Trying Out Netflix

Finally, I am trying out Netflix for the very first time. Its a one month deal with 2 discs out at a time. The 2 movies I am checking out now are for the purpose of reviewing for FlickZone and they are Queen of the Amazons (1947) & Them! (1954). Other movies for future FZ review that I have in my queue already are Lone Wolf McQuade (1983), Stolen (2005), Flash Gordon (1980), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964), The Lost Continent (1951) & Spacehunter (1983).

What other movies would you like reviewed on FZ in the future?

The Travails of TDZK

Back during ye olden days, this writer was the leader of the then multi-game clan Trex Mercenaries aka “Soldiers of Fortune for Fun & Profit” in the original Space Merchant game. Two of my recruits in that game were Jerle & Hotaru who went on to co-create the game of TDZK that eventually became an even bigger game than SM’s successor Space Merchant Realms.

As it happens, I played a role in the creation of TDZK. I told Hotaru point blank that his idea for a SM like MUD was a bad idea on the grounds that MUD’s were going the way of the dinosaur. Turns out that almost a decade later, MUD’s are still going great guns as are PBEM’s, another genre whose existence I was confident was going to Hell in a hen basket.

I also gave Hotaru the idea of not having dozens of different ship types as in the original SM, but instead have a much smaller number of basic ship types with numerous modifications available so that there could be many different variations on a basic model. As a result, whereas in SM the great majority of ship types were but rarely used, if at all, and there was not all that much variety in ships actually used, in TDZK the situation was that in both theory and actual practice, just about every player flew a ship that was in some way unique from the other ships. This gave TDZK a special flavor that no other space strategy game whether it be SM, SMR or whatever had.

However, despite eventually having a sizable playership, advertising revenues failed to sustain TDZK. And so, after a run of a half decade or so, the creators/developers of TDZK decided to take their game offline and retool it under the name of “TDZK Fleets.” Evidently, their desire was to take it from being a single ship game to being a Quest for Yap type game where you command a fleet of ships.

As such, there were periodic updates that kept the game’s loyal fans well informed on the progress towards a new version of TDZK that would hopefully prove to be more economically self sufficient than the original. Thus it came as a complete surprise when TDZK Fleets disappeared to be replaced on the screen by something called “Singularity” with a notation that it is being done by something called “Metaspace Studios 2009.”

Is Singularity to be anything like TDZK or TDZK Fleets or is it something else new altogether? Given the absence of new info, you can easily see why a lot of the loyal gamers are giving up hope that their favorite game will ever return in any form or under any name.

Hey Jerle and Hotaru, an update on your further plans, if any, would be greatly appreciated.

Just an idea.

Charles Rector aka crector

HomeRun Homes Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Robert Eisenstein
HomeRun Homes
(631) 676-3609
(631) 574-2420

HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Powerhouse, Surpasses the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark

Ronkonkoma, New York, August 27, 2009 – HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Marketplace-Website, has Just Surpassed the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark on Their Website Homepage,

As a result of the Economy and the credit situation nationally and globally, HomeRun Homes has cracked through the coveted 1 Million visitor level on their website, The Company, who just recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, has had numerous accomplishments this past year. In addition to acquiring the foreclosure website, (Equifree, Inc.) earlier this year, they have also added support for the Commercial Real Estate market (which encompasses land, buildings, and stores) to their list of specialties. The President of the company, Robert Eisenstein, states that, “the owners of these commercial properties were long overdue for help”, and he says, “help is here”. The assistance extended to Commercial Property owners goes hand-in-hand with the help being provided to Non-Profit Housing Organizations, of which the Company has recently been assisting by providing Free Advertising to these organizations.

Since 2002, HomeRun Homes has been a leader in the marketplace for Rent to Own Homes, and Eisenstein says, “A Rent to Own arrangement is a win-win for all involved parties – it helps a buyer who might have less than perfect credit get into a home, and it provides additional options to a seller that is stuck with their home sitting on the market for a long period of time”. Eisenstein goes on to say, “We have been offering a very simple and effective way for buyers and sellers to connect with each other, and it is a blessing to be able to help people out in this type of an economy”. Recently, HomeRun Homes has expanded beyond the seller/buyer connections to also include services (attorneys, contractors, etc.), which are all vital services to the Rent to Own and Real Estate Market in general.

