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SMR Announcements
By: Charles Rector | Game Announcement | Game Data | 11:25am, September 26, 2009
From the universe of Space Merchant Realms:


4:49:55 PM
An update to the IRC situation.

VJTD3 has informed us that SMR is no longer welcome on However, each of you (with the exception of SMR admins) are welcome to continue using his network.

Currently we are using efnet as a means of communication. This will most likely change as we are looking into other networks.

Hopefully sometime today I will be able to write a post to say how we got to this point and what direction we will be heading from here.

Please stay tuned, and I would like to thank everyone for sticking with us this far. I look forward to returning SMR to what it used to be with everyones help.

11:00:26 PM
Due to certain circumstances, we are moving to a new IRC server. The new server will be

Channel remains the same: #smr

Further updates will be made in the next few days.

1:40:01 PM
I'm happy to announce that Edgecrusher has finished the beta version of MGU (recoded for 1.6)

You can find the latest code here

1:15:15 AM
IRC Dicussion thread can be found here

10:39:52 PM
I have created a few votes in regards to IRC usage. I will also be creating a thread on the forum later on this evening to discuss the current server and if we should look into other servers. Several people have bought some concerns to me about the unpredictability of the services of late and the lack of 'new' players. I would like this to be a community discussion, as it effects everyone equally.

1:04:28 AM
Remember you can report all the little annoyances you find in the game as well as the bugs that break it. For instance there never used to be a reply button for messages and when sending one there was no message saying whether it had succeeded. Also all the little typos I'm sure are hiding around the place.
3:56:07 PM
We are aware of the bug involving racial relations and are addressing it. Please be patient til the issue is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
9:02:07 PM
Edgecrusher has been kind enough to convert the maps for Galactic Passage into .cmf format (the format MGU currently uses).
To find out more head to:
6:26:49 PM
At some point today, Galactic Passage will end. And Galactic Passage #2 will begin with fixed ports.

6:17:35 AM
Hey All,

I am currently remaking the map with reduced ports. Game should be open before 00:00.

7:13:33 PM
Hey Everyone,
I have added another option to the current vote on what to do with the current game (that i messed up with to many ports) You can change your vote if you think this 4th option would be preferred.

Thanks for reading,

1:37:14 AM
For anyone who hasn't noticed there's a "Request A Feature" link on the left side menu, you can go vote for your favourites and suggest your own if you want.
1:12:33 AM
To download maps for the current game please use the "DL Sectors File" link as the MGU one isn't supported and should be removed.
For a program that can use the sectors file there is:
Also the format is easy to use (open it up and you can see) so anyone who wants to make alternative programs can do so, or write a convertor to whatever format you like. I believe work is currently going on to rewrite MGU to support the format but I don't know how that is progressing.

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From the universe of Space Merchant Realms:AnnouncementsTimeMessage22/9/20094:49:55 PMAn update to the IRC situation. VJTD3 has informed us that SMR is no longer welcome on However, each of you (with the exception of SMR admins) are...

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From Space Merchant Realms :ANNOUNCEMENTSTimeMessage1/10/20089:48:40 PMIf you downloaded the SMRTools program shortly after I announced it, I apologize because the Installer didn't create shortcuts automatically. This is fixed, and you will...

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