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TDZK News on Updated Changes
Nomad, TCZK 3.0, iinitial plans revealed
By: OMGN | Game Update | Game Data | 5:16am, April 20, 2006
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UTAH, UNITED STATES - There has been some updates coming out of the space themed, massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, TDZK. These updates include news on the “Retro Ranks” and the timetable for TDZK 3.0.

TDZK is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a space theme. Featuring seven different races to choose from, TDZK players quest to best each other, while at the same time experiencing a continuous and changing storyline. Ships are fully customizable, and TDZK has a unique combat system. Players can form alliances, build up planets, or interact with many of the game's computer-controlled players in thier course of their travels. Players can also assume a career style. TDZK also has settings to optimize for slow connections.

With the “Retro Round,” the original TDZK rank names are back. Once again, there are rank names like “Squeeself” and even the level-100 rank name has returned, though information on this is keep under-wraps.

has released their initial plans for the next version of the game, Nomad. With this, the date for the end of the current round will be affected. The following is a post in the TDZK forums from “Jerle,” site admin, about the initial plans.

At last, the long awaited, much-anticipated timetable for Nomad. These are the current goals we have for the release of TDZK 3.0....the exact days could vary as we get closer.

May 1 - Open Nomad to testers. Begin initial engine debugging and security testing. Not all features will be implemented at the start...testers will verify functionality as things are added.

July 17th - End of 2.7 Retro Round. Yes, this means the current round will be 6 months long. More on that later.

July 17-21st - Chaos Round, possible downtime for server upgrades.

July 21st - Start Nomad Open Beta.

This should be the fully-functional version of nomad, and all players will be able to access it and play a compressed round. The idea is to catch any last minute bugs and finalize balance changes, and let everyone get used to the new engine.

We're also going to start massively advertising during this time period, to attract lots of new players who'll be able to get used to the game for a bit, then be ready to roll with the new round.

August 21st - TDZK's 5th anniversary, and launch of Nomad.

As we're aware that this post will likely launch several complaints about the round extension, I'd like to note that it isn't up for debate. We have no plans to run a 2.8. We do have a few surprises we're going to introduce to 2.7 that should keep things interesting though...I'll make another announcement about that later.

We'd like to thank TDZK's players and staff for all of their support as we gear up for Nomad's release.

For more information on TDZK, please visit their site at
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TDZK News on Updated Changes (April 20, 2006; 0 Comments)
UTAH, UNITED STATES - There has been some updates coming out of the space themed, massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, TDZK. These updates include news on the “Retro Ranks” and the timetable for TDZK 3.0.TDZK is a...

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