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Irth Online developer Dan Milewski
By: Blair Morris | Game Data | 11:18am, December 6, 2005
AREA-51 m7700
Continuing Irth Online Week, we spoke with another developer for Irth Online, Dan Milewski. Dealing mainly with the development of the Avarian civilization within the game, along with other various works, Dan's developments are a vital part of Irth Online. In this one-on-one, Dan talks about the various aspects and appeal of Irth Online.

OMGN: When did you come on board with the Irth Online development team, and what is some of the work you've done within the game?

Dan Milewski:
I joined up with the Irth Online development team back in May of 2005. I have dealt mainly with the aspects of developing the Avarian civilization throughout. One of my latest feats has been the tutorial where players first enter our world and learn about all the basic functions in Irth Online.

OMGN: What are the type of gamers Irth Online was designed for, or to attract?

Dan Milewski:
Irth Online was designed with every type of gamer in mind. By having an open skill system, this allows for the casual gamer to 'not be left behind' while giving the power gamers the ability to advance their characters in as many which ways as they see fit. Our fairly unique crafting system has such a WIDE variety of items to make that it proposes an endless amount of opportunities. We have a PvP system in place for those who wish to pursue others and if that doesn't do it for you, you don't have to PvP at all. I truly feel that we accomplished the hard task of catering to all the different needs of the different play styles.

OMGN: With there being so many MMORPGs out there now, uniqueness in between the games is hard to find. Do you feel Irth Online has delivered a unique experience to the individual gamers?

Dan Milewski:
Irth Online has most definitely delivered a unique game. There is no such thing as a level grind system in this world and hardly any boundaries. The customization of your player character is practically endless. The type of player community that exists in this world is unmatched by any other.

OMGN: Will new players be able to come in and pick-up the general aspect of Irth Online rather easily?

Dan Milewski:
Although many of the intricacies of Irth Online are very complex, the basics are quite simple and easy to learn. As you progress through character development, you are slowly brought through the complexity by means of quests and general workings. Just as a precaution there is a tutorial that will walk you through all of the basics of Irth Online and teach you all about the crafting professions and how to maneuver around the world.

OMGN: What are some of your suggestions to new players that may come along that they should play caution to, or experience within the first few days to really get an appreciation to the game "right off the bat"?

Dan Milewski:
One of the most important things for a new player to experience is the tutorial. Luckily for them… they start there! Most games have a basic 'help' feature that will walk you through the basics of the game. Not only do you get these basic help windows in Irth, you will also travel through a series of quests in the tutorial that will guide you through all the intricacies of the game. There is nothing forcing you to stay there or go through the quest system but it is highly encouraged!

OMGN: While playing or testing the game, what's your personal favorite feature within Irth Online?

Dan Milewski:
There are so many wonderful features in Irth that it's hard to just pick one. I am a crafter at heart and I must say that Irth has quite an advanced crafting system. One of our more popular crafting professions is being an Alchemist. There are over 200 different potions to craft that have a wide assortment of effects and enchantments. Or if that doesn't float your play style and you would rather spend your time decorating your free player home/village; you could become a stone worker and build a wide variety of decorations. You can build a statue of yourself and place it in front of your home for all to see. The possibilities never stop.

OMGN: Aside from the storyline of the four different civilizations, what does joining a civilization bring to the player?

Dan Milewski:
Well, by being part of a civilization you become part of that culture. By playing one of the three PvP civilizations you are presented some danger of onslaught from any of the other PvP civilizations.

The basic benefit of being part of a civilzation is the ability to PvP in groups. Civilization wars will start soon and members of an entire civilization will benefit if a particular civilization is winning the war, even if select players did not partake in specific battles they will still receive benefits by virtue of being a member of the same civilzation. Special high end loot dungeons will be open. Faith, an attribute that increases luck will be increased civilzation wide. The entire civilzation will receive crafting bonuses as well.

Certain civilizations have special resources and a propensity to develop certain skills. The Morbus specialize in poisons, The Mezoteks Fire, and the Arcadians Ice. All civilizations have the ability to develop any of these related skills but it is easier to focus on poisoning for instance if you are Morbus.

The best woods are in Arcadia. Therefore if you are a lumberjack or carpenter you may find it easier to develop these professions as an Arcadian. Likewise for Mezotek Miners as the best ores are located in Mezzo. Etc.

If you are not interested in PvP and are crafting and motivated by economics you may want to become an Avarian. The Avarians are Non-PvP and have the only auction house in the game. Avaria is the center of international trade and all civilizations can come to Avaria and purchase hard to get resources in a safe setting.

These are a few of the benefits to belonging to a specific civilzation and there are others as well. But basically, belonging to a civilzation allows players to group together for the common good and advancing your civilzation in the world of Irth brings forth a sense of community accomplishment and additional opportunities.

OMGN: Besides trade, what are some of the more peaceful interactions between the civilizations? Can people of different civilizations get together and start a multi-cultural village with Irth?

Dan Milewski:
Peaceful interactions? You mean something that's not killing each other? Well let's see… You can trade between civilizations; you can also kill other civilizations, oh wait, you said peaceful. Well, I guess you could just kill them. Wait, no, these aren't your friends, they're your enemies! What else would you like to do with them besides kill them? If anyone has a good idea let us know and we'll see how it can fit in!

OMGN: Does Irth incorporate, or plan to incorporate, special displays or events throughout the year within the actual game? Say with Christmas and New Year's coming up, are there a special events planned within the game for them?

Dan Milewski:
Oh of course we do, that's actually something we're working on right now. We are setting up so that you can build your very own Christmas tree to place in your home right now. Along with this you may find some items around town such as holiday hats and special eggnog concoctions. Although it's not set in stone right this second, we do plan on arranging all sorts of events throughout the game world to reflect the seasons and such. I feel it brings the community even closer around the holiday seasons for sure.

OMGN: Would there be anything extra you'd like to say or tell the readers?

Dan Milewski:
Irth Online offers such a great style of play to the many different types of gamers out there. There is really nothing you can't do here. The development team here at Magic Hat is extremely dedicated to giving players what they want. Don't see something in the game that you would like? Let us know and we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas with ours. Most of the ideas, features and areas within the game come from players like yourself that take the time to talk with us and post to our forums.

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