Blackhawks Notes

Here’s some of the latest from the most recent Red & White E-Newsletter concerning the team that has now lost 16 or its last 20 games:


In this edition of the Blackhawks Official Podcast, director of
hockey operations Stan Bowman discusses the Spacek-Salmelainen trade,
plus a Prospect Watch update and an interview with new Hawk
defenseman Danny Richmond. Listen Now

Got a burning question about the Blackhawks? Submit it to Hawks
and listen to HawkCast #34 next week to see if it gets answered.

Well, Richmond has done quite well and is showing all the signs of becoming a #1 Defenseman and a future NHL All-Star.


“Oliver Hall from Sheffield, England, along with Chris Sahm and
Cynthia Baumann from I don’t know where, would like to know who is
the biggest trash talker, the most annoying player, the biggest joker
and so on… I’m sure you get the idea. I’ll answer these questions
on a league-wide basis and then maybe later on I’ll report on which
Hawks would earn these titles…” Trash Talker – Tie Domi, Toronto
Maple Leafs. He has some witty one-liners and serious threats as
well. He wins the award because he can back up his talk, which adds
considerable weight to his words. Simmer Blog

Todd Simpson sure writes really funny stuff on the Blackhawks website. Too bad his playing is lackluster at best…………..

In other news, team captain Martin Lapointe did a Chat on Monday. Here are a few choice excerpts:

Patrick (Aurora, IL): Marty, You’ve been in Chicago for a couple of months now, so how do you like the Windy City?

Martin Lapointe: Great city, great people. I live in the Western suburbs and my kids love the area. They can walk to school and have a park in front of the house where they can play. My wife and I can go downtown and have a nice dinner. I really like the guys on the team as well. It’s been a great experience so far.

Kimberly Ball (Chicago IL): Do you have any pregame superstitions, and who on the team has the craziest pregame ritual??

Martin Lapointe: I really don’t have any pregame superstitions. Maybe the guy that has the craziest is Nikolai Khabibulin. He has to have certain drinks before certain periods. Before the game he stretches in a certain way, always the same. Looks like he’s doing yoga most of the time.


Matt T (Chicago): How has the transition to the new NHL been for you, and are you a fan of the new style of play?

Martin Lapointe: It’s been different. It’s been a learning process, especially for me being used to grabbing and holding a lot more. Now you have to keep your stick down. It’s good through the neutral zone, but I still think there should be more battles in front of the net — in the d-zone and offensively.

Blackhawks Trade for Finnish Prospect

From the Chicago Blackhawks:

Visit our site at

In this issue:
1. Blackhawks Acquire Salmelainen For Spacek

2. Next Game


GM Dale Tallon announced today that the Blackhawks have traded D
Jaroslav Spacek to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for LW Tony
Salmelainen, who currently leads the Finnish Elite League in scoring
with 41 points.

“We are continuing to make changes and adapting to a new style of
play,” said Tallon. “We’re trying to get more skill and speed in our
lineup. Salmelainen possesses breakaway speed and has great offensive
ability.” Press Release

And so the Blackhawks have traded a proven veteran for a prospect who has not even signed with a NHL team and who will not even come anywhere near North America this season. Talk about giving away something for nothing………………….. Kaput, the well-known website that kept up with Michael Moore’s many lies, has ceased updating.

From Jason Clarke of Moorelies:

It’s pretty obvious by the fact that it hasn’t been updated in months, but I just want to officially state for the record that I’m no longer publishing

This site will remain up in its current form, with its hundreds of articles intact, basically for as long as I feel like it.

Thank you to the millions of visitors who, since April 9 2003, kept this site going strong and helped to inform the debate about Michael Moore. I appreciate all of your emails, messages, tips, ideas, and visits.

Thankfully, there are more websites out there such as & to keep us updated with the serial prevariacator that is Michael Moore.

Dale Tallon Makes Big Trade

From the Chicago Blackhawks:


General Manager Dale Tallon announced today that the Blackhawks have
acquired D Danny Richmond along with a 4th round pick in the 2006
Entry Draft from the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for D Anton
Babchuk and a 4th round pick 2007. “Danny Richmond is a kid with a
lot of passion for the game,” said Tallon. “He is a skilled
defenseman who possesses a lot of grit and toughness. He definitely
is the type of player who fits in with the type of team we are trying
to build in Chicago.” Press Release
( l
Richmond File

Now, all of the Blackhawks fan forums are abuzz with reflex denunciations of GM Dale Tallon for making this trade. This is most strange since most of these same fans were highly critical of Babchuk and his lack of work ethic. Danny Richmond is a MVP at the minor league level and should prove to be a much better player than Babchuk could ever have been. This is a big win for both Tallon and the Blackhawks and matched with Tallon’s other acquisitions via trade such as Patrick Sharp and Radim Vrbata, have sone much to improve the Hawks talent-wise. Haowever, as long as Trent Yawney remains coach, that talent is likely to be wasted.

