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Gamer's Beat 10.10.05
By: Blair Morris | Game News | Source | 8:05pm, October 10, 2005
In this week's edition of the Gamer's Beat, we're piled with multiple gaming news and updates went to us, as well as a handful of new games added to the Games Directory. If you have any news, updates, or any tidbits for any game, please email to be featured in next week's edition.

Game updates and News

1000 A.D.'s Standard and Test Game has reseted. The new games starts today, October 10. Also, next week, October 16, 1000 A.D.'s Blitz game will be ending. Stay tuned for information on its start date.
Make sure you visit the 1000 A.D. website, here, for more new on the game.

Forgotten Planets has released a new game version called Team vs. Team. Unlike their Charlie game, you'll be teamed with other players going against four other teams to take control of the entire "Evil Eye Galaxy". For more information on Team vs. Team, visit Forgotten Planets forum here.
To play Team vs. Team, or Charlie, visit the Forgotten Planets website here.

Utopia's Age of Unity is now online. The actually game (on World of Legends server) will begin tomorrow, October 11, and last through December (exact date to be determined). Here is a couple messages from Utopia creator, Mehul Patel, about the upcoming Age of Unity and changes to the game:

"Utopia: The Age of Unity has been placed online. From Saturday through Monday, players can login and interact with kingdom mates, but no actions will take place. Users may give orders for the beginning of the next round.

Game play will actually begin at midnight on the morning of Tuesday, October 11th. At that time, your orders will begin taking effect and time will run as normal.

Nearly 30,000 players were transferred from the previous age, with the rest having the option of creating new accounts. Several users were found with accounts on both servers, in which case neither account was transferred to the new age. This round, the World of Legends server and Battlefields server have been merged, so there will only be one gaming server.

Also, as usual, several hundred accounts had overlapping user names which had to be changed -- all of these players are being notified by email of the change to their user name. Please be patient here -- all emails should have gone out by early Saturday morning.

As is customary, Kingdom and Island numbers have been shuffled and kingdoms may have been placed on a different server. In addition, several smaller kingdoms may have been merged with other kingdoms to ensure we don't have too many open slots available. While players will remain with their friends and teammates from the previous age, the actual Kingdom ID's will have changed so as to give all kingdoms a fresh start.

NOTE: There will likely be several bugs appearing over the coming days. Please post any bugs you find in our Bugs & Suggestions forum so we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy the latest Age of Utopia!"

"The upcoming Age of Utopia will feature several changes influencing game play. The changes are listed as follows, and the Guide to Utopia has been updated to incorporate all of these (if you are seeing an old Guide, hit Refresh to get an update). In addition, many minor changes have been made to formulas and other internal rules governing the game.

* Battlefields Server has been merged into the World of Legends

* Slight changes to Relations; Addition of Stances (see Relations Help in the Guide)

* Avians, Halflings, and Undeads have had slight changes to stats and available spells

* Increased honor creation levels in war"

Visit the Utopia website for more information, and to play in the Age of Unity, here.

Interstellar War: Fleet Battles creator, Lee Tudor, has extensively updated the game. Instead of releasing all news about this game, we'll lists the release notes since the last Gamer's Beat.

October 1
* NPC generation is now in place, planets can be set to generate a particular type of NPC and they will pump them out until the system has reached a specific level for that NPC.
* NPC basic AI is now in place, the mobs will attack and chase anyone who aggravates them.
* combat hit/miss calculations are now operational although damage is not recorded yet.
October 3
* Combat system is now operational.. enjoy
* You can repair ships at your home star base
* You can escape pod out to your home base if you get stranded on a ship or foreign star base
October 4
* There is now a short range sensor panel on the tactical screen, this will help to tell what's what where there are a lot of ships in close proximity, it also lists distance and hull status to let you pick out your targets.
* You can now advance your skills on the character page, cost is 10 experience per skill point.
* The tactical chat window now shows the base or ship occupied by the person sending a message.
October 6
* Your home star base will fire at anyone who attacks you within range of the home base, this will provide a protection zone for players who are outgunned or new.
* Fade effect on tactical screen refresh
* Color on messaging window now changes with the type of message received.
October 9
* Initial rank 1 ships are now available
* Tag system framework implemented
* Star-map tab put on the game interface
* Ships now become your faction when you command them
* You can now mine asteroids and planets with the relevant ships and auto sell the minerals at a star base
* Targeting scanners now list the players with a weapons lock on your current target along with its size and rank.
October 10
* Hyper-drives now work, be careful you don't get stranded
* You can mine planetary resources, there will regenerate over time if depleted
* You can loot resources from destroyed enemies, this will happen automatically.
* You will automatically sell your resources when you dock at a star base, the faction of the base takes 25%
October 11
* Engineers can now repair their own ship
* Bounty system is now implemented
* Kill sharing experience and bounty is now operational
* Ship target screen now shows the captain
* You now get a message telling you who destroyed your tagged target

For news and to be alerted with breaking updates for IW: Fleet Battles, stay tuned to, or visit the IW: Fleet Battles website here.

Recently added games to OMGN Games Directory

Star Wars Unlimited RPG (developer Keibak Aruu)
"Star Wars Unlimited is an RPG aimed to function as a part MUD and Part MMORPG. You will have aspects of this game in which you can play on a message board, a method most commonly used. You can also participate in this Star Wars World using our specially created Client to connect to the game."

The Universal
"The Universal is a free massively multi-player online game set in a vast, evolving universe. It combines space trading & combat (familiar to anyone who has played 'Elite' or 'Frontier') with an increasing number of different persistent worlds: All the planets in the galaxy are separate servers & sub-games, which range from complex economies to fast action shoot-em-ups."

Chain of Command (developer 2am Studios)
"Chain of Command is an 3rd person online strategy game. It is based in World War 2 with the Americans fighting the Germans. Players are placed into teams and are given command of 4 soldiers. With these soldiers they and their teammates are to eliminate the enemy at all costs."

Barbrath Online
"An MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Barbrath. Features include player housing and pvp combat! Constantly improved and updated."

"Hoodwarz is a free email based game where you do crimes, steal cars, do drive-by(s), sell drugs, and much, much more. You can start a gang and be the biggest and baddest gang in the game."

Spates Warriors (developer Steve Beutler)
"It's a fighting game that will help to get rid of all your frustrations. You beat each other up and work your way to the top."

That's it for this week. Until next week, enjoy the games and remember to send an email to for any news, updates, or tidbits you may have to be featured in the next Gamer's Beat.

***Click here to read the previous week's Gamer's Beat***
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In this week's edition of the Gamer's Beat, we're piled with multiple gaming news and updates went to us, as well as a handful of new games added to the Games Directory. If you have any news, updates, or any tidbits for any game, please...

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