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Irth Online Dev Q&A Transcript
By: Blair Morris | Game News | Game Data | 4:41pm, December 17, 2005
During Irth Online's developer question and answer chat session, sat in to take notes on the discussion on upcoming editions to the MMORPG. Here is a summarized chat transcript of the Q&A earlier today.

Any estimates when the modeling contest starts?
Yes, I will get that started no later than the end of this coming up week (by Friday).

What happened with sweepstakes lottery?
Yeah I know we fell behind on this, with the release and all. I still have everyone's tickets, and will get together with other people, here in the office, this week to sort through that and get it done once and for all. We all hate to have things behind and sticking around like this.

Do we get a guild yard at some point?
Yes, eventually guilds will be able to control their entire town and do what they want with it.

Pottery and cooking/bakery need a face-lift; is this gonna happen?
Yes, we are working on these skills still. We will go back through most of the skills to make sure they all have value in the game.

Will players have land plots with their houses rather then just being able to use the area within the house?
Yes, we are going to try to get this in. I know people would like to have gardens and some decorations outside their houses. We are working on the mechanics ideas for this. It is not in programming yet, but will eventually get there once the details are worked out.

When will wonder control be implemented?
Wonder control is designed and spec'd out. However, we decided we needed to get collision for dungeons done first (and other collision for monsters to make it better). So wonders are a bit behind, but should be coming up right after dungeons.

What are the plans to help economy?
Well, we have work to do on the economy, you will start to see work on this shortly. I'm going to go through weapons and armor again to make sure they all look good. Once that is done we can start to work on the economy again. I know the crafter(s) are concerned about this, and I have read a lot of good suggestions on the forums, and will review those again yo try implementing some of the ideas along the way.

Are monthly charges starting January 1? If so how much?
Yes they will be starting. We have those charges still in line with what we advertised. So if you pre-bought, you still get the deal posted. I'll update the web site this weekend with prices so everyone is clear on it.

Will guild towns ever get portals or route-masters?
Someone brought up that a one-way would be acceptable. I think we can probably work out something on that. However, we would like to make it automated to set up so there is no line, no waiting, and less time for the development team to put into it. So the answer is yes, just not right now.

Are more enhancements to character creation planned?
Yes, we are still working on more faces and hair styles. Possibly some morphing down the road.

When will guild towns be implemented?
We have, I think, two guild towns in right now. We are working on a system to implement them faster, as well as adding control to them for the guild master. Those should be coming soon.

I remember a while ago someone brought up the idea that previous beta-testers would get some kind of reward. Will this ever happen?
Yes, we are still going to do something here. The problem is that right now we have no easy way to give items to a certain group of players without handing it to them in game. This is time consuming. We are adding a system to handle this and then we can do it. I'll work out details of what you will get shortly.

Some of the furniture in-game is far too large for my house, and I have yet to see any houses big enough to hold them. Will there be more options to the kinds of housing players will be able to use, such as bigger homes?
We said after the release, that we would be able to put addition capabilities in. We have not scheduled this as of yet, but we do plan on doing it.

Will players be able to open their own shops within towns? Will players be able to hire NPC characters to run shops while they are not present?
Yes to both of these. We will be able to put this feature in within a few weeks. I just need to schedule it.

Once IO gets more players, will the Hardcore-RP and RP-Lite server ideas be implemented?
Yes, thats the plan. We would like to do this once we have all issues covered, then we always wanted the RP server to have some different rule sets.

Will more controls, and options, be added to guilds?
I don't see why not. Post it in the suggestions. Though we do not comment much there, we do read them to see what people are feeling and things that may be a good idea for the game, and the community.

Will the craftbook be sortable soon?
Yes next patch it is sorted Alpha.

Will flying creatures (such as wyverns and griffins) be mountable? If they will be, will players be able to fly with them?
We can actually already do this, we just need to work out some balance issues. Adding to my list to get to in game.

Will all wood be able to be choped, and will there be more use for wood then just bows?
Yes, we are working on the issues with a few trees that won't let you chop them, also furniture and other wood weapons will be added.

Will glass-blower get a larger assortment of items to craft?
Yes, we have more items yet to be added to the crafting tables for glass-blowing. We just need to go back to the skill shortly to get them added.

Do you have plans on advertising this game big time (so it gets the players it needs to be successful)?
Yes, we are working on a new advertising plan. We just feel that the issues that were at hand have to be worked out, and bugs killed, before we took on more advertising.

Will Irth have expansions into other continents beside Alcerion, and if so, will new civilizations be found and thrown into the mix?
Yes, we can expand the map pretty much as much as we want

What happened with airships? Are they still going to be apart of Irth?
Yes, as well as boats. We were actually talking about that today. We need to do some work on the monster collision, which I mentioned earlier. It is coming soon.

