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E3: Tabula Rasa Preview
NCsoft is forming their war-plan for the upcoming trans-genre title Tabula Rasa
By: Blair Morris | Preview | Game Data | 9:43pm, May 17, 2006
AREA-51 m7700

As Edwin Starr famously questioned and answered in his 1970 chart topper, “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing,” you’d think that if Starr was a video game enthusiast he may have changed his tune with Tabula Rasa. All right, so those are two widely different subjects in what Starr was singing about and the Tabula Rasa digital world. Nonetheless, in Tabula Rasa it’s all out war in an attempt to capture our imagination and stun us while being in the middle of alien battlegrounds in the farthest reaches of space.

Tabula Rasa will be the newest entertainment experience to come from the mind of Richard Garriott and the veteran team of industry professionals at NCsoft’s Destination Games. Combining a shooter style of action with the vast, persistent game world and ongoing storyline of a MMORPG, Tabula Rasa brings about several key features and experiences for the multiplayer online gaming community. Players will venture across alien landscapes as they face off against alien soldiers, armored mechanoids, and ruthless predators. With a wide range of weapons and unique alien powers at your side, you join the Allied Free Sentients in the desperate fight against extinction. You’ll enter a game world where NPCs interact and do battle with each other independent of and in symmetry with the player. The FPS- like interface is complimented by built-in voice chat technology to create a smooth and cooperative gaming experience.

View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots

The story that Tabula Rasa brings you into is a universe where the home world of humanity has been destroyed by the invading forces of the Bane. Those survivors must now band together learn the secrets of the Logos and prepare to rise up against the Bane to take back the galaxy, one planet at a time. You left your home far behind and traveled across the galaxy for one reason: to defeat the Bane. Now, fighting on the front lines of an epic galactic war, your coalition of rebel soldiers is the last line of defense against an implacable alien foe hungry for universal conquest. With an array of weaponry at your disposal, can you be the one to defeat the Bane? Of course, before you and the rest of the survivors can take on the Bane, a little information of features and experiences to expect wouldn’t hurt.

Players worldwide will join together in an epic battle and struggle that has yet to be seen in any of the NCsoft titles to date. Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, players will face-off against lethal, intelligent and brutal Bane forces for control of entire planets throughout the galaxy. To aide you in this ultimate galactic war, you’ll need to seek out the knowledge and experience to harness the mysterious power known as Logos, and control the forces of the cosmos to offer rebel forces an advantage against an overwhelming foe. Players will go behind enemy lines to fight perilous missions that directly impact the course of the war, with the option of these being either solo or with squad-mates. NPCs will also assist players and teams within battle against the Bane.

View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots

Develop your character using an intuitive system that allows you to make informed choices as to which profession you wish to specialize in. Character development within Tabula Rasa starts as all new arrivals begin as recruits. The Recruit is the entry level (Tier 1: Levels 1 - 10) classification for all new Allied Free Sentients (AFS) force members. It is at these levels that basic weapons, combat abilities and protocols are introduced and mastered. The early choices recruits make, as they progress toward various career paths, will define the skills, abilities, weapons, tools, and armor that will be accessible during their term of service. The recruit is the foundation on which a military career is built upon. As players gain significant experience as a recruit, they will gain familiarity with world interaction, accept and undergo missions, and better understand their preferred combat/support role when selecting their future military occupational specialty, the path of soldier or specialist.

The soldier is the basic classification in the combat arms and is a prerequisite for higher level tier selection in this career path. The primary responsibility of the soldier is to inflict the most damage possible to the enemy. Soldiers will build upon the skills mastered as recruits, as well as gaining access to, and becoming more proficient at, advanced weaponry, armor selection and tool usage. In addition, soldiers will be introduced to the mysterious Logos abilities. The specialist is the basic classification in combat support and is a prerequisite for higher level tier selection in this career path.

Like the soldier, the specialist retains all the skills and abilities learned as a recruit and can apply these to a combat team in a basic infantry role. In their principle support role, specialists can also use their radius-based skills and abilities to help teammates and themselves. As with soldiers, specialists will be introduced to Logos abilities at this stage in their career. You can change your career path at any time by saving your previous character and creating a new one with different skills and abilities.

View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots View Tabula Rasa Screenshots

You’ll enter into a vast game world with Tabula Rasa, in which you travel to distant worlds and join your friends instantly through universally implemented teleportation systems. Tabula Rasa surrounds the player within a richly-detailed game world featuring 3-D rendered environments, alien creatures and characters, and imaginative fashion and architecture. With the various features and experiences Tabula Rasa has at this point in development, you can already notice a creation of an MMORPG world and environment yet to be seen in the NCsoft titles.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Tabula Rasa gave us much to look forward to when the game officially launches (no launch date or pricing has been set at this current time). Though whenever Tabula Rasa is launched, gamers should find this galactic war-filled MMORPG, FPS title in high acclaim and anticipation nearing launch, and even beta-testing in the upcoming months. War. What is it good for? It’s good for killing the Bane, and aside from that, absolutely nothing.

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E3: Tabula Rasa Preview (May 17, 2006; 0 Comments)
As Edwin Starr famously questioned and answered in his 1970 chart topper, “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing,” you’d think that if Starr was a video game enthusiast he may have changed his tune with Tabula Rasa. All...

New Trailer Launched for Tabula Rasa (May 5, 2006; 0 Comments)
AUSTIN, TEXAS - NCsoft’s upcoming massive-multiplayer online (MMO) game, Tabula Rasa, has recently released a new trailer. The trailer shows off various in-game actions in real-time. You can view the trailer by clicking here.Tabula Rasa is a...

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