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Sizzlechest of Hattrick
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Data | 1:42pm, July 9, 2003
Sizzlechest is in Hattrick's ( USA IV.2 series and his team, Woodland Hills FC, has been beating older teams in his series.

OMGN: So tell us a little about yourself.

Sizzlechest: I will turn 36 next month, am married and have two boys. The oldest is 2.5 years old and the younger one was born last week. I have a bachelors degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and am working for an Architectural firm that specializes in building Parking Structures.

OMGN: How did you come across Hattrick?

Sizzlechest: My cousin who lives in Germany with his wife, mentioned the site to me and I looked into it.

OMGN: How did you choose your team name?

Sizzlechest: I named it after the city I have lived in for the last 15 years. I love the old European teams that are named after the city in which they play. It makes the game that much more real if you name things after what you know in real life.

OMGN: Is your team performing up to expectations this far into its existance?

Sizzlechest: Oh yeah. I was promoted in my first full season and am holding my own in division 4 with much older/bigger teams.

OMGN: What is it like in USA IV.2?

Sizzlechest: Tough. But that is what makes it fun. This season we had 2 teams that were without owners so it gave everyone a little breathing room. That did complicate things a bit in that you have to look at your matches knowing who will be in a position to MOTS you.

OMGN: You have bought supporter... What is your favorite feature of it?

Sizzlechest: There are a few. Adding the Graphics is important for someone like myself who is into that sort of thing. But if I had to pick one feature, it would be the Federation. My cousin started a fed called Internazionale and it has grown to 16 international members. I handle the graphics for our tournaments and I think it is a big success. I invite everyone to join in the name of fun and international good will.

OMGN: What would you say are your team's strengths and weaknesses?

Sizzlechest: I believe in winning the middle and make that my strongest point. Now I am in the process of strengthening my defense and it is starting to pay dividends.

OMGN: Where do you expect your team to be at the end of next season?

Sizzlechest: I want to win our division. There is a slim chance it can happen this season but I don't count on it. Next season I should be in better shape with the youth squad hitting excellent and end-of season money coming in for a few more players.

OMGN: What other games do you play online?

Sizzlechest: There is no time for any other games unfortunately.

OMGN: If you could suggest a website for the Hattrick community to visit regularly, other than Hattrick, what would it be?

Sizzlechest: All of them. The key for getting better in Hattrick is learning from those who have been at it longer and are successful.

OMGN: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sizzlechest: I would like to see Hattrick add graphics to the match. I do computer animation and know that this is a realistic expectation. If they don't come up with something soon, I just may have to do it for them : )
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