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DarkHorse Pony Express #133
By: Charles Rector | Newsletter | 12:52pm, April 18, 2010 Pony Express #133 April 14 2010

If you have trouble reading this email, please see the online version.

Welcome to the Dark Horse Newsletter!

In case you haven't heard we've got a brand-new Terminator series in the
works. But this ain't some movie knockoff, this is a brand-new story
written by the one and only Zack Whedon! Some of you might know Zack
from the critically acclaimed Dr. Horrible comic and the Dr. Horrible's
Sing-Along Blog web series. Well now Zack's back with Terminator: 2029,
an all-new story set in the Terminator universe.

Everyone's favorite long-eared samurai is back, now in plush form! Dark Horse is proud to present the all-new Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure. We've worked closely with Usagi creator Stan Sakai to perfect the look and shape of the ronin rabbit.

Going to C2E2? Well, make sure you
swing by the Dark Horse booth! We've got lots of cool events and
announcements that we'll be debuting at the show. Plus, B.P.R.D. members
can look forward to some exclusive members-only events! We'll be in
booth number 459. Swing by and say hi!

Shinjuku is on the way, and we've
got a special article by Dark Horse Director of Asian Licensing Michael
Gombos on this exciting new project from Hollywood writer/producer mink
and legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Well, that's all for now. See you next month!

-- Max Sato, Pony Express Editor
(email your comments to

Intervew with Zack Whedon:

Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure:

Join The B.P.R.D.:


====Even More Cool Stuff====

The latest issue of  MySpace Dark Horse Presents has been posted! We've
got all-new stories by Mark Crilley, Jaime Hernandez, Simon Spurrier,
Christopher Mitten, Evan Dorkin, and more! It's all new, all free, and
all available to read now! Plus, check out our MySpace, Facebook, and
Twitter pages while you're at it.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents:

Dark Horse MySpace:

Dark Horse Facebook:

Dark Horse Twitter:

Missed an issue of Mass Effect? We've got all-new comics available for download for your iPhone! Issue #3 of Mass Effect: Redemption is out now.

Mass Effect: Redemption app:

Computer looking a little drab? Check out some of our downloadable
desktop patterns! Conan, Hellboy, Buffy--all of your favorite Dark Horse
titles are here to help add a little life to your otherwise boring

Dark Horse Desktops:

Looking for a good scare? Well check out Creepy Archives Volume 1 in the
Flip Book section of our website.

Dark Horse Flip Books:

====Retro-a-go-go! by David Scroggy====

We are proud of the nonbook products we make at Dark Horse, and we have
a lot of fun with it. We don't really look to other companies that much,
since we feel secure in our creative choices, and they usually resonate
with our kind of consumer. But once in a while we encounter a company
that seems like a good fit, and we work together on sales and
distribution. New in that category is Retro a-go-go! They knocked our
socks off with their unique line of licensed high-quality and fun
giftware. As we got to know principal Kirsten Pagacz and her team, we
started having even more fun. As you get to know her and her products
from this short chat, you'll see why.

Click here to read the full article:


Hellcyon is an all-new adventure from longtime Star Wars artist
Lucas Marangon! Simply enter for your chance to win a copy of issue #1
in the Hellcyon Contest.


=======Comics Feedbag=======

During the 1950s, Hellboy caravans across Mexico with a
trio of vampire-killing luchadores, finding the undead; evil turkeys; a
terrible bat god; and a little too much tequila.

Hellboy in Mexico, or, A Drunken Blur:

Emily the Strange: The 13th Hour #3:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #35:

B.P.R.D.: King of Fear #5:

==========Book Barn===========
Boba Fett, the most feared, most respected, and most loved
bounty hunter in the galaxy, now has all of his comics stories collected
into one massive volume!

Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett:

Chobits Omnibus Edition Volume 1:

Wondermark Volume 3: Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters:

Grendel: Behold the Devil HC:

=========Product Parade===========

We never get tired of looking at Bettie Page! Those sexy,sultry, perky,
pleasing poses are always breathtaking to behold. In honor of Bettie's everlasting appeal, we've taken multiple images and applied them to three new products: a journal, a sticky note book (with two different covers to choose from!), and a flirty floaty pen, where Bettie reveals all! Check out all of our great new Bettie Page products!

Bettie Page Sticky Note Book:

Bettie Page Floaty Pen:

Bettie Page Horizon Journal:

====Buy Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War at!====
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DarkHorse Pony Express #133 (April 18, 2010; 0 Comments) Pony Express #133 April 14 2010 If you have trouble reading this email, please see the online version. Welcome to the Dark Horse Newsletter! In case you haven't heard...

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