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Reue of Infinium Games
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Data | 6:43pm, December 14, 2004
AREA-51 m7700
OMGN: Infinium Games is an extension of What exactly is
Reue: is mearly a personal website made and maintained by the original owner of Infinium Games.

OMGN: What are your long-term plans for Infinium Games?
Reue: We intend to extent our gaming service to incorporate a number of other games from different genres and of different sizes. Ideally we want a large collection of games which share a common user database allowing our users to participate in all games as well as the games benefitting from being part of the service offered.

OMGN: Solar Empire Infinium is based upon the open-source Solar Empire game. What makes SEI different than the endless world of Solar Empire clones?
Reue: Solar Empires open sorce in its original form is very very different from the SEI we now have. Around 80% of SEI are new additions and replacements from the original open source code. We have come to the point that we are considering dropping the 'Solar Empires' part from the game name entirly and reforming under a different game name, such is the diversification of SEI from the open source.

OMGN: Alien Assault Infinium is based upon Alien Assault. Again, what differentiates AAI from the rest of the Alien Assault pack?
Reue: AAI had been dormant for a long time, We have yet to begin real work on AAI but hopefullt intend to in the future.

OMGN: Bloodlust is based upon Legend of the Green Dragon. What is the game about, and what have you changed from the original open-source game?
Reue: Bloodlust wasnt originally created or updated as an Infinium Game, Bloodlust became Bloodlust Infinium after joining the games service about half a year ago. Since then the original owner has handed over full control to Infinium Games and left the project leaving us with a very nice and almost finished fantasy RPG.

OMGN: Terrastorm is currently in development. It seems this is Infinium's first non-open-source project. What will Terrastorm be about?
Reue: Imagine the likes of Utopia, Planetarion and Earth2025 and thats TS. Players control a homeworld from which they can send out fleets, build up technology, claim other resources, etc..

OMGN: How has the community of Infinium Games come about?
Reue: Originally, a large majority of our players (SEI) came from being friends of the original 2 admins (Reue + Flyjedi). I myself played a few other online games before infinium games really started and got quite alot of people i knew from other games to come try-out our new game! Turns out quite alot liked it and as went and got theire friends to play.. and so it continues. We (The entire admin team) are incrediabley proud of and thankful to have such a great community around Infinium Games. Their constant support and thanks is greatly welcomed by the entire Infinium Games Staff.

OMGN: How do you plan to make Infinium Games different from the hordes of other open-source game sites out there, much like Infinium?
Reue: When we begin work on an open sorce game (such as Solar Empires and Bloodlust), we make changes such that the project no longer legally becomes open source and we have and retain the right to not publically release any game code. Because of this we are able to create and ensure updates to our games are 100% unique. Also, unlike most gaming services, the admin team are on irc and talking to players on a daily basis. This interaction between the staff and the gaming community allows everyone to have their influence on the games' development and results in games tailored to the players requests.

OMGN: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Reue: I would like to encourage any OMGN visitors to come and check out the Infinium Games service. We a dedicated irc server as well ( #solar) and all are welcome to join us on there. As always we are constantly looking for any games interested in joining the Infinium Games service, feel free to contact me for more infomation.
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Reue of Infinium Games (December 14, 2004; 0 Comments)
OMGN: Infinium Games is an extension of What exactly is is mearly a personal website made and maintained by the original owner of Infinium Games.OMGN: What are your long-term plans for Infinium Games?Reue: We...

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