At some point in time, will there be a cap on how many different skills a character may have?
There has been a lot of talk about this issue. Our intention is to make it much harder to gain in other skills once you reach a certain point. There will also be skills that go down because you do not use them. This is not in yet, but it is coming.

In regards to character creation enhancements, can characters already created be changed?
That's on my list. I think we can already do this.

Along with possible new civilizations, will there be new races to play?
Yes, we still have another race that is going to go in eventually. Just other priorities have put it on the back burner for now.

Are you planning on having the weapon skill numbers affect hitting and damage (as it would be in real life)?
Yes, we are still working on combat. Skill will effect damage and give a bonus, or the possibility of a bonus to damage for the skill you have and the weapon you have equipped.

There was a mention on the board about a stat reset. What will be involved in this?
Stat reset will let you re-assign your stat points that you have earned. This will be put in whenever we make major tweaks to stat requirements for weapons or armor.

Some people have worked to raise skills, only to find that the gains were lost on a disconnect. Will these gains be given back somehow, since the players worked on them for hours?
Yes, I have been going through these help tickets and fixing it for people that had this happen to them. If you did not put in a help ticket for this, you should. I will verify your skill, or stats, to the save before the issue, and adjust. Just be patient on it, it takes time to go through the tickets.

Will duel wield be implemented soon?
We can already handle duel wield from the technical standpoint. The only issue right now is the animations. As many know, we purchased models from WISH, and they did not have those animations, so they need to be added.

when do we get some famous dungeons with mobs to explore ?
This relates to the collision issue again, we have been working on this as a top priority, with exception of bugs, we should have something within a few days to start using on the collision side to get this sorted out. We already have many dungeons that you can not see in the world, just not open yet

There are ships and airships at several places, are we able to steer the ships by hand at later date, or do they work only on pre-designed routes?
Ships will probably be controlled by players, but airships will be routes. At least that's the plan right now.

Will the spells be split for each civilization?
Sort of. We plan on implementing more spells and different schools, like ice, fire, electric poison, and so on.

Will you add special items, like rare or unique, in which you can get from heavy quests or special MOB's?
Yes we already have a little; though we will add more. Quests are not done by any means, we will be adding many more and tougher ones, as well as several steps.

Why is glass-blowing a one-click crafting skill? Why can't you keep crafting like you do smelting or arrows, or even mining?
Good point, we can change that. I'll try to get it done for the next patch, or the one after.

With the introduction of duel wield, are the weapon types, that are able to be wielded, going to be restricted to certain types, to prevent overpowering?
Yes, we will work on balancing it out.

What happened to house doors?
They are going to be added, as well as doors on towns.

Will the areas between cities be populated with monsters?
Yes, every single patch, more spawns are put in. We have been working on this and will continue to. If you come across areas without anything, please send a help ticket from in-game and we will get someone on it.

Will we be able to change the color of our armor?
Probably not since armors are colored by ore type. We are adding more ores this week.

When will we be able to harvest the basic materials like water, sand, and clay?
We are going to have to get back to you on this one. There could be issues with infinite items being created in the world. We will talk this over and see if we can balance something like this out. We plan on doing more with this once we have combat worked out. We just want to make sure we cover exploits and balancing with it.

Usually a player has to re-sync, re-log, or even reboot to clear up slowdowns that make game-play very troublesome. Is this something being worked on?
We are constantly working on these issues. Much of the time, it is just areas in the world that have been over done, and they are all loading on your computer. We are working on the re-syncing issue to try and get to no longer be needed anymore.

Can we get the craftbook with tab sorting related to the craft skill?
I'll check on this. Next patch will have the sort alpha in though, that's a start.

Will players ever be able to control large amounts of land, such as provinces or even kingdoms?
Yes, capture of wonders will give you control of land masses.

Will item requirements ever change again, or are the current values set in stone?
We are still working on them, but I think the big changes are done. Only small here-and-there balance issues will be made; however, weapons are still being worked on heavily.

Will weather ever affect players directly (i.e.: lightening strikes causing deaths/fires)? Will natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods ever be implemented?
It is set up to cause metal items to rust in the rain. We have just not turned it on yet. Also it'll be the same with lava and poisonous plants causing damage when you stumble into them.

When are we going to get a proper customer support department that can react to game stopping issues for players in a timely fashion?
Actually, I was talking about this today. We'll be announcing some changes to this hopefully tomorrow, or Monday.

