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DroidArena Announces Season 12
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Announcement | Game Data | 11:37am, July 30, 2004
We're pleased to announce that the pacs for our next season of DroidArena; Season 12 - Communication Breakout; are now on sale and can be found here



Or you can go through our regular order page at

Season 12 will begin at around noon on August 2nd 2004 and run until October 8th 2004.

The pre-season pricing is as follows

Season 12 - $8.99

This price is ONLY available until Friday July 30th at midnight PST/DAT at which time it will rise to $10.99

Multiple Code Purchases at discount pricing may be available, please contact details. Please let me know how many you wish to purchase, We offer CORP PAC's for example at deep discounts, which is 30 Season 12 PAC's (enough for an entire Corp) for $300. Special offers are not available during pre-season special pricing, so, if you plan on getting the best deal, buying now would be best, Special deals will only be available on the regular season pricing. but to get any of these special deals you MUST contact

For those that wish to mail money orders or checks, please let me know that you intend to do so, and we will try to supply you with a PAC while we wait for the mail. please see the Orders page for the mailing address (be sure to include a note with your username/gamename so we will know who to send the PAC to)

Further news:

As you've heard in the past, we have been working on a new fight engine, this engine is just about ready and will be prevailed this season. it will be introduced a few times early in the season for some fine tuning and final tests before it is released for good. The fight engine is currently undergoing beta testing and coming along quite well, although there are a few issues to iron out before release, we think we are very close to being ready. This engine will resolve pretty much ALL of the previously known RSL bugs, such as CPOS. We will be attempting to bring the engine online at various times, for maybe 1 or 2 ticks a day every so often, and possibly more ticks if things go well. We may not post news every time the engine goes online, but may ask after the test about your experience, when it is fully ready, we will make announcements.

Thank You

The DroidArena Administration
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DroidArena News (June 11, 2007; 0 Comments)
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DroidArena's Season 13DroidArena's Season 13 (October 24, 2004; 0 Comments)
A distant rumble of heavy machinery signals the start of the arena fight. Slowly, the droids come into view - some rolling tank-like on the ground, others striding majestically or hovering effortlessly, a few flying overhead, flitting too and fro...

DroidArena Announces Season 12DroidArena Announces Season 12 (July 30, 2004; 0 Comments)
We're pleased to announce that the pacs for our next season of DroidArena; Season 12 - Communication Breakout; are now on sale and can be found here PAYPAL: SWREG...

DroidArena ReviewedDroidArena Reviewed (June 29, 2004; 0 Comments)
DroidArena has been reviewed. We have also added four screenshots for the game. Enjoy!

DroidArena's Season 11 & New Contest (May 15, 2004; 0 Comments)
News from DroisArena: We're pleased to announce that the pacs for our next season of DroidArena; Season 11 - Storm Clouds; are now on sale and can be found on SWREG and PayPal though our order page at...

Speedy Round Of DroidArena (May 2, 2004; 0 Comments)
As of May 1, at noon DAT, (droidarena time), same as p.s.t., a 30 day speed round started with turns at 3x normal, so arenas are ticking once per hour, arena points are being given at 20 per day, non-accumulating, and researches and constructs are...

DroidArena Enters Third Generation (January 21, 2004; 0 Comments)
DroidArena, one of the eleven games available through the Skotos Online Gaming Channel, has released a dramatically updated version of its software with the opening of its newest season, this January. "Almost everything has changed", says Don...

New Droidarena Available at Skotos (August 8, 2003; 0 Comments)
BERKELEY, CA, August 8, 2003 -- Droidarena 2, the popular online strategy game, is now available for play as part of the Skotos Online Gaming Channel. It is the tenth game that has joined the Skotos community of online games. In the future world...

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