Gerald Kulcinski on Our Space Future

In the latest issue of the Space Review, there is an an article by Eric R. Hedman about the man who is, among other things, the “Director of the Fusion Technology Institute” and a leading authority on mankind’s future on the space frontier.

Here are a few excerpts from this fascinating piece:

When the Chinese government recently suggested that they want to send people to the Moon, they said one of the reasons they are going is to mine what they call the “perfect fuel.” They were referring to helium-3. I wanted to know if mining helium-3 is really a reason to go to the Moon. I decided to contact Professor Gerald Kulcinski of the University of Wisconsin. Kulcinski is the Associate Dean for Research, the Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering, and the . I could think of no one more eminently qualified to answer my questions within the country and, fortunately, within reasonable driving distance of my home. Moreover, the day after I first contacted Professor Kulcinski I learned that he had just been selected to be a member of NASA’s Advisory Council. He agreed to give me an hour on the afternoon of December 28, 2005.

There is a developing shortage of future engineers looming, however:

It isn’t just NASA that’s worrying about shortages of engineering and scientific talent in this country in the coming years. In a century where industry is being driven increasingly by high technology, the human capital capable of developing it is going to be more and more important. NASA has an aging workforce that will need to be replaced in the next few decades. An influx of foreign students and technical talent has helped fill the shortage of Americans in engineering and science. Anyone that studied engineering in the late seventies and early eighties remembers foreign teaching assistants that some times spoke in accented English that could be hard to understand. Foreign students make up an even higher percent of graduate students than they do in undergraduate programs.

One possible fuel for the future is Helium-3:

Imagine a world thirty years from now. NASA has led the way to returning humans to the Moon and is in the final steps of preparing for human exploration and settlement of Mars. On Earth our environment is cleaner with reliable fusion reactors steadily replacing coal-fired plants and fission reactors. The fuel for these reactors is being mined from the surface of the Moon relegating the mercury, radium and carbon dioxide-laced exhaust from coal-fired plants to “the ash heap of history”. The growth of highly radioactive waste from fission power plants is following coal into history. Dependency on highly volatile regions of our planet for energy supplies is steadily diminishing. Clean power is allowing economic development of the world to continue, lifting a higher and higher percentage of the population out of poverty. Is this a possible future for our country and the planet? Professor Kulcinski and his small team of researchers just might have the answer and NASA might provide access to the key enabling resource.

R&D in Helium-3 is rapidly growing:

Professor Kulcinski’s lab is running the only helium-3 fusion reactor in the world. He has an annual research budget that is barely into six figures and allows him to have five graduate research assistants working on the project. Compared to what has been spent on other fusion projects around the world, the team’s accomplishments are impressive. Helium-3 would not require a tokomak reactor like the multibillion-dollar one being developed for the international ITER project. Instead, his design uses an electrostatic field to contain the plasma instead of an electromagnetic field. His current reactor contains spherical plasma roughly ten centimeters in diameter. It can produce a sustained fusion with 200 million reactions per second producing about a milliwatt of power while consuming about a kilowatt of power to run the reactor. It is nuclear power without highly radioactive nuclear waste.

Incredible stuff.

Chicago Storm Surge

From the Chicago Storm:

The Storm Honor Bears Kicker!

Chicago (Wednesday, January 18th, 2006) – It’s been a great couple ofweeks. First we beat St. Louis and then we beat the defending championMilwaukee Wave and on top of all of that we had a mascot game too. Wellit’s only getting better! This weekend is a home-at-home series versus theBaltimore Blast. Saturday night we play the Blast in Baltimore and you canlisten to the Blast’s webcast on Sunday the Storm host theBlast at 4pm. On top of great Storm indoor action, the Storm will behonoring Bears Kicker Robbie Gould before the Baltimore game. Because ofhis efforts in making the Bears the NFC North Champions, the Storm willmake Robbie an honorary Storm captain before the game and Robbie hasagreed to stay for autographs afterwards. For information on tickets call(312) 226-4625.

In an effort to constantly be a presence in our community Storm playerswill be hosting clinics for the Demons soccer club at the Orland ParkSportsplex this week. Matthew Stewart will be putting the club throughtheir drills on Thursday the 19th and Storm captain Novi will run thepractice Monday the 23rd. For information on how your club can get a Stormplayer for a day call (312) 226-4625.

