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Adellion Alpha Testing
By: Charles Rector | Newsletter | Game Data | 7:07pm, October 12, 2004
It is time to update NDAs and start the selection process for Alpha
testers. Please read and follow the below instructions very

To update your NDA:

If you have previously sent in an NDA, even if you are NOT on the
beta list on the site, please follow the below instructions:

1. Send all UPDATE information to Do not attempt to
send information to this group or to any other email. Your
information will not be updated if you do.

2. In the subject section of your email put: NDA UPDATE. If you fail
to do this, your email may be ignored.

3. Please include the following information in your update: This
information must be accurate and match the information on your
previously sent NDA. If it does not, you will need to submit a new
NDA (see below) if you are selected as an Alpha tester.

Real name, first and last.
Real birthdate
Real Address
Real Phone number.

4. Update the following information:
Email address
Forum name (Official Adellion forum name) Do not forget this as alpha
testers will be chosen from forum participants. If you do not include
a name, we will assume you do not participate.
Computer specs as requested below.

5. If you are a minor, a parent's name must be included AS WELL as
your own name and birthdate. If both names are not included, you will
not be able to participate in testing. If you failed to do this on
the original NDA, please make changes in the update

6. False and inaccurate information will void your chances of
becoming a tester for Adellion. Please make sure you provide us with
accurate information.

7. Please include updates for the following computer specs in your
CPU Details (Including type and speed)
RAM Details (Including size and speed)
Graphics card type and Specifications (include its 3D capabilities
and onboard memory)
Internet Connection Speed (i.e. 56K modem, ADSL, etc)
Sound Card Details
Display Size Resolution (i.e. 800x600, 1024x786, etc)
Operating System and version (ie., Windows ME, Windows XP, etc.)

8. Do not send any emails requesting the status of your application
or send the above information to any other email address than the one
listed above. Those emails will be ignored. You will be notified if
you are selected as an alpha tester.

New Tester Applications:

If you have not sent in an NDA and you have been active
constructively on the forums, you will be emailed a copy of the NDA
when and if you are selected for the alpha testing. You must fill out
this form and snail-mail it to the address included in the
instructions. Please follow the instructions very carefully. You
will also be asked to email at with information to
validate your written copy. Your paper copy must include all
information requested and it must be accurate. Your signature or the
signature of a parent if you are a minor must be included. Do not
email your information to any other email address.


Unlike our previous Beta lists, Alpha testers will not be placed on a
public list. Instead, they will receive private emails notifying them
of their acceptance as an Alpha Tester along with information on how
to access the Alpha Forums. We request that you not discuss your
testing status on the public Adellion forums or in anywhere else
outside the private Alpha Forums. This is to protect you from
harassment and to protect your tester account.

Not everyone who is signed up for our forums will be selected to
participate in the Alpha testing. We reserve the right to refuse
testing privileges to anyone for any reason. Also, testing
privileges can be revoked at anytime, without notice. Alpha Testers
who violate the NDA will not be allowed to participate in further
testing of Adellion. Not everyone on the current Beta list will be
chosen as Alpha testers and some not on the list may be chosen as
Alpha testers.

Please do not contact Adellion or Honourbound staff members via
email, PM or on the forums requesting inclusion in Alpha or Beta
testing. Please do not ask them to check and see if your information
has been received. The information will be put into a database and
eventually, you will receive notice of your inclusion in the
database. This will be an electronic automated response. We do not
have the manpower to respond to you individually.

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AD Stratics -

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The Chronicles of Sarith -
Salanian Culture Website -
Dalmite Culture Website -
Sakoian Empire Website -
Drulon Empire -
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Adellion Alpha Testing (October 12, 2004; 0 Comments)
It is time to update NDAs and start the selection process for Alpha testers. Please read and follow the below instructions very carefully. To update your NDA: If you have previously sent in an NDA, even if you are NOT on the beta list on...

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