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Alganon, April 2010
By: Charles Rector | Newsletter | Game Data | 5:29pm, April 14, 2010

Alganon Newsletter April 2010


We're gearing everything up for the official release of Alganon later this month. In this issue of the newsletter we're laying out the details of the new features coming soon as well information about our new Double Dip Trial, the new website and refund and referral information etc. We've got a lot going on and hope you'll join us for the offical launch coming in late April.

Exciting New Features

Our new Tribute Market will be debuting in the official release of Alganon. Tribute is a new form of currency in the world of Alganon. You'll be able to purchase Boons to help increase study times or purchase items such as vanity pets, mounts, potions and elixirs, boxed item-sets and individual items.

There are new starter areas which introduce you to the lore of Alganon and show you some of the deities "in person" as you start the game. Asharr will start at the Temple of Argon while their counterparts the Kujix will be starting in the Temple of Xukiss.

World Instances are also coming in the official release of Alganon. They will allow parties of brave adventurers to tackle advanced content with challenging boss encounters and exciting new loot! So, new quests to complete, new places to explore and new creatures to test the mettle of players of every level.


We've been working very hard at resolving issues and improving the over all look and feel of the game. This release will also have a whole new UI which gives Alganon its own unique identity. We have completely re-done the artwork and overhauled the user interface to provide a more unique and distinct feel for Alganon. More work will come post-release, but you will be pleased with this first pass.

Our character creation system has also received a major upgrade. Players will now be guided through an on-screen wizard to aid in the creation of new characters. This new system provides plenty of descriptions to aid you in making decisions during the creation process.

Also added are brand new NPC navigation and pathfinding system for the non-player characters (NPCs) in Alganon. The network transport layer has been revamped, the load times have been decreased and various optimization and additional gameplay enhancements have been added.

A varied collection of dungeon instances have been unlocked, allowing for players of all levels to explore previously unseen areas of the world and discover the secrets (and the dangers) that lie within.

Starter areas for both the Asharr and Kujix have been completely redesigned and now offer a much more complete and unique starter experience for new and old players alike. Alganon continues to offer a great new and growing true persistent fantasy world for gamers to enjoy.

For full details visit the new Features page on Alganon.

New Website

To go along with our new UI we're redesigning the Alganon website to provide a new look and feel which closely resembles the look of the new in-game user interface. We're adding several great new community features on the front page, a Server Status monitor, a Recent Level Ups section that will track the community in real-time and show recent progress made by our players and a Characters section that will announce to the world whenever a new character is created on any of the live servers.

The new website will greatly enhance the user experience by adding a new, easy-to-use navigation system that will allow visitors to the site to find the information they are looking for immediately.

There is also great new functionality that will been added to the MyAlganon site and players will be able to purchase Tribute and items from the market through the online Tribute Market System.

Earn Tribute for Referrals

Refer a friend to Alganon and when your friend purchases the client you will have 500 Tribute added to your account! You will be able to refer your friends to Alganon through the website. Offer available only to players who have purchased Alganon.

Refund Information

We are at the start of April, and there has been quite a bit going on here at Quest Online as we get ready for the official launch of Alganon later this month. Behind the scenes we've been working on a special deal that is unheard of in the MMO industry. We appreciate you as a customer, and our goal is for you to have a great experience with us. One that's so great that you will tell your friends and family about us and have them join you in the game world of Alganon. So we're offering you a FULL refund for your pre-paid subscription once Alganon is officially released. Simply email a copy of your receipt or contact us with your order number, MyAlganon name and the last four digits of the card you used at

Double Dip Trial

Not wanting to restrict new people from taking the time to explore Alganon, we have created a new Double Dip Trial system. So you can get two great scoops of Alganon game play, one week in the current game system and an additional week once the official launch happens. This grants players the opportunity to see the game before and after. If you haven't tried Alganon, don't wait any longer click here to sign-up and start your adventure today.

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