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The Space Review March 22, 2010
By: Charles Rector | Newsletter | 11:42am, March 22, 2010
Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:

Can commercial space win over Congress?
A key aspect of the proposed new NASA plan is to rely on the commercial sector to launch astronauts, a provision that has encountered resistance in Congress. Jeff Foust reports on efforts to win support for commercial crew, and whether time might be running out for commercial advocates.

Fire in the Sky: the Air Launched Sortie Vehicle of the early 1980s (part 3)
Dwayne Day continues his study of a little-known military space vehicle project with a look at concepts by Rockwell for air-launched spaceplanes.

A spacefaring hydraulic civilization
Throughout history civilizations have risen and fallen in part based on their access to and control of water supplies. Taylor Dinerman notes the same will be true when humanity expands into the solar system.

Celebrate suborbital
There is growing interest in using commercial suborbital vehicles currently under development to carry out research and educational missions. Alan Stern describes what more the government can do to help encourage such applications.

Review: Hubble 3D
The latest IMAX space spectacular is about the Hubble Space Telescope and efforts last year to repair it. Jeff Foust reviews the film and wonders if the format, like the telescope, is is need of an overhaul.

If you missed it, here's what we published in our previous issue:

Space export control reform: the different schools of thought and a proposed way forward
Many in the space industry expect progress on export control reform from both the White House and Congress in the coming weeks. Christopher Stone examines the various arguments on the subject and offers a way ahead that preserves security while supporting the industry.

Shuttle supporters' last stand?
When NASA's 2011 budget proposal was released last month, much of the debate initially centered around the cancellation of Constellation and related initiatives. Jeff Foust reports that there's more attention now, though, to an issue once thought settled: the retirement of the shuttle.

Mike Griffin's greatest mistake
Former NASA administrator Mike Griffin famously -- or perhaps infamously -- described Constellation as "Apollo on steroids". Taylor Dinerman argues that he would have been better off trying to sell its core elements as an American Soyuz.

Obama picks a Tea Party Tax Day for his space summit
Some in the space industry were surprised not just that President Obama would hold a space conference next month, but also that he would choose "Tax Day" for it. Michael Huang wonders if this is a deliberate attempt by the administration to politicize the issue.

Review: My Dream of Stars
With the first era of orbital space tourism coming to a close, some who have flown to the ISS are looking back at their journeys. Jeff Foust reviews a new book that recounts the life of Anousheh Ansari and her efforts to realize a life-long dream of flying in space.

We appreciate any feedback you may have about these articles as well as
any other questions, comments, or suggestions about The Space Review.
We're also actively soliciting articles to publish in future issues, so
if you have an article or article idea that you think would be of
interest, please email me.

Until next week,

Jeff Foust
Editor, The Space Review
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The Space Review March 22, 2010 (March 22, 2010; 0 Comments)
Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:Can commercial space win over Congress?---A key aspect of the proposed new NASA plan is to rely on the commercial sector to launch astronauts, a provision that has encountered resistance in...

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