constant watch on the auctions for good deals you can resell and using your days to fashion armour and weapons? By far, the most popular goal is to gain experience and become a class 5 character, but no matter what goal you set, once you reach it you can always set a new one and continue!

The action takes place in dungeons, where you can only see a little ways ahead and you reveal the map as you explore. Each room may hold treasures, or thrust you into combat. Battles are extremely intricate, and use an initiative turn based system. Move your characters around the room, keeping your characters with archery skills in the corner, and using your characters with defense and hand-to-hand weapons to charge and distract the enemies. When you meet some other players, invite friends to battles and join in other's battles to defeat truly powerful opponents.

Of course, you can always take a break from the carnage and play one of the many games throughout the realm to earn gold or prizes. Explore the many towns and areas of the world and gain knowledge and power. Everything you have, from your characters attributes and skills, to your gold and trophies, combines to make your character's renown rating. This is much like a score, and represents how well known you are, whether it be for making powerful weapons, or slaying elder wyrms.

Veild is an intricate and complex online world like no other. So take a few moments and leaf through the User's Guide. We guarantee you will find the gameplay here new and refreshing, if not entirely up your alley!

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Added To Directory 3:33am, July 14, 2004
Updated 3:33am, July 14, 2004
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Fantasy Master Online

Fantasy Master Online

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