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Artifact Newsletter, July 2003
By: OMGN | Other | Game Data | 2:30am, July 18, 2003
Samu Games' Artifact Newsletter
July 2003
Volume 3 Issue 7


Welcome to the Artifact Newsletter!

The winners of the Summer Flag Contest are announced in the Artifact
News section below. We would like to thank all of you who submitted
flags for the contest. Plus, we would like to thank Lady Sable for
organizing the Flag Contest, and Charles the Hammer, Mbs, Minerva,
and Wyeth for helping to judge the entries.

Also in the Artifact News is word of a Special Offer, and NightWolf
gives another in-depth tutorial in Tips, Tricks, & Tactics. So be
sure to check those out too.

Testing continues for what we are calling "Artifact 2.1". We plan to
give all the details of what's new in the August issue of the

Thank you for playing and supporting Artifact!


-Current Version
Artifact is the most recent version. You can download it
from here:

-Vote Artifact for MPOGD's "Game of the Month"

-Summer Flag Contest Winners!

There were several ties in the Flag Contest, so we have more winners
than usual, and even one double winner.

Grand Prize Winner
Asian Princess Naomi

Object Flag Winners
Saiyan Empire

Abstract Flag Winners
King of Doom
Aelius Maximus

Great work! Thanks to everyone who submitted entries!

The winning flags will be in the next release of Artifact, which
should be available by the end of July or early August.

-Special Offer!
Just in Time for Summer!
For a Limited Time, get Full Access on Artifact for only $19.95!

That's 3 months of 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, round-the-clock playtime
in up to 12 games at once for only $19.95 ($10 off the regular price
of $29.95)!

Full Access "stacks", so if you already have Full Access, buying it
again adds an Additional 3 Months to what you already have.


Gaining Quick Points
by NightWolf

Having trouble reaching the one million mark in score? Having trouble
gaining those extra points to compete with guys like Howard,
Flaubert, etc? It is a problem all Artifact players face. We all want
to have a high score! In this tutorial tips for gaining score quickly
and efficiently are revealed.

First of all I would like to say how effective destroying and
capturing facilities is in gaining points. For each facility you
destroy you get ten points, for each facility you capture you get ten
points, and for each facility you gain you get ten points. (Gain and
capture are similar…but there is a difference!) You might think that
ten points is miniscule, but lets say you kill 200 facilities, that
is 2000 points. That is the equivalent of a small city kill. Killing
200 facilities takes only a few minutes of hacking with a cavalry,
pike man, or infantry. In ten minutes you can have a few thousand
points if you work at it. Do this in every game you can and the
points will rack up a lot faster than you think. For an example I
will use the Artifact player Langston. Each LW game Langston has
approximately 25K score before artifact release. After asking him and
discussing some of the topics I am including in this tutorial I have
found out just how successful destroying/capturing facilities can be.
Langston has a 9+ million score…he is living proof…so start hacking
away! =)

If you are playing and find large amounts of road, capture them. If
it is impossible to capture the road based on an odd number of
workers in the road, than kill the city to gain the roads. That
brings up the next topic: Caving Cities! Before you read on, you must
realize that destroying a wall gives you 0 points…gaining a wall on
the other hand gives you 10 points! Find a city that has lots of
walls **(e.g., a circle city)** and send a cavalry to kill the city.
Destroy as few walls as possible to get to the town hall. If you hack
all the walls before you get to the town hall you have lost possible
points. Once you kill the town hall you will gain all the walls as
points. Surprisingly you will gain a lot of points for cities with
lots of walls. Do this to several cities, and remember you don't have
to kill the left over population right away. The population/militia
will remain for a few hours if the city has been properly taken care
of, meaning: 0% fatigue, 100% morale, 100% training, lots of food,
etc. That gives you time to road to the city with catapults. If the
population is too big, if you are too lazy, or if the population dies
quickly due to fatigue, just let it be…yea you will lose a few
possible points, but the bulk points are in those facilities you just

Another way to gain points fast is building pop cities before a game
is about to end. Lets say you have two million population and your
alliance has eliminated all enemies and has all artifacts. Often I
see players just sit and wait the game out. DON'T DO THAT! NO! This
is the perfect opportunity to build pop cities. A 65535 pop city just
needs a school with about 8K-12K workers in it and a few farms with
5K workers in it at 10-11 hours. In a fast or standard game you can
gain a few thousand points for building those cities that you didn't
need earlier in the game. Max the amount of cities out! Build the
twenty that you can! Population is 1K points per 1 million population!

Now if you have already built pop cities and have enormous amounts of
population, build military before the game ends. Be sure to have
enough money though! Sell resources with a market if needed. If you
have 20+ million population and a game is ending, pump out military
like it is your job. Cheap military like pike man are always good and
they will help add points to your overall score! Good luck and go get
yourself some points!

Special thanks: Langston, Silk the Shirtless.