Storm’s silent defender Denny Clanton gets his turn to speak on “theMorning Break” Chicago’s new sports talk radio. Listen in to Denny’sthoughts on the season and more at 1240 AM in Chicago and the northernsuburbs and 1470 AM in Chicago Heights. All questions will be fielded at(773) 792-1240.

The Chicago Storm and the Greater Chicago Food Depository have teamed uponce again to give kids a Storm clinic. This time it will be held at theMiguel Barretto Union League Boys and Girls Club at 1214 N. Washtenaw inChicago. The GCFD is dedicated to giving children good square meals thatnormally wouldn’t get them and the Storm just wants to help. Forinformation on how you can help the GCFD call (773) 843-2741.

When Storm Forward Jorge Valle is not on the turf helping Chicago win,he’s teaming up with Nike to host Nike Open Field Nights! Everyone iswelcome to attend one of three locations around chicagoland and meetJorge, sharpen your skills, try on the latest in indoor shoes, play alittle 3 v. 3 and most importantly HAVE SOME FUN!
Nike Open Field Nights are held every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday UntilMarch.
Wednesday’s at INTRASPORTS – Located at 37 W 950 Mason Road in Elgin from6PM-8PM
Thursday’s at SPORTSZONE – Located at 1945 Cornell Avenue in Melrose Parkfrom 5PM-7PM
Friday’s at WINDY CITY FIELDHOUSE – Located at 2367 W. Logan Boulevard inChicago from 6PM-8PM

Chicago Storm’s next home game is Sunday January 22nd against theBaltimore Blast at 4 pm. Chicago’s professional indoor soccer team playsits home games at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago and Storm offices arelocated at 1945 Cornell Ave., in Melrose Park. For additional informationon all aspects of Chicago Storm soccer including season tickets, groupoutings and birthday parties call (312) 226-GOAL (4625).

Copyright © 2004 Chicago Storm, Allrights reserved.
Visit us online at

Weather Channel Lameness

The following New York Post article just appeared on the The Marny Stanier Appreciation Society Yahoo! News Group:

January 17, 2006 — A top female exec at The Weather Channel alerted
company brass that plans to “young up” the network and fire two
anchorwomen constituted age discrimination — and was promptly axed
herself, new court papers reveal.

Lois Craig, top dog in TWC’s human-resources department, was “promptly
terminated” after she told CEO Bill Burke she feared plans to boot
prime-time anchor Marny Stanier Midkiff and another female colleague
violated discrimination laws, according to the documents.

The papers — which reference a deposition given by Craig — were filed
last month in Atlanta Supreme Court and mark the latest salvo from
Midkiff, 43, who sparked a storm of controversy for TWC when she sued
last January over her 2003 firing.

The new papers are part of the lawsuit Midkiff, a 16-year vet of TWC,
filed alleging her boss, General Manager and Vice President Terry
Connelly, fired her after claiming that older on-camera staff was
costing the network viewers.

Connelly openly spoke of female staffers as “matronly, dowdy and
nun-like,” according to the original suit. After the suit was filed, a
videotape emerged that showed Connelly at a company seminar openly
ridiculing the wardrobe of a Fox News anchor, saying it made her look old.

“Do you want to look old?!” Connelly shouts.

Meanwhile, the newly filed papers claim that women over 40 weren’t
Connelly’s only target.

In 2003, Connelly told male anchor Rick Griffin, then 47, that he
looked “old” and needed cosmetic surgery on his eyelids if he wanted
to stay in the biz, according to the court papers, which cite
Griffin’s deposition.

Griffin refused. That October, after being issued a warning to
“improve his performance,” Griffin was fired at Connelly’s behest, the
documents claim. For her part, Craig filed charges claiming she was
fired in retaliation for opposing age discrimination — and landed “a
very substantial settlement” from TWC, the new papers claim.

The documents also reveal that Connelly was fired from a Cincinnati TV
station where “a female employee over 40 brought an age- and
sex-discrimination case against the station in connection with
Connelly’s participation in the elimination of her position.”

Connelly directed women to change their hairstyles to look “younger.”
A young hire, Hillary Andrews, was told to bleach her hair and
eyebrows, the papers claim.

Connelly also ignored a company order to find other slots at TWC for
Midkiff and others whose jobs he wanted to eliminate, the papers claim.

At the same time, the papers say, Connelly was looking to fill those
slots with talent in their 20s and 30s — including Andrews, Alexandra
Steele, Sandra Diaz, Jen Carfagno and Stephanie Abrams.