Currently, HomeRun Homes ( is sitting in the top 5 rankings for Rent to Own Homes on Google, Yahoo, and many other popular web directories. As homes are sitting dormant without offers in most markets, sellers (and buyers) are realizing the benefits of Rent to Own (or Lease Purchase).

HomeRun Homes is in the midst of one of their busiest years, with traffic to the site at record levels, as the trend of foreclosures looks to continue well into the year. With additional foreclosures, this means more damaged credit, more homes sitting for longer periods of time, and consequently, more people struggling to buy a home and more people stuck with a home with mounting debt. Eisenstein has said that “this year we will make an even larger impact and shorten the length of time homes and properties are sitting dormant. It’s a bold statement, but we have the infrastructure in place to make it happen”. He continues to say, “It is a snowball effect”.

For additional information on “HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Powerhouse, Surpasses the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark”, visit

HomeRun Homes is a centralized marketplace which helps people find a rent to own property, sell a rent to own property, and offer services nationwide and globally to the thriving rent to own market.

– END –

Tucson Executive Suites Press Release

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IT Chimes Press Release

Revamp of IT Chimes a Website Design, Web Development and SEO Company, India

New Delhi, India 20/12/2007 IT Chimes, an award winning Web Development Company based in Delhi, India with Sales offices in New York and London have revamped their website The new site created by IT Chimes boasts of customized services in Website Design, Application Development and Search Engine Optimization. The website created on the latest technology platform has surpassed the basic standards of excellence that comprise web?s leading design and development firms.
IT Chimes ( is one of India?s premier Web Developer and have provided customized web services to more than 300 diverse international clients from United States, Canada, Australia, UK and India. Committed to provide the best in the industry IT Chimes has been able to garner consistent growth of more than hundred percent every financial year since its inception.
Backed with young, intelligent and hard working team IT Chimes strive to lead the web industry by providing solutions in diverse verticals such as Finance, Banking, HR, Retail, Travel and Manufacturing. With its rich experience and will to deliver quality product IT Chimes has build partnerships with leading web development firms across the world for mutual growth, value addition and increasing the ROI for the end customers.
At a recent New Media fair in Netherlands Pritthish Bhattacharya, Manger International Sales IT Chimes was part of the speaker panel and addressed talks on Web Technology and Outsourcing to India. It was during the end of the fair that IT Chimes revamped website was inaugurated and a formal presentation was given detailing all services and solutions that IT Chimes will be focusing on in years to come by. Top of the list were Website Designing for Small and Medium Enterprises, Ecommerce Web solutions, Application Development and Internet Marketing.
Rajesh Jha, SEO Head IT Chimes said ?These are exciting times. Internet today has given the platform for companies to promote business on-line and have their sales to multiply exponentially. If done right Search Engine Optimization can provide an organization the needed push for them to reach to the next level.? IT Chimes with its quality web design, application development and SEO services have paved ways for many such companies who have build big brands from modest starts.
With increase in competition, scaling customer demands and reducing margins it is important that business around the world look at outsourcing partners such as IT Chimes. Web Development partners like IT Chimes help in reduction of costs, increase in ROI, creating value for end customers and improving efficiencies to achieve the best for an organization.

For more information on Web Development Company visit IT Chimes or email


Buehrle + White Sox Fielding = Perfect

Mark Buehrle
has never been one of my favorite players, but today
he was picture perfect. I never thought that it would ever happen, but here it is:

Chicago White Sox 5, Tampa Bay Rays 0 Game Wrap

Now if he can stop talking about his next contract, then everything will be golden. Speaking of golden, 4th outfielder
Dewayne Wise
‘s fantastic catch in the 9th Inning was what made
Buehrle’s perfect game possible. Wise has taken a lot of flak from
fans who have been seemingly oblivious of the fact that Wise is on the
team for his glove, not his bat.

Hopefully, this is a portent for things to come later this season. Can a
second World Series at the Cell aka U.S. Cellular Field aka Comiskey
Park II be in the offing?

Spirit Camp Blog

If you are really interested in the world of indie films, then one website that you should find interesting and informative is the Spirit Camp Blog written by director Kerry Beyer of the forthcoming movie Spirit Camp .