Artifact Player Handle: Neo Matrix

Age/Birthday : 24, January 1979

Job/School: Auto Mechanic

Hobbies: Fishing, Online Gaming, Basketball, Football,

Homepage :

Clan: KT

How Long Have You Played: I received Cit in November of 99 and have
loved it ever since

Most Crowning Artifact Achievements: Receiving T

Fav. Artifact: Earth

Fav. Artifact Unit: Cavs

Fav. Artifact Tactic: Back Door or Road Cats (old school)

Fav. Game[Game you play the most often]: AOE2 and Articrack of course

Fav. Artifact Player : Zaran

Fav. Artifact User Admin or Trainer:Hmmmm, Bye, Howard, Modru, KK,
Don, The Donn, WW

Artifact Pet Peeves: Idlers, 2 hour onlines, my 56k connection, AOL,

Your One Big Suggestion to make Artifact a Better Game: Give the Cavs
the strength of earth again. The game play changed drasticly when
Earth's defense bonus was taken from the cavs, cats have nothing to
fear now. Its almost like the arch is a lost cause now. maybe drop
the defense bonus on cats. Lets try and cut down those endless online
spam battles. Ohh and max player/game facilities???? Lose that one.

Other/Comments: Thanks for the oppertunity to be able to play a great
game that has changed in so many ways over the years. I can't wait
for the return of PBN (BMDG), this Huckleberry has been burning for
that for years it seems..

Artifact Player Handle: TheDonn

Age/Birthday: 18 years, 30 oktober 1984

Job/School: I study IT, networking and work in a supermarket several
hours a week

Hobbies: all kind of Computer stuff, games and ofcourse go out with
mate's and drink alot ;-)


Clan: The Shadow Lords

How Long Have You Played: 10 months now

Most Crowning Artifact Achievements[what have you done that you are
proud of?] : Becoming level 1 in The Shadow Lords

Fav. Artifact: Earth

Fav. Artifact Unit: Cats and the Cav/archer combo

Fav. Artifact Tactic: Backdooring ;-)

Fav. Game[Game you play the most often]: several games, ff1 , ff12,
cf1, ff11

Fav. Artifact Player: Freggle , blackop, tebpower, aelius maximus

Fav. Artifact User Admin or Trainer: Black Soldier, Knight Killer,
Lady Sable, Beequeen

Artifact Pet Peeves: Idle tests ;-)

Your One Big Suggestion to make Artifact a Better Game: make me
admin ;-)

Other/Comments: GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!

Artifact Player Handle: Hawkeye

Age/Birthday: 40 - March 30th

Job/School: Manager

Hobbies: N/A

Homepage: N/A

Clan: Get of Fenris

How Long Have You Played: 2 years give or take.

Most Crowning Artifact Achievements[what have you done that you are
proud of?] : Given the honor of representing Artifact to new players
as a Player Trainer.

Fav. Artifact: Earth

Fav. Artifact Unit: scout, The more you know...

Fav. Artifact Tactic: When it works, back dooring an AC, nothing
stopes an attack like cats sitting on the battlefield with no walls
to protect them.

Fav. Game[Game you play the most often]: Artifact, look at my

Fav. Artifact Player: Doublepawn

Fav. Artifact User Admin or Trainer: Silk The Shirtless

Artifact Pet Peeves: Players Talking Smak

Your One Big Suggestion to make Artifact a Better Game: Make the
notes more interactive, allow player banners,html,emoticons...


The Dragon of Death's Artifact Page

SoulKeeper's Artifact Help Page

Aelius Maximus's Artifact Help Page

Do you have an Artifact-related web page? Email us a link and we'll
include it in our "PLAYER WEB PAGE LINKS" section of the newsletter.
Web pages submitted will be reviewed prior to listing.


User Admins
Archer, BeeQueen, Bye, CrazyCanuck, crz, DavidRM, Dragonfly, Dug,
Final Man, Flaubert, Lady Sable, Lord Draven, Lupine, MAD, Mbs,
minerva, Ohm, Red Lyon, ShAo KhAn, Silk The Shirtless, song, Sur Guy,
Temara, The Pirate, TheGreatOne, zephyr, ZombieLeader

adidaskid, Archer, Artemis Entreri, ARYSTRONE, Asa, Asian Princess
Naomi, BattleLord, BeeQueen, Black Soldier, Bye, Camoman,
CanadianBoy, CaPTaiNSMuRF, Ceaser, Charles the Hammer, Cooltwox,
Cornelius, CrazyCanuck, crz, DavidRM, Donahue, Dragonfly, Dug, Eldjr,
Final Man, fitzchivary, Flaubert, Hawkeye, Highlander, Howard,
Ketanga, Knight Killer, La Follette, Lady Sable, Lord Draven, Lupine,
MAD, Mbs, minerva, Mr Al, NajaNaja, Neo Matrix, NightWolf, Ohm, Pop n
Fresh, Red Lyon, Richboy, Rougue Warrior, Samu, scooterbug,
ScreamStalker, Selden, serial killer, ShAo KhAn, Silk The Shirtless,
Sniper Gunff, song, Sur Guy, Temara, The Pirate, The Target, TheDonn,
TheGreatOne, Trooper, Warrior, White Warlock, WhiteKnights, Wyeth,
zephyr, ZombieLeader


If you want to submit an article to the Artifact Newsletter, we would
love to hear from you. Currently, we have a "TIPS, TRICKS & TACTICS"
section. We may add new sections in future issues.

Submissions for the newsletter should be sent to:

Please keep submissions within 500-1000 words in length. Submissions
may be edited for length and content.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please state this in the email.
Otherwise your name (but not your email) will be used in the article

Do you have an Artifact-related web page? Email us a link and we'll
include it in our "PLAYER WEB PAGE LINKS" section of the newsletter.
Web pages submitted will be reviewed prior to listing.

Editor: David Michael (
Copyright © 2003 by Samu Games LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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