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TDZK Round 2.6 Restart
By: Charles Rector | Game Announcement | Game Data | 3:48pm, August 31, 2005
From TDZK Forums Announcement :

Fluffy Healer Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Teluria City, Taenaria Prime

2.6 Round Re-Start

Since many people are still in the dark about exactly what happened, I'll give a full explanation first.

When the round was opened, there appeared to have been several bugs regarding turn accumulation. To be specific, players were not receiving turns while offline, and I attempted to fix this problem. Due to complications with the code, the exact opposite problem then happened: anyone who logged in during the 5-10 minutes before the game was locked, was given maximum turns.

While the result has obviously been negative, I decided to max out everyone else's turns in an effort to fix the problem. It would have been a massive effort, prone to error, to fix individual turn counts at that point, as many people were abusing the maximum turns error.

After finally being able to contact another admin and carry out a discussion, we have decided to re-start the TDZK Main Zone. The reason for this decision is two-fold. First, it has been shown that early round activity has a proportional effect on mid- and late-round political balance. Those who claim territory early and those who raid early have a massive advantage over those who don't, or can't. Also, it is general opinion that the first few weeks of a round are by far the most exciting period within a round, and the turn imbalance has destroyed much of the luster of new round activity this time around. While Fury's well-planned and successful actions have drawn a great deal of attention and argument, this is not a driving factor in this decision. The turn imbalance is a great injustice that *needs* to be fixed.

This new round will be Round 2.6.1, and will operate under the following timetable:

On THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, at 2:00 PM EDT (Server Time), we will delete all 2.6.0 data and begin pre-registration for 2.6.1.

On SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, at 2:00 PM EDT (Server Time), we will start 2.6.1.

2.6.0 will NOT be put into the Hall of Fame. The map will be re-generated prior to 2.6.1's start, and all sectors will be scrambled.

As a representative of the administration, I can only apologize for the massive inconvenience this has caused the player base, and hope that the restart will allow the player base to function properly again. As a token of recognition for their efforts, we will also be adding a new item to the game database to acknowledge Fury's achievements this round.
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