TWC has declined to comment on the ongoing Midkiff suit.

An Atlanta judge is slated to hear arguments in the next few weeks.

Wow. Let’s all hope that Connelly and his fellow higher-ups at TWC really take it on the chin.

The Writing Kid January 15, 2006

For all the want to be writers out there:



The zine for future writers today.

Volume 6, Issue 2 – January 15, 2006

Publisher/Editor: C. Hope Clark

Mailto: -or-

Published biweekly and free for the asking. Spread it around.

FundsforWriters/Writing Kid make no warranty as to the
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We have a new guest writer!!!! She is from Utah, and is
a senior at Lehi High School. Welcome Heather Walker!



By Heather Walker

Some people think good characters and plot make a
good story.

But there’s something else writers have to worry about:
the prose. Prose means paragraph form instead of verse,
but more than that, prose is the way the story comes out
on paper – the words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs
the author chooses to use. Bad prose can ruin an otherwise
good story. If the characters are there, the plot is there,
but if the actual words on paper don’t quite cut it, the
story doesn’t come across as good as it could. Excellent
prose can make a story good, even with weaker characters
and plot.

What makes excellent prose? Each writer out there has a
different style, a different way of putting words on the
page, so prose is a reflection of the writer’s voice.
Every writer’s voice is different, so how they achieve
excellent prose is also different. However, for beginning
writers, figuring out how to make their voice come across
as natural, flowing, and beautiful is hard. Here are a
few suggestions to start writing the prose that will
make a story great.

1) Read. Read different kinds of writing that has good-
quality prose. Don’t just read, but notice the words and
phrases that the writers use. Be able to notice different
voices and opinions, and notice when the prose is okay and
when it is simply amazing.

2) Take that prose that you’ve read and imitate it. You
need to create your own style, but imitating can help you
better realize what writers do to make prose great. I
always feel inspired to write well after reading a story or
narrative that had very good prose, and when I try to live
up to the ideal of the piece, it makes my story better.

3) Edit your own stories. Take a story you wrote that you
can’t stand to read and try to improve the prose. Notice
word choice, sentence length, and the overall flow of the
piece and try to make something wonderful out of your ideas.

4) Improve your vocabulary. It’s always nice to know the
word you’re looking for when you need it.

5) Write poetry. Writing poetry can help improve your
grasp on words and emotions and help your prose flow.

6) Take the reader into consideration. You know how it is
happening, but your reader doesn’t. Try to consider the
person who is reading the story and make the prose clear
enough so they can see what you want them to.

7) Read your story out loud. Reading aloud can help you
see how your prose is doing. Excellent prose will be easy
to read, not awkward.

When you are able to write good prose, your stories will
be liberated and fly from the page. Writing will be that
much more enjoyable.

Bio: Heather Walker is a senior at Lehi High School in
Lehi, Utah. She has worked for her local newspaper and
enjoys writing short stories, personal narratives, and


Good luck!!! And always keep writing.


We cover elementary to college teens. Each week we
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Gamer’s Beat 01.13.06

This edition of the Gamer’s Beat, which will be exclusive to the Nexus now, brings you various updates on some of the tidbits circling the gaming world as it relates to MMO’s. From site launches, to new chances to win cash prizes, we have you covered in all you need to know with some selective news tidbits from the past week. So let’s dive straight into it.

Combat Grounds — a free, turn base, military themed, strategic game — will be starting their 30th round on January 16. In a recent newsletter, sent to all the game’s members, the Combat Grounds’ team explains what the 30th round will include.

“Round 30 will be a capped round, the maximum number of turns a player will be able to buy is 27,500 (worth 100$). This will give the same chance to everyone and show who can come out on top with a limited amount of resources. The cash prize for round 30 is set to $500.”

For more information on Combat Grounds, you can visit their website at

– Throughout the past week, has kept you up to date with the upcoming beta release of Runstone’s Seed –which will occur on February 1. Today, Runstone is proud to inform you that not only are they aiming to make Seed fun for all, but for anyone from the US and Canada to Germany and France, to experience the game without worry of language.

Keeping with this, Runestone announced the launch of their French and German sites for Seed. The two sites can be found at (French) and (German). For more information on Seed, visit their website at (English).

Multivaders — completely online based game, and has no single player; in which, battles are fought online in real time by destroying your enemy and capturing the planets and their moons — launched their redesigned website yesterday, January 12.

“Welcome to the new Multivaders site. The site has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate. You can switch between Multivaders, and the official addon ‘Red Moon Rising’ using the tabs at the bottom of the page.”

