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July Client Release For Time Of Defiance
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Other | Game Data | 1:00pm, July 17, 2003
Time Of Defiance has released its July Client:

The July release of Time of Defiance is now available for release - v4.448 can be found on our client download page.

As always, full details of the new features and enhancements are listed in the release notes - and major features are listed in the post below.

IMPORTANT: All new games starting after today will feature the Eighth House Protectorate, which means that all players starting in a game will have their starting gate island protected for a number of hours. This does not affect any games currently running.

Release Notes:

1. Release notes: Version 4.448 (service release):

Bug fixes:
• Large empires could generate harmless warnings in the Time of Defiance folder. Over time, users with extremely large empires could experience some performance degradation due to the build up of these files (_a3c_critical_XX.log files). You can safely delete any files of this format in your Time of Defiance folder. This release stops these warnings being generated.
• The third-party development interface was not responding to island name requests. This is now fixed.
• Shadoo Storage Silo was costing too much. This is now fixed.
• Cog Resource Mine was not co-operating correctly with Shadoo Quantum Storage buildings. Fixed.
• The Help menu web links had problems on some people’s systems. Fixed. The Help menu web links now all work correctly.
• Marker window, settings window and score deltas window were not bringing themselves to the top-of-the-window-stack when clicked on, they do now.

• Mining transport now has “Stay With”.
• Quantum Traders now have “Self Destruct”.
• Third party development interface supports new ACEI types to recover player ID, customer ID and whether player is online and connected or not (ACEI_INF__PID [50], ACEI_INF__CID [51] and ACEI_INF__CLIENT_ONLINE [52]). With this, external applications can now recover and resolve the player’s empire name, for example.
• Survey information panel now shows the island’s owner for islands that you do not own.
• Added the following new filter types on Empire View:
- Highlight all enemy objects
- Highlight all tactical enemy objects
- Highlight all ally objects
- Highlight all tactical ally objects
- Show all quantum communicators not banking water
- Show all quantum communicators not banking crystal moss
- Show all artillery pieces that are not on auto-gather stone
• Tidied up the menus a little.
• Building site size (previously labelled “silo size”, etc.) now have more consistent naming in the help files; small, medium or large. All building area reporting from objects now uses these new terms.
• Improved the readability of “Quantum Pulse Charged and Ready” – white on bright green was … um … not as readable as it could be :)
• Selecting a component to construct on the battle platform no longer closes the battle platform component window.
• The object information panel (that pops up when you move the pointer over a menu option on HQs, Vehicle Constructors, etc.) now shows the construction space footprint size.
• Colonisers and Scouts will claim ownership of an island automatically if they can when colonising or placing outposts respectively; so you can now use “colonise remote” on un-claimed islands.
• Several players have said that some of the text-edit boxes (such as those on the conference window and marker window) could not clearly be seen unless they were selected. The colours have been changed in order to provide unselected contrast so that they are easier to see.
• Improved the presentation of the advanced status screen. More functionality and filters will be added to this in the very near future.

New features:
• Gate Codes now go to a separate chat tab called “Gate Codes”. All purchased co-ordinates as well as ambassador reports containing gate codes are now separated. This stops purchased codes from scrolling off the system panel.
• Eighth House Protectorate. This is for new players and ensures that their home island is protected by the Eighth House for the first few days of play.
• Storage Silos now automatically level resources amongst themselves. This will prevent a quantum storage silo from filling up when there are several perfectly good, empty, other silos hanging around.

There have been many other minor fixes and enhancements to this build.
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