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Metrofight's Myriam Kadmiri
By: Blair Morris | Game Data | 5:13pm, December 12, 2005
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The timeless backyard game of "Cops and Robbers" is nothing new to any generation. Though, in the twenty-first century, kids and adults (who still are a kids at heart) can experience a new version of the game within the digital, online world with Metrofight. However, in this tale of the game, a new generation spin on the classic robber persona is replaced with gangsters; but as true to form, the players will be choosing the "good guys" or "bad guys" role.

In any case, we went looking for some answers to what we can expect with Metrofight. With its launch, Metrofight marketer, Myriam Kadmiri, talked to about the different features players will experience in this version of the classic backyard game.

OMGN: Talk about some of the features players will experience inside Metrofight from both sides, gangster and cop?

Myriam Kadmiri:
You enter the game after a quick registration process, and a fun role and avatar creation step. All players, no matter what role they play, must earn as many "metropoints" (the game's points unit) as they can to rank high. These points are earned through territory extension, and by getting wealthier and more popular.

For the gangster, territory extension means more population and businesses to extort cash from, and the actions go from drug producing and dealing, to fighting other gangsters, buying police protection (Yes, that's corruption…) and creating gangster networks in order to share resources. For the cops, territory extension is a mean to protect more and more citizens around the world, in order to get increasing government budgets. Their actions are basic law enforcement actions (drug and vice enforcement), targeted arrests and interventions, and fighting corruption within the police community.

OMGN: Aside from what the player's role is as a cop or gangster, what are some of the game-play features we'll see?

All players can monitor incoming and outgoing attacks with a real time radar view, and may change their defensive and offensive strategy with the help of their informants. In general, the game continues the browser and turn based, multiplayer game adventure that started a few years ago, trying to improve on the "user experience" with a fun set of actions and features, with a nice Flash based user interface that never reloads like HTML pages…a great time saving! Players start with a generous 6000-turns, receive free turns every ten minutes, as well as when they perform well. Players can also purchase turns, and become game supporters, eligible for great cash prizes. The game starts with $600 USD total, but the cash prizes will off course be increasing with the number of supporters.

OMGN: What is the targeted gamer type that Metrofight is looking to reach?

It can be either the fast player that comes in for about 20 to 30 minutes a day, buys a load of turns, and spends them quickly -- the game allows you to use a turn boost called "X-Turns". This behavior corresponds to older gamers (30 to 40 years old) that can afford to buy lots of turns, and expects great results. The other type of gamers is the younger gamer that will buy few or no turns, but will plays for about two hours to achieve about the same results.

OMGN: With the launch of the first round are there certain things that the Metrofight team will be focusing on before moving forward with updates to the game?

We'll definitely be focusing on usability tweaks, as we've used unconventional technology, flash and re-moting, to produce the game. Even though the results are up to our expectations, we need to adjust the game flow to the larger audience, improving the sense of comfort and belonging to the Metrofight community.

OMGN: During the beta-stage of the game, what kind of feedback were you receiving from those that may have tested the game, or viewed the trailer?

We had great feedback. The beta is still open, but to us, beta is pretty much a fully playable game. The trailer won't win an Oscar, but we're quite proud of it. We would love it if players started producing and sharing their own Metrofight trailers.

OMGN: It seems that Metrofight's style and interface is different from most games that have similar themes. Do you feel that will help Metrofight to separate itself from others with similarities in the theme?

We're not reinventing the wheel, but we've attached a V6 engine and a chrome rim to it. How about that!

Seriously now, I think the players will appreciate the absence of page reload and HTML awkwardness that we can experience in other similar games. Plus, thanks to re-moting technology from our friends at Midnight Coders, we are able to send serialized, binary, data from and to the server API, ensuring the quick responsiveness of the game.

OMGN: What's been one of your personal favorite features that Metrofight offers in it's game-play?

Although these are quite simple functions, I personally like the fact that, as a gangster, you can bribe cops to get extra protection, and the possibility as a cop to investigate corruption cases. But we intend to include more from this corruption concept in future updates. The idea is definitely fun, and let's say realistic.

OMGN: Is there anything extra you'd like to share or say to our readers at

We really would like to express the fact that this game is their's to play, but also to improve. We will take the gamers' feedback very seriously in order to improve the game's features in the near future. This is just a beginning.
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Metrofight's Myriam Kadmiri (December 12, 2005; 0 Comments)
The timeless backyard game of "Cops and Robbers" is nothing new to any generation. Though, in the twenty-first century, kids and adults (who still are a kids at heart) can experience a new version of the game within the digital, online...

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