Beyer’s blog is chock full of interesting stuff concerning the making and distribution of movies nowadays. One the most important points that he has made lately concerns a factor in film making that most would be filmmakers do not think about until after their movie has already been made.

Quoth Beyer:

Magazines, indie film associations, product manufacturers, film festivals, consultant gurus and producer’s reps all help to promote what I call the “myth of filmmaking.” Just pick up a camera and follow your passion – make your movie, your way, right now, and finance it on your credit card if you have to. The digital revolution is here, and it’s more like an annihilation.

The democratization of film through digital media has made it so everyone can make a film. But it doesn’t mean that everyone should. And as a result there is a glut of product out there dragging prices down faster than the titanic.

This is a great blog and as such is well worth your time.

SoftInform releases SearchInform 4.5.7 Press Release

July 15, 2009 – SoftInform Technologies releases SearchInform v. 4.5.7. The SearchInform lineup provides products for full-text search including similar-content search in large data volumes.
The new version adds several features and enhancements geared towards faster search, and wider file type support. New features introduce support of XML files and numerous archive formats (7Z, ARJ, CAB, JAR…). It also adds support of MAC and DOS text encodings, and sharply increases indexing speed on large MDB files.
The current version also improves on network workstations indexing, providing an integrated network search platform for businesses and organizations.
SearchInform is available in desktop and client-server editions designed for individual users and corporate customers, respectively.
– Phrase search where you can fix the word order and distance between words
– Morphology analysis and ability to tune synonym dictionaries
– Redesigned similar content search built around proprietary SoftInform Search Technology
– Ability to include entire documents in their original format directly to indexes
– High indexing speed: 15?30 GB/h
– High search speed: ~ 1 s.
– Index size: 15-25% of the original text size
– Request caching
– Supports over 80 common file formats, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird and TheBat! email messages, mp3 and avi tags, IM history logs (ICQ 99-2005, QIP, iRC, Trillian, Yahoo!Messenger, and Microsoft Messenger)
– Supports search in SQL databases
– Processes compressed and archived files
– Indexes custom data sources including data management systems.
About SearchInform Technologies
SearchInform Technologies was founded in 1995 and has been operating in the area of information technologies with special focus on searching, storing and processing information. The range of company’s products is quite large and encompasses from mass production of single user-oriented products to ready business solutions to be integrated into corporate systems. Owing to its extensive experience in various projects, the company offers its services on developing custom information systems of any complexity.
More information on our website:
Sales department:

New version of SearchInform 4.4.1 Press Release

SearchInform search engine includes tools necessary for structuring scattered information in the enterprise?s framework and presents an effective solution for any problem connected to information retrieval and document management.
The main advantage and what distinguished SearchInform search engine from all analogous programs is a patented by SearchInform Technologies Inc similar and full text search technology, searching the document content for the text similar to the query. This unique feature lets you effectively solve the majority of information retrieval and document management problems.
With the help of SearchInform search engine, you?ll find any document located in your hard drive, database or in the enterprise?s local network in a matter of seconds. High indexing speed (up to 30 Gb/hour), small index size (15-20% of the actual text data size), support of practically all widespread text file formats (including .pdf ? .html) and correct work with archives made SearchInform search engine an irreplaceable tool for information search.

Main features of SearchInform 4.4:
– Phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus
– New SoftInform Search Technology of search for similar documents
– High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour),
– Index size of 15-25% from the actual size of the text data
– Query caching system
– Support of over 60 most popular text formats, Outlook & TheBat electronic messages, mp3 & avi tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs
– Correct work with archives
– Universal data sources (indexing of DBMS)

About SearchInform Technologies
SearchInform Technologies was founded in 1995 and has been operating in the area of information technologies with special focus on information searching, storing and processing. The range of company?s products is quite large and encompasses from mass production of single user-oriented products to ready business solutions to be integrated into corporate systems. Owing to its extensive experience in various projects, the company offers its services on developing custom information systems of any complexity.

More information on our website:

For all inquiries
Alena Siameshka, SearchInform Technologies PR Manager

Cheryl Lemke Searching for Employment

People have often wondered just what happened to veteran meteorologist Cheryl Lemke aka the “temperachores” girl after she accepted a buyout offer from the lamers who run the Weather Channel…right into the ground.

