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New Droidarena Available at Skotos
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Other | Game Data | 6:33pm, August 8, 2003
BERKELEY, CA, August 8, 2003 -- Droidarena 2, the popular online strategy game, is now available for play as part of the Skotos Online Gaming Channel. It is the tenth game that has joined the Skotos community of online games.

In the future world of Droidarena, the pent-up aggressions of an entire people are spent upon the newest sanitized blood sport: robot fighting. Fifteen different droids--including Behemoths, Cyberspiders, Dragonflys, and Walkers--combat under the control of highly skilled Deckers; it is the newest opiate of the masses. The fates of entire cities depend upon the results of arena combat--and in the shadows ancient corporations are once again rising ...

The players of Droidarena take on the roles of the Deckers in this strategic game of mechanized combat. They will spy upon their enemies, build up their bases, construct their own robots, and eventually determine their arena strategies. Through RSL--a simple, event-driven robot-scripting language--Deckers can program their creations with a variety of aggressive or subtle behaviors. It is only through careful construction and programming that Deckers can achieve victory at the international level.

Like most sports, Droidarena runs in seasons. The newest season of Droidarena began play on August 4, coinciding with its release at Skotos, and will last for two months.

The Skotos Online Gaming Channel offers access to a variety of games for one monthly subscription price. Droidarena marks Skotos' tenth game offering and its fifth strategy game. Other strategy games available at Skotos include: Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, a science-fiction game of space conquest; Space Federation, a science-fiction game of planetary colonization and exploitation; and Gang of Four and Queen's Necklace, two tabletop strategy games.

Interested players may sign up for a free trial account at


Skotos Tech Inc. ( publishes an entire channel of multiplayer online games produced by a variety of independent developers. Roleplaying offerings include Castle Marrach, The Eternal City, Grendel's Revenge, Meridian 59, and Underlight. Strategic offerings include Droidarena, Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, Gang of Four, Queen's Necklace, and Space Federation. Skotos also produces a StoryBuilder Toolkit which is being used by a group of external developers known as "The Skotos Seven" to create the next generation of Skotos games.


4 Point Games are the producers of Droidarena, the classic online games of robot conflict. The newest version of the game, Droidarena 2, is now entering its second season of play, with hundreds of players eager to raise their droids up to victory.

Courtsey: ShannonAppelcline
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From:  DroidArena News :PLAYER WEEK 3 RESULTS   In a hotly contested week of fighting, Zelton of The Horde edged out Akron of the Devil's Advocates 16.11 to 15.64.Zelton is now ranked #4 overall, and Akron has pulled into the top...

DroidArena's Season 13DroidArena's Season 13 (October 24, 2004; 0 Comments)
A distant rumble of heavy machinery signals the start of the arena fight. Slowly, the droids come into view - some rolling tank-like on the ground, others striding majestically or hovering effortlessly, a few flying overhead, flitting too and fro...

DroidArena Announces Season 12DroidArena Announces Season 12 (July 30, 2004; 0 Comments)
We're pleased to announce that the pacs for our next season of DroidArena; Season 12 - Communication Breakout; are now on sale and can be found here PAYPAL: SWREG...

DroidArena ReviewedDroidArena Reviewed (June 29, 2004; 0 Comments)
DroidArena has been reviewed. We have also added four screenshots for the game. Enjoy!

DroidArena's Season 11 & New Contest (May 15, 2004; 0 Comments)
News from DroisArena: We're pleased to announce that the pacs for our next season of DroidArena; Season 11 - Storm Clouds; are now on sale and can be found on SWREG and PayPal though our order page at...

Speedy Round Of DroidArena (May 2, 2004; 0 Comments)
As of May 1, at noon DAT, (droidarena time), same as p.s.t., a 30 day speed round started with turns at 3x normal, so arenas are ticking once per hour, arena points are being given at 20 per day, non-accumulating, and researches and constructs are...

DroidArena Enters Third Generation (January 21, 2004; 0 Comments)
DroidArena, one of the eleven games available through the Skotos Online Gaming Channel, has released a dramatically updated version of its software with the opening of its newest season, this January. "Almost everything has changed", says Don...

New Droidarena Available at Skotos (August 8, 2003; 0 Comments)
BERKELEY, CA, August 8, 2003 -- Droidarena 2, the popular online strategy game, is now available for play as part of the Skotos Online Gaming Channel. It is the tenth game that has joined the Skotos community of online games. In the future world...

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