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Irth Online Players Speak Out
By: Blair Morris | Game Data | 12:15pm, December 7, 2005
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Throughout this week, you've heard from a couple of Irth Online developers about Irth Online, and you'll hear what we thing about the game later in the week. Though, where's the medium between the two? With that thought in mind during the planning and organizing content for Irth Online week, we went to the people that could fill the medium, the gamers, to get their thoughts on the game.

In this interview, we talked with "Leilu", "Schwanke", and "Sabbath". All Irth Online gamers who have played numerous MMORPGs, along with playing Irth Online long enough to experience everything the game has to offer at this point and time.

OMGN: On average, how long do you play Irth Online during the week?

A lot I would say, 60-80 hours a week maybe more on some weeks.

Schwanke: I would say I actually login to the game from 10 to 25 hours a week but I spend an additional 10-plus hours a week doing forums, guild chat, and other Irth related projects as well.

OMGN: What is one of your favorite things about Irth Online?

I love the open skill system. By far the most attraction I have to Irth Online.

Schwanke: Crafting and skill choices. I can be anything I want to be. If I want to dabble in a little of everything, I can. I may not be as good as the person that specializes 100% in one thing but then even then if I want to specialize in something I can go specialize in it and stop doing 20 other things at once for a while.

The crafting itself is very detailed. I must have over 100 diagrams for woodworking alone and more are promised. Some of the other professions have even more and they are adding more each patch sometimes.

Leilu: I enjoy playing Irth for many reasons. I really love the open skill system in Irth. I can take any skill I want at any time. No restarting over. There are no classes or levels. I can play and group with my friends whenever I want. There also is so much to do in Irth besides fighting. I can fish, harvest, craft, and much more. Irth has a ton of skills. I also love owning an in-game house. Irth offers a feeling of belonging to a world rather than just playing a fighting game.

I love the craft system the best, it is very in-depth and fun. I get a great since of accomplishment. I also enjoy decorating my in-game house. The house decorating tool is awesome. Every item looks like what it is when you drop it. Players can design some very creative houses. There even is a weaving skill that allows you to weave carpets and tapestries for you house.

OMGN: What are some unique features within Irth Online that you haven't seen in any other MMORPGs you may of played?

Player villages, owned by guilds is unique. There is no skill cap here. The enchant drops and enchanting system is also unique. The 3D housing and decorating is unique. The decorating tool for the houses is unique. The PvP and non-PvP is world wide.

Schwanke: The trees! Seriously, the trees are new to me. They sway with the wind, the grass too. At first I thought it was just animation but someone else proved me wrong and then I noticed it too, there is actually simulated wind in the game and the trees and grass and what not respond to it.

Game-play wise I've played so many MMORPGs over the past five years that they have all become a blur to me. Irth probably has some new game-play advancements that I haven't seen before but I couldn't tell you what they were off hand.

OMGN: What is the community of gamers like at Irth Online?

I would say the majority of the community is mature players, there is always a few in every crowd that like to stand out or draw unnecessary attention to them selves.

Schwanke It's very close knit and inviting to new players. And the community includes the developers. They interact, talk and joke, make conversation, develop relationships. The developers act as real people, not some high aloof lofty 'supreme creator' as some other development teams have in the past.

Leilu: The players of Irth Online are very mature. Everyone is very helpful and respectful. The developers of Irth Online are amazing. The developers often chat with the players in Irth IRC or post on the forums. Sometimes developers come in-game and hang out.

OMGN: What is the interaction like between the players and developers?

Very interactive, the developers are in IRC and constantly communicating with the player base, they also live in the forums to answer questions and help with problems.

Schwanke: They interact a lot and really involve the players in development. Damian is regularly answering posts on the bulletin boards saying "Yah, we can do that," or "Sure thing, next patch."

OMGN: What are some of the reasons you'd give to people to play Irth Online that may be considering it?

Anyone that is looking for the open skills and tired of the level grind mill will definitely need to check this game out. The PvP system is not currently in 100% working order but should prove to be a blast much like what I would call old school UO. The crafting system is superior to almost everything on the market at the moment and is being improved all the time with more features and more crafting skills brought into the game. You can go PvP from non-PvP or vise versa with a command, it has a timer on it so it can't be abused but for game contest that require one or the other is a nice switch that can be used. The world is massive and seamless. The most important thing I would like to say is the developers' involvement is second to none.

Schwanke: Community and developer interaction! 100%. The game is always in development, every MMORPG is, features change, nerfs happen, advancements happen, but the biggest thing Irth has for itself is the community including the developer interaction. The players all help each other and jump at a chance to explain things in game or on the boards and the developers interact with the players all the time.

I can tell you a personal story that emphasizes this. Damian is one of the lead developers I believe and there have been several occasions in the past of which I have been the only person that had a specific bug or problem. Instead of writing me off as a uncommon case he researched them and fixed them. The first time it happened I think he had to completely rewrite the client! Its even a running gag between us that if I mention something that no one else has he jokingly says: "Don't make me write a new client for you." They all keep up relations with the players and interact with them one on one and deal with our issues as they arise.

Leilu: If a player is looking for that game that is in-depth and more than just eye candy, if a player is looking for a game that is a world to live in, then I suggest trying Irth Online.

Irth Online has a new player tutorial to help new players learn the game. There are guides on the forums and many helpful players around. Coming into Irth IRC is a great way to get help too.

OMGN: Anything you don't like about Irth Online, or something you'd like to see changed of added?

I don't like that you can be a "Joat" in game, or better known as Jack of all trades. I feel there should be some type of restriction to the amount of skills you can have. To me that is the worst part of the game.

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