For more information about Multivaders visit them at

StarSphere — a massively multiplayer, space based online game — has announced that sign-ups for their 8th round. To take part in the newest StarSphere round, you can join them by visiting their website at

Dungeons & Dragons Online has launched a European website. To visit the site, head over to For more about Dungeons & Dragons Online, visit their main site at

Blackhawks’ Unusual TV Home Game Tonight

Tonight, on 7:30 PM on CSN there is to be a rare televised home game of the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. This is part of an experiment to see if televising home games has any effect on home attendance. If attendance drops, you can bet that management will drop any further investigation after this season into televising Blackhawks home games.

In any event, here is the best part of the latest Blackhawks Red & White E-Newsletter:


Recently-acquired Radim Vrbata and the Blackhawks play host to Sidney
Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night at the United
Center. Vrbata has scored a goal in each of his last two games.
Crosby, the #1 overall pick in the 2005 NHL Draft, will make his
Chicago debut. Scattered tickets remain for the game, which starts at
7:30 pm and will be televised on Comcast SportsNet. Buy tickets

The first 10,000 fans will receive a Mountain Dew/Blackhawk Mr.
Potato Head(R), brought to you by MSI.

On Sunday, Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils come to town for
a 6 pm tilt. Buy Tickets


“How many times have you gone to put on your socks, pushed your toes
in and felt the delightful squish of shaving cream? Reached for your
wallet only to find your pockets sewed shut? Put on your pants and
suddenly one pant leg is 4 inches shorter than the other? Settled
into your hotel room only to find that your TV is not working so you
pick up the phone to complain and get toothpaste all over your ear?”
Todd Simpson shares his favorite practical jokes and more in his
latest blog entry. Simpson Journal #5


In the latest edition of the Blackhawks Official Podcast, hear Hawks
Insider with Stan Bowman, an interview with C Mikhail Yakubov and a
Prospect Watch update. Plus, GM Dale Tallon discusses the club’s
recent struggles and more. Listen Now

Tune in to the next edition of HawkCast on Friday, Jan. 13 to hear an
interview with forward Mark Bell and more. Got a burning question
about the Blackhawks? Submit it to Hawks Insider
and listen to HawkCast #31 to see if it gets answered.


Miller Lite, the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Blackhawk Charities
invite you to satisfy your appetite for hockey and great food… Meet
Nikolai Khabibulin, Martin Lapointe, Matthew Barnaby and asst. coach
Denis Savard at Chandler’s Chophouse in Schaumburg for “Hungry For
Hockey” on Monday, Jan. 23. Proceeds benefit Chicago Blackhawk
Charities. Reserve your spot now


Enjoy the excitement of Blackhawks game from great seats with a
chance to see your name on the scoreboard! All guests of the Chicago
Blackhawks package will spend the weekend in Chicago’s exciting Gold
Coast neighborhood, exploring the cutting edge style and
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and Sunday lunch included! For more info, please call 1.877.CHICAGO
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Dates include:

Sunday Jan. 22-Monday Jan. 23

Sunday Jan. 29-Monday Jan. 30


See the Blackhawks battle the rival Red Wings and other exciting
opponents with the 4-Game Central Division Season Ticket Plan. Click
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( or call 312
943 HAWK (4295) and one of our account executives will personally
contact you.


2nd round pick Bryan Bickell recorded 6 points last weekend for
Ottawa in OHL action, including a 1st star effort on Friday night. On
Monday, Ottawa traded Bickell to Windsor. Read more about the top
Blackhawk prospects in the Weekend Prospect Watch.


_____________________LAST GAME____________________

Wed. 1/11
L 5-2


_____________________NEXT GAME____________________

Fri. 1/13
7:30 pm
Buy Tickets


Darkwatch is as its website puts it:

We are a small group of Paranormal Investigators out of NW
Indiana striving to find the truth.
Please feel free to browse through our pages as we not only
explain our services that we offer, but hope to help those with
any and all questions about the paranormal.


Darkwatch Inc. Was founded September 15,
2005. We are a non-profit organization with the
purpose of finding scientific proof of the
paranormal through investigations and research.

Carl Proctor, the group’s founder, has been doing
investigations in the field for over 20 years. His
dedication to finding the truth about paranormal
phenomena has given him an edge and a
reputation that many paranormal investigators
strive for.

