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Time Of Defiance's New Client
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Other | Game Data | 11:58am, August 31, 2003
Time Of Defiance has relased its new 4.477C Client. Here are the release notes:

1. Release notes: Version 4.477:

Bug fixes:
Empire “swing” fixed. Due to the way in which the right-mouse-button rotation worked on empire view, moving away from the focussed object would cause camera “swing” when the camera pointed back at the focussed object prior to rotating. This could be both confusing and frustrating. This is now fixed. The rotation always occurs around the point where the camera is actually pointing. Added a “North” indicator to the centre marker.
Multi-computer marker deletion. If you had your first session of a new game on one computer and then the next on another, your markers may not be reset from the previous game. This is now fixed.
Couldn’t connect two quantum comms at the same time to a receiver through a selection group. You now can :-)
Purchasing quantum gate from quantum communicator/quantum pulse could temporarily disable net. This is now fixed (was hot-patched on servers 16/08/03).

Selection groups stored in registry. Your multiple selection groups (on F5-F12) are now stored in the registry. They are recalled when your empire is fully received from the server and are automatically reset on the first session of a new game. You can view them, as well as name them, from the new advanced combat manager (/acm).
Substantial Eighth House improvements. The Eighth House has been rewritten to look consistent with the rest of the UI and to improve ease-of-use and functionality. The enhancements are numerous, but the ones that are particularly delicious are:
- You can now select player names for transfer resources from a list.
- When buying intelligence on an island, you are also sent a marker.
- Chat rooms are hugely improved.
- Buying intelligence on a player results in a new newspaper entry.
Increased marker limit to 4,500. This is on request of several players who managed to use them all :-)
Empire view now places you closer to your home on login.
Improved detail view visual quality. Additional graphics, improved display parameters and menu improvements.
Longer text can be entered for makers. There is now two line’s worth of space to enter names for markers.
Restrictions on selection group use removed. Previously, you could not use F keys to select a group unless you were in detail view. From empire view, the F key just moves the camera to the object without selecting it. This has now changed. You can now use the F keys to select and go to a group from any screen.
Improvements to the help. The online F1 help has been improved in a number of places to provide more information including keyboard reference and resource information.
Right clicking on major events deletes them. Right clicking on a major event (Home Island, Enemy Object Detected, etc.) will delete that event.
“Gate Codes” renamed “Eighth House”. The Gate Codes chat tab is now renamed “Eighth House” and will contain intelligence and other Eighth House messages too.
Full ANSI character set now available. Prior to this version extended characters such as ó, €, ú and so forth were not available. They are now for all aspects of your empire – object names, chat messages, etc. One minor warning – players who have not upgraded yet will see spaces where your extended characters are until they upgrade to this version.
Multiselection groups that include objects with shields now show shield strength. The energy meter is now split in two to show shields and energy separately for multi-select groups where relevant.

New features:
New Intelligence at the Eighth House. You can now find a random island belonging to a specific player, a specific player’s score, ranking and total number of islands. There is also intelligence for total number of unclaimed islands remaining. Note that intelligence will be purchased with water first, moss if you can’t afford the water.
Advanced Combat Manager. Includes named camera bookmarks, local area balance information and deltas and instant access to selection groups. To open the combat manager type “/acm” in the chat box or click on the button on the score deltas window.
Quantum communicators with a quantum net set up show resources being transmitted. There is now a display on the Quantum communicator and Shadoo Quantum Pulse’s menus showing which resources are being transmitted. If you have upgraded to this version during an existing game, you may need to disconnect and reconnect some transmitters to correct this display.
Detect ALL enemy activity setting. The client settings dialog (in game, above home island button top right of screen) now has a tick box for producing a major event for every enemy detected, not just tactical ones.
New Shadoo Vehicles. Two new Shadoo vehicles are now available, either to buy in the Eighth House vehicle shop or to build from a Shadoo vehicle constructor. They are the Shadoo Far Reach long-distance scout (which can turn into a temporary quantum mine to refill itself) and the Shadoo Tactical Outpost Layer which can drop little outposts anywhere you wish. The outposts defend themselves … but not much.

There have been many other minor fixes and enhancements to this build.
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