Will female characters be getting more types of armor? Please, at least re-hue the female plates to offer higher protection armors, along with female leather armors.
Yes, there are more different types of armor coming. Also someone mentioned dresses, I'm going to find out about that as well.

Any plans to do something about all the empty land?
Yes, we are working on this. Every single patch gets new map files that populate land masses.

What about parry? I carry a shield and have received messages that I blocked a MOB's hit, but no parry skill increase thus far.
Parrying is not done yet, it is in the works with combat. It should not be much longer.

There has been some talk of conquest, wars, capturing the wonders. How does this affect Avaria since it's people are peaceful and can not fight among themselves, or folks of other civilizations?
Avaria can't loose a wonder. They can however spy.

Will wyverns be mountable at some point of development? I'm not talking about your everyday clicking practice here, but maybe that could be possible with some actual playing? With high level of taming and riding skill perhaps? Also how about carts being pulled by Caberlos (not tamable at the moment) or working as armored war mounts? They are big, but have lousy armor/health compared to their size.
Wyverns yes. Carts down the road, a ways. We actually have a horse armor done, just was never put in the game. I'll see about getting that in.

First, I'd like to say you are doing a great job. With the addition of new ores, will there be new diagrams? Will those new ores fill in the current gap from gold (50) to irthonium (150) in smelting?
Yes, there will be new diagrams. I will fill in the gaps and try to make them more leveled for the advances.

Will it be possible to craft armor and weapons with jewels, to add their enhancements to armor and weapons?
Yes, we actually already put the slots in on weapons, though you will not see them yet.

Are there any plans to implement future NPC's in towns?
Yes, we are always adding more NPC's.

Will hunters and harvesters be able to make a living in the new economy?
Yes, all professions should be able to make a living in the game. If there is an issue with a profession not making a living, we will adjust it accordingly by you, the players, feedback.

There are skills, like dual wield, parry, and dodge, that don't seem to work, or have any use. Are there any plans to get these skills working?
Yes, all of these are being worked on. The hardest one being the dual wield, because animations need to be made for them.

Will a pet leveling system be introduced?
We talked about this. There is no plan right now, but it is something we would like to get to eventually.

Will there ever be a form of player based politics/democracy? Example, mayors of towns, kings of civilizations, or even just changing positions of control in guilds.
Again yes, we are going to start with the guild towns first, then we will work on just the regular communities. We have made extensive discussions on this to make sure it is not only fair, but fun and not troublesome. I'll try to get the documents modified to a post-able form for the web site in the coming week, so it can be reviewed and commented on.

Regarding the rare items, they can be enchanted too. Example, that ring, serpent tongue band, it has six effects on it and it can be enchanted. So when will a player be able to make a better ring like that?
We can add enchantments that would not be found on loot and can be crafted. We still want to put in a few more skills that are not in the game right now. For instances, spell crafting (scribe), engineer, and a few others that are slipping my mind right now.

Will there be bigger/stronger MOB's in future, as there are already some people able to kill the hardest ones now. I don't mean adjusting the already implemented, because they are fine, but adding a new one?
Yes, as the areas further away from towns get more developed, harder monsters will be added. We have several monsters that are not even in the game yet.

Will poisoning be implemented soon? Is it connected to alchemist or an independent skill ?
Actually it works, it's just not put in yet. I'll see about getting it in this week.

Will the chat be overworked a bit? Like adding a global channel i can join or not, and global whispering?
Yeah, chat has been a burden, I know. Post in the suggestions boards about what you have in mind and we will work on getting it better.

Could leather (non-studded) get an int-requirement instead of an ar-requirement, so mages can have a little protection without losing int-points?
Yeah, that makes sense. Good suggestion.

"Sort of, we plan on implementing more spells and different schools, like ice, fire, electric poison, and so on." Does this mean magery will be broken apart into different skills?
Yes, that's exactly what it means.

Will quests eventually be able to have multiple solutions/branches, or will they remain linear?
Yes, eventually. Again post some suggestions. I know what you mean, but suggestions are great and give us even more ideas when reading your thoughts.

Will guild buildings eventually be player crafted?
We eventually want to make buildings craftable in general. This is something that is planned down the road

How soon until some "sash" type items go into the game?
Will have to get back to you on this, need to talk to the artists.

Will NPC's and MOB's have their AI's tweaked to reflect purpose, or will they remain aimless and without direction in their lives?
Once the collision is done, AI will need to have more work. So that will come after.

I want to be able to take captives. Will this ever be possible (with MOB's/NPC's, or player characters)?
Sounds fun. We talked about this before, but it never really went anywhere. I'll talk again about it here, in the office, and see if there is anything that comes up.
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