New E-Zine Out

_Cezanne’s Carrot_ is the name of a new literary E-Zine that runs the following description on its website:

Cezanne’s Carrot publishes poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, music, and visual art that celebrates the universe and the human experience in uplifting, revolutionary ways. At Cezanne’s Carrot, words and images explore the higher aspects of human nature, the integration of inner and outer worlds, and the exciting threshold where the familiar meets the unknown. We offer a positive, enlightening literary experience–and support the growing genre of literature that openly explores spiritual, transformational, visionary, and contemplative themes.

Cezanne’s Carrot will appear quarterly, in alignment with the Earth’s natural rhythms, on each Solstice and Equinox.

It certainly sounds promising and the website is well worth a look.

Chicago Storms in Indoor Soccer

From the Chicago Storm:

Here Comes Soccer Sunday!

Chicago (Wednesday, January 11th, 2006) – The Storm and Nike haveteamed up to bring the Chicago soccer community an action packed funfilled Sunday full of soccer. The Storm play host to the defending MISLchampions Milwaukee Wave this Sunday January 15th at 4:00 pm at the UICPavilion. The Storm-Wave game is just one of the many festivities that arein store for Storm fans. Prior to the Storm game high school teams from theChicago land area will partake in their own mini-games to showcase thenumerous soccer talent Chicago has to offer. The halftime show of thisgame is very special. It will showcase the most talented mascots in theChicago area displaying their soccer skills. Mascots such as Benny theBull of the 6 time NBA Champion Chicago Bulls, Southpaw of the WorldChampion Chicago White Sox, the Storms very own Striker and many more ofChicago’s top mascots will partake in this event. At the conclusion of theStorm game fans are encouraged to stick around and enjoy complimentary Nikeposters as well as the unveiling of Nike’s new movie Ginga. Ginga is Nike’sdocumentary on 7 Brazilian fútbol players trying to make it professionally.For information on tickets call (312) 226-4625.

This Thursday, January 12th Storm Goalie Jeff Richey will be featured on”the Morning Break”, Chicago’s New Sports Talk Radio at 10:15 a.m. Jeffwill be on the station to talk about his first start and win of the seasonwith the Storm. For those of you in Chicago and the North Suburbs tune yourradios to 1240 am and for those of you in Chicago Heights and the SouthSuburbs tune your radios to 1470 am to listen in to the Storms keeper. TheStorm along with Jeff encourages you to call in and ask any questions youmay have at 773-792-1240. On Friday January 13th at 9:30 a.m. Storm CoachFrank Klopas will be featured on the “Scott Allen show” on radio station1530 am.

On Saturday January 14th Storm fans are welcome to come watch the Stormprepare for their game against the Milwaukee Wave at the Sportsplex inMelrose Park. Storm practice begins at 10:30 a.m. and will last until12:30 p.m. Storm players will also be hanging out after practice to signautographs for fans. The Storms practice facility is located at 1945Cornell Avenue in Melrose Park.

The Storm and Demon Soccer club have joined forces to provide soccerclinics on Mondays and Thursdays for the next 3 weeks beginning thisMonday January 16th from 6-7 p.m. This will be the first of 6 camps theStorm and Demons will hold. Just another community club partnering up withthe Storm. For information on how your club can host Storm clinics call(312) 226-4625.

Since the Storm’s inception, community relations has been a huge part ofwhat we do. The Storm believe that being part of a community means morethan just living in it. That’s why Storm players will be visiting theChildren’s Memorial Hospital this Tuesday January 17th. The players willbe interacting with the children, playing bingo as well as signingautographs. Children’s Memorial Hospital is located at 2300 Children’sPlaza in Chicago.

When Storm Forward Jorge Valle is not on the turf helping Chicago win,he’s teaming up with Nike to host Nike Open Field Nights! Everyone iswelcome to attend one of three locations around chicagoland and meetJorge, sharpen your skills, try on the latest in indoor shoes, play alittle 3 v. 3 and most importantly HAVE SOME FUN!
Nike Open Field Nights are held every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday UntilMarch.
Wednesday’s at INTRASPORTS – Located at 37 W 950 Mason Road in Elgin from6PM-8PM
Thursday’s at SPORTSZONE – Located at 1945 Cornell Avenue in Melrose Parkfrom 5PM-7PM
Friday’s at WINDY CITY FIELDHOUSE – Located at 2367 W. Logan Boulevard inChicago from 6PM-8PM

Chicago’s professional indoor soccer team plays its home games at the UICPavilion in Chicago and Storm offices are located at 1945 Cornell Avenue,in Melrose Park. For additional information on all aspects of ChicagoStorm soccer including season tickets, group outings and birthday partiescall (312) 226-GOAL (4625).