Well, wonder no more. Lemke is searching for employment as a TV weathergal as shown by this posted resume and this official website.

Given her vast experience combined with her polished on-air presentation, it would be a shame if she was unable to land a decent job in this economy.

SoftInform Technologies Press Release

SoftInform Technologies has released iNetFormFiller 3.6.20, a tool for form-filling on the internet. iNetFormFiller is the only package software that can batch-submit data from your CSV files and SQL databases to web forms in one click. If that?s what you need, look no further ? iNetFormFiller is the only way to go!
Instead of wasting on manual copy-and-paste, access your records in a CSV file or a SQL database, match them with your profile, select the form, and click the ?Batch-submit? button ? iNetFormFiller will do the rest for you. That is, it will submit the entire selection of records to the forms you?ve specified.
Watch how iNetFormFiller batch-submits 6 records with fictional data to a sample web form. Video:
The new version improves recognition of controls on the actual web form. While older versions recognized fields and other data input controls by label, the new version reverses the priority order and identifies fields by their unique IDs included in the HTML source code. This helps avoid errors on large forms with a lot of similar-name controls on them.
In addition to authors posting their texts on different sites, blogs and forums, iNetFormFiller is useful for data entry and data validation managers, especially those involved in:
? banking
? real estate
? PR and HR
? dating business
? healthcare
? transportation
? advertising.
The batch mode is available in two iNetFormFiller editions:
1) iNetFormFiller Professional. The Professional edition is designed for individual power users and can access CSV text for data and batch-submit the records to one web forms in a session.
2) iNetFormFiller Enterprise. In addition to CSV files, the Enterprise edition can access records in SQL databases and submit them to one or MORE web forms in the same session. Moreover, you can access other data sources by tuning the parser via the SDK only available in the Enterprise edition.
With iNetFormFiller, you can:
? create multiple profiles working on different forms, even those you?ve never visited before
? synchronize field values in different profiles
? recognize relevant forms on web pages (when there are more than one form on the page)
? record and reproduce web link clicks
? bind corresponding fields with values in your datasource
? combine values from your datasource in fields of the actual form.
Performance of iNetFormFiller largely depends on complexity and optimization of web forms, but it can be roughly estimated as 20?000 ? 100?000 records submitted a day.
With iNetFormFiller, don?t waste on copy-and-paste!

Grand Strategy Updated

The following is from the Grand Strategy Yahoo! News Group. It was posted by game creator Bryan Brunton:

I have updated the UI, database and game creation code to support this. You can now select if you want your turns on Weekdays Only on the Advanced tab of the Game Creation dialog.

One small proviso: the weekday only turn processing doesn’t work yet. 🙂 The turn processor will still process turns on the weekends. I want to limit the fallout of any regressions to the UI as I haven’t updated it for some time. Also, updates to the turn processor can be tricky and dangerous so I’ll be thoroughly testing the new code for that.

On the plus side: if you do create Weekday Only games now, that functionality should be working in short order.

I also fixed a bug with the leader board where the pager for the Individual tab didn’t work.

Obama/Swift Boat Veterans

Here’s something of interest that came in the email last year:

Obama, the Media, and the Legacy of the Swift Boat Veterans

The puzzle pieces are falling into place, and a chilling picture is emerging:

* Barack Obama’s mentor and long-time minister Jeremiah Wright called upon God to “damn America.” Wright also preached that America deserved the 9/11 attacks, and claimed that the US government created AIDS in order to kill black people.

* Obama worked closely for several years with the former Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers. Ayers hosted the fundraiser that launched Obama’s political career with his wife Bernardine Dohrn, also a communist and a former terrorist.

* As an attorney in Illinois, Obama represented ACORN, the radical community organizing group that set the stage for the 2008 financial crisis by pressuring banks to make high-risk mortgage loans. Obama later sent millions of dollars to ACORN while working with Bill Ayers at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In 2007 Obama promised ACORN members that if elected, he would be “calling all of you in” during the post-election transition “to help us shape the agenda.” His presidential campaign paid the group more than $800,000 in 2008. ACORN is currently being investigated for election fraud in more than a dozen states.

