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E3: Fury Preview
Given a chance to demo Auran's Fury, anticipation is at an high for its release in 2007
By: Blair Morris | Preview | Game Data | 2:04pm, May 19, 2006
AREA-51 m7700

Going into E3, you are always wondering what will be the game that no one is hearing or talking about, but once you play it, all you can do is gasp at this hidden gem in front of you. Lo’ and behold, we found such a game when visiting Australian developer, Auran, for a look at their newest project in Fury.

is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that feels like a first-person shooter (FPS) by providing instant, fast-pace action. In Fury, you play as one of the Chosen - heroes who have lived a thousand lives and fought in numerous battles. The world itself has been devastated and the few delicate remnants are floating within a void between the elemental planes. The Chosen’s goal is to dominate adversaries from other realms in order to ensure their home realm’s survival. The game types lets you battle non-playable characters (NPC’s) and other players, earn rewards and use those rewards to customize your character as much as you desire. Fury will ship with four game types. Each game type provides a different style of play. The different game types include a solo, free-for-all event; a small group versus group battle; a medium sized team event and a large-scale team versus team conquest.

View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots

When playing the demo, it is surprising that we were only seeing a small percentage of the game due to Fury being in early development. It was still enough to impress and build anticipation to the fully released version, due out in 2007. However, in the game, there is always something to do and plenty of action. As in what you expect from a RPG, you’ll be building you character in with the rewards to collect, and with the FPS side of the game, the battle and players are in constant motion. So to say the least, you are always doing something and you have plenty of decisions to make.

The world of Fury divides into the sanctuary and the war zones. The sanctuaries are peaceful areas where players buy and sell, undertake trials, train, customize their equipment and hang out with friends. The war zones are the combat areas where players fight against adversaries from other realms to get spoils, win rewards and advance their characters. In Fury, you will not find a traditional experience points system to build your character like most RPG‘s. You develop your character by creating and customizing the incarnations. To get new abilities, equipment and equip points you fight to earn gold and recover memories. Each memory you recover will contribute to increasing your rank and provide you with new abilities. An incarnation is a complete set of equipment including weapons and abilities. You can save, edit and load as many incarnations as you like (more than 200).

View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots

When creating your avatar (character) Fury is much like any other RPG with the option of selecting the gender, body type, hair, face, colors and so on. In addition, you will start the game with a number of basic archetypes allowing you to play as a healer, champion, destroyer, and invoker or to create your own custom mixture. Archetypes are a brief description of a specific incarnation. Archetypes help other realm members identify what kind of role your current incarnation is likely to play in a group or fight. Your character will have an archetype determined by the memories you have recovered and the equipment and abilities you have equipped on your current incarnation.

In combat, the Elemental Energy system is an interesting aspect of battle and explained to us as providing an additional decision making layer, which the development team calls the meta-game. Using abilities builds up elemental charges and the more charges a player has, the more powerful they become. Players also have the option of using special abilities that consume elemental charges. Consumption abilities range from fireballs that deal splash damage to the ultimate abilities, called deathblows. In doing so, this creates a series of significant game play choices to either maximize charges in a particular element then deliver an attack, or to focus all of your charges in order to deal more abundant amount of damage. Both strategies are possible; it is up to players learn which situation each strategy is fitting.

View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots View Fury Screenshots

One of the more pleasing impressions Fury made was the ease in learning the basics of the game. In only a matter of minutes, the basics of the game and control/commands was second nature to us. This allowed us to jump right in and have fun experiencing what the game has to offer at this point, as well as enjoy the visuals and physics within the game. Fury uses the Unreal Engine 3 that is the framework for next-generation consoles and DirectX9-equipped PC’s.

definitely was a game that many did not know too much about pre-E3, but quickly made an early impression on the masses after the expo. We will see if Auran can capitalize on the newly found attention placed on Fury by the masses in 2007, when released. However, more anticipation may build as beta testing begins in the up coming months. We will bring you more information as Fury draws near to beta and its release.

Click here to see footage from Fury (QuickTime 7 required; please allow time to load).

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E3: Fury Preview (May 19, 2006; 0 Comments)
Going into E3, you are always wondering what will be the game that no one is hearing or talking about, but once you play it, all you can do is gasp at this hidden gem in front of you. Lo’ and behold, we found such a game when visiting...

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