Copyright © 2004 Chicago Storm, Allrights reserved.
Visit us online at

The Worst Movie of 2005

The Worst Movie of 2005 is hands down A History of Violence. To be sure, it had its competition from the likes of Batman Begins, Land of the Dead, Revenge of the Sith (R.O.T.S.), Sky High, The Brothers Grimm and The Man with the Screaming Brain, not to mention the awful made for TV movies Alien Apocalypse and Spring Break Shark Attack. However, the David Cronenberg formula driven train wreck beat them all to the punch of Hollywood awfulness.

The New Libertarian

One of the more interesting political websites is The New Libertarian. TNL promotes something called “neolibertarianism” that is best described in this article by Dale Franks, where he says that:

To many people, one of the most irksome characteristics of Paleos is their steadfast unwillingness to compromise on issues as a matter of principle. This is true not only of many Paleos in general, but is specific to the formal collection of libertarians known as the Libertarian Party. Devotion to principle is, of course, a fine thing, but an absolute unwillingness to compromise-a firm declaration that one would rather be right than president-is counterproductive.

Politics is the art of compromise, which is to say, the art of the possible. Politics is the means whereby we try to reconcile the competing interests of society in order to come to a generalized solution that is agreeable to the whole. To be successful at this reconciliation, one must be willing to compromise. Certainly, one can try to get as much of one’s program enacted as possible, but, at the end of the day, you have to have a firm grasp on the sense of where the limits of possibility lie. In doing so, you have to determine that accomplishing a little bit of something is better than accomplishing all of nothing.

Paleos all too often reject any compromise as a deal with the devil. They act as if to compromise on any position is to abandon all of their principles. While this might be a great source of moral vanity, it is not an effective means of accomplishing any part of one’s program. It requires an ideological purity that is almost impossible to obtain in any political process where competing voices are present. It makes the perfect the enemy of the good, and in the end, assures results that are not only not perfect, but all too often, not even good.

That might be acceptable behavior in a solid majority party that has broad public support-though I doubt it-but for a small minority party, it is the perfect recipe for political irrelevance, as any causal perusal of the Libertarian Party’s election record attests.

The Neolibertarian believes that libertarian principles are important, and should be incorporated into law or legislation, but only to the extent possible . Neos do not consider a failure to pass their entire body of principles into law to be a defeat, as long as they can pass some of them. There’s no other alternative available for a minority political ideology. It has to grow by implementing libertarian principles where possible, and trusting in the electorate to realize the benefits of those principles, even if that realization occurs slowly, over time.

Interesting stuff.

In Other Blackhawks News

Here is some interesting stuff from the latest issue of the Chicago Blackhawks email newsletter:


Miller Lite, the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Blackhawk Charities
invite you to satisfy your appetite for hockey and great food… Meet
Nikolai Khabibulin, Martin Lapointe, Matthew Barnaby and asst. coach
Denis Savard at Chandler’s Chophouse in Schaumburg for “Hungry For
Hockey” on Monday, Jan. 23. Proceeds benefit Chicago Blackhawk
Charities. Reserve your spot now


In last Friday’s edition of HawkCast, Blackhawks director of hockey
operations Stan Bowman answers your questions and discusses the Radim
Vrbata trade. Plus, get the latest on goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin
and hear an interview with head coach Trent Yawney. Listen Now
( Subscribe and
have HawkCast automatically downloaded to your iPod each week. Learn
more (


Enjoy the excitement of Blackhawks game from great seats with a
chance to see your name on the scoreboard! All guests of the Chicago
Blackhawks package will spend the weekend in Chicago’s exciting Gold
Coast neighborhood, exploring the cutting edge style and
sophistication of Sutton Place Hotel. Transportation to/from the game
and Sunday lunch included! For more info, please call 1.877.CHICAGO
or visit (

Dates include:

Sunday Jan. 8-Monday Jan. 9

Sunday Jan. 22-Monday Jan. 23

Sunday Jan. 29-Monday Jan. 30

TRENT YAWNEY VIDEO INTERVIEW’s Harvey Wittenberg recently talked to coach
Trent Yawney about the biggest surprises, biggest disappointments and
the search for consistency this season. Watch Part I


“Pavel Vorobiev is one of the rising stars on a young, improving
Chicago Blackhawks club that may, despite its struggles this season,
have one of the brightest futures in the League,” writes Phil
Sweetland in an feature. Story

Fire Trent Yawney….Now!

Well, the interview with Blackhawks head coach Trent Yawney has come and gone leaving a vacuum trail of cliches, platitudes & non-answer answers behind. Yawney would have you believe that the reason why the Blackhawks have lost eight games in a row is because the canceled 2004-2005 NHL season left players out of condition. Only problem is that this does not appear to have affected most of the other teams in the league.