* Obama’s primary financial backer in Chicago, political fixer Tony Rezko, was convicted of 16 felonies including fraud, money laundering and abetting bribery.

* Archived documents of the Marxist Chicago “New Party” show that Obama was a member in the 1990’s. His campaign had previously denied any connection.

* In 2006, Obama spent six days in Kenya campaigning for Marxist presidential candidate Raila Odinga. His Senate staff coordinated donations to Odinga’s campaign totaling nearly $1 million. Obama declared at numerous rallies that Kenyans “are now yearning for change.” Meanwhile, Odinga signed a declaration of understanding with Muslim leaders recognizing Islam as Kenya’s “only true religion.” After Odinga’s defeat, his thugs started riots that killed at least 1,000 people and destroyed or damaged 800 Christian churches. More than 50 people, mostly women and children, were burned to death in a single church while men with machetes attacked anyone who tried to escape. Kenya’s elected government was then forced to accept a “power-sharing” agreement with Odinga’s party.

* Obama has been praised by Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, and the terrorist group Hamas. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says Obama is “the Messiah.”

America’s “mainstream” media organizations have gone out of their way to ignore or dismiss these disturbing facts, protecting the flawed candidate they favor – a man who could not pass the background check required to obtain a basic security clearance.

Instead, they spend their time investigating the life of “Joe the Plumber,” to deflect attention away from Barack Obama’s revealing promise to “spread the wealth around.”

In 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth showed how to beat the media’s rigged game.

They took their testimony about John Kerry’s past directly to the public, bypassing the outraged old media “gatekeepers.” And the public found their charges to be credible.

A key reason for their success was the rise of a new American media. A host of bloggers, talk radio hosts and cable network interviewers stepped up to investigate the Swift Vets’ remarkable array of charges against Kerry. They did the real journalism that old media organizations had largely abandoned in their zeal to support the Democratic candidate.

The political movement the Swift Vets spearheaded was the key factor in Kerry’s defeat.

After failing to silence or discredit the veterans, the old media adopted the smear phrase “swift boating” to discourage others from following the Swift Vets’ example. Barack Obama also uses the term, to attack anyone who criticizes his actions and associations.

It was my privilege to work closely with the Swift Vets in 2004. I managed their web site at and investigated Kerry’s anti-US propaganda during the Vietnam War. My research was used in the bestseller Unfit for Command and in the devastating TV ad campaign. Afterwards, former Marine Tim Ziegler and I spent two years writing the complete inside story of the effort. The result is our new book, To Set The Record Straight: How Swift Boat Veterans, POWs And The New Media Defeated John Kerry.

It tells how an ad hoc collection of veterans and their supporters were able to deliver the explosive truth about John Kerry’s past to the public – despite relentless efforts by the Democratic Party and its media affiliates to silence them. And it tells the story of the long struggle of America’s much-maligned Vietnam veterans to make their way home.

To Set The Record Straight also covers the first great battles in the ongoing war between the old and new media. A chapter available online, Rather’s Ruin and the Rise of the Pajamahadeen, describes how the now-infamous CBS News attack on President Bush’s military service using fake National Guard documents was exposed by ordinary citizens.

National Review writes that To Set The Record Straight is “convincing” and “scholarly.”
Power Line says it “documents the most dramatic story of the 2004 campaign.” However, major bookselling chains such as Barnes & Noble are unwilling to stock it in their stores.

The 400-page hardcover version of the book is only available online. We are reducing the price from $29.95 to just $19.95 – less than the cost of the paperback at Amazon.

Click here to purchase To Set The Record Straight

If you care about politics, the media or the military, you’ll want to learn the real story of how veterans created a political movement that turned the 2004 election upside down.

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have disbanded, but their legacy continues. It lives on in the form of increased public respect for the honorable service of Vietnam veterans, tarnished for so many years by the misrepresentations of the old media and Hollywood. That legacy includes an important lesson that was overlooked back in 1971: “war crimes” allegations made against American troops by radical leftist agitators cannot be trusted.

In a time when the right to speak out is increasingly under attack, the story of the Swift Vets is an inspiring example of what ordinary Americans can do – when they are free.

Scott Swett
October 2008