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The Space Review April 12, 2010
By: Charles Rector | Newsletter | 12:27pm, April 15, 2010
Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:

The maturing NewSpace industry
The entrepreneurial space industry, or NewSpace, has made advances in recent years but has higher expectations than ever thanks to NASA policy developments. Jeff Foust reports on recent developments in NewSpace and how mature the industry sees itself.

Space Coast space ghosts
Florida's Space Coast region was already facing the prospect of losing thousands of jobs when the shuttle was retired, a condition now exacerbated by the decision to cancel Constellation. Dwayne Day notes that this will not the first time the region has suffered a bust thanks to the space program.

The new paradigm: Gemini on steroids
Critics of NASA's new direction claim that, without firm destinations and deadlines, the agency is left directionless. Angela Peura describes how the new plan, like Gemini nearly 50 years ago, is building up the technologies and techniques needed for future human space exploration.

Obama in space: bold but not bold enough
The new NASA space exploration plan has been widely perceived as a major break with past efforts. Jonathan Coopersmith argues that the plan needs to go further and address the fundamental problem of space access.

A bat outta Hell: the ISINGLASS Mach 22 follow-on to OXCART
In the 1960s the intelligence community sought to develop reconnaissance aircraft that could fly higher and faster over the Soviet Union. Dwayne Day describes one such concept: a rocket-powered vehicle nearly capable of achieving orbit.

If you missed it, here's what we published in our previous issue:

The end of NPOESS
NASA, NOAA, and the Defense Department are all grappling with the decision by the White House to end the troubled NPOESS weather satellite program. Taylor Dinerman examines what the aftermath of NPOESS means for both the agencies that need the data it would have provided as well as the prospects for interagency cooperation.

Supply and demand for commercial launch
While many debate the commercial elements of NASA's new space exploration plan, the overall commercial space industry is largely focused on other issues. Jeff Foust reports on the latest round of debate between launch services providers and satellite operators about whether there is a sufficient supply of commercial launchers.

How I spent my summer vacation
The pending retirement of the space shuttle will have an impact that goes beyond just the agency and the shuttle workforce at the Kennedy Space Center. Dwayne Day looks at how the end of the shuttle program could affect the center as a tourist destination.

Spacecraft stats and insights
With all the attention that high-profile NASA missions get, it's easy to forget that there is far more space activity elsewhere in the space arena. Claude Lafleur reviews some basic statistics about spacecraft and launch activity to provide insights on the present and future of spaceflight.

We appreciate any feedback you may have about these articles as well as
any other questions, comments, or suggestions about The Space Review.
We're also actively soliciting articles to publish in future issues, so
if you have an article or article idea that you think would be of
interest, please email me.

Until next week,

Jeff Foust
Editor, The Space Review
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Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:The maturing NewSpace industry---The entrepreneurial space industry, or NewSpace, has made advances in recent years but has higher expectations than ever thanks to NASA policy developments. Jeff...

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