Basically, what it comes down to is that Yawney is complacent and really does not care what happens to the team as long as he gets paid for it.

Fire this lazy jerk before its too late to salvage the season.

Frank Wilson on the Ongoing Decline and Fall of the MSM

The MainStram Media or MSM has been taking a lot of hits lately. Lately, one prominent member of the MSM, Philadelphia Inquirer book review editor Frank Wilson gave his thoughts on the ongoing free fall in the MSM’s status and power in American life:

I have myself heard in the newsroom comments about blogs that actually did sound, in Michelle Malkin’s phrase, “thoroughly unhinged.”

But it really isn’t blogging in general that bothers the MSM. It’s only the political blogs. The MSM doesn’t care about lit blogs or cooking blogs or knitting blogs — or even tech blogs or science blogs (except to the extent they might be useful in advancing some editorial viewpoint).

Blogs have challenged the MSM’s self-designated right to shape political debate by choosing what to cover and how to cover it. The MSM claims it has resources not available to bloggers — and it does. So how explain the disparity between what was reported in the papers and on TV during Hurricane Katrina and what we have since determined was actually the case? This was, after all, the demonstration case for the superiority of the MSM.

Although Wilson did not mention it, the MSM reported such nonsense as the idea that hurricane survivors had gotten on top of the Superdome and had opened fire on rescue workers. Basically, the MSM made a lot of sensationalistic reports that have since proven false and not only that, but if the reporters had taken the care to check things out, would have discovered that the claims were bogus.

The commenters on Wilson’s blog were not too charitable towards the MSM either. For example, Willis Wayde noted that:

What I like about blogs is that they tend to pose the sort of edgy, impudent questions that the MSM have abandoned asking, though they sometimes did in eras past. For instance, if I were a blogger I would ask Farris Hassan, the 16-year-old from an upper-upscale neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale who set off to Baghdad on his own and caused quite an (unwarranted) stir: If you wanted to see how conditions were in Iraq, why didn’t you wait until you were a year older and could obtain your parents’ permission to join the U.S. Army? Then you could travel to Iraq freely and at no monetary cost to yourself or your family. Tens of thousands of your fellow high schoolers around the country are doing just that, and no one in the media pays them a bit of attention until they come home in an oblong box. But the MSM, in the paparazzi mode they so shamelessly take on, treated the whole thing as if he had just had a date with Paris Hilton.

Another commenter named zefal added:

I remember back in 1996 Tom Brokaw was on CNBC, I think, with three other people discussing the hot topic which was Clinton’s sex scandal and someone said something along the line “Since Matt Drudge and the internet blah, blah, blah” at that point old Tom started jostling around in his chair and saying “Matt Drudge! Internet!”. He reminded me of Phil Hartman playing Frankenstein on SNL. He realised what a boob his was being and settled down. At that time I had no doubt that he was upset with Matt Drudge and the internet because it usurped his ability to control what people knew.

And finally, another commenter noted that:

As far as the 16 year old, a better question for the media is why a 16 year old was able to figure out that having your feet on the ground is the only way to get the full scope of information. And that doesnt mean locking yourself up in the Green Zone drinking martinis as the Baghdad Hilton and regurgitating what either the generals tell you or the NYTs did (take your pick). That you can do from Manhattan.
Is reporting from the streets of Iraq dangerous? Incredibly so. But either you should face up to that danger or abandon pretending you are doing a credible job by hiring local stringers of dubious reliability and motivation. There are still reporters like Kevin Sites willing to pound the pavement in the hotzones, it can be done. The MSM is ruining its own case. Yes it has the resources, but it doesnt use them. Thats what makes the arguments farsicle. You simply (and obviously) get a better picture of Iraq peices together a dozen Iraqi and mil blogs than you do from one green zone shut in with great credentials.

Time is running out for the MSM, that is for sure.

The Fraternity of Independent Sea Tyrants (FIST)

The The Fraternity of Independent Sea Tyrants (FIST) is a multi-game pirate guild that plays in pirate games as well as such major MMORPG’s such as Star Wars Galaxies and Worlds of Warcraft. Judging from both its website and its extremely well attended forum, Tyranny Harbor, it has done quite well in all of its games.

The FIST has also inaugurated the The Pirate Ring that now boasts 121 linked websites. With its webring project, heavy duty forum and its voluminous links pages, the FIST has succeeded in transcending the world of online gaming and has made itself into a center of activity on the portion of cyberspace that is devoted to piracy. Few, if any, online gaming guilds can make this sort of claim.