XM Radio Broadcasts Game 5 Of Kelly Cup Finals Live

From the ECHL:

May 30, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL announced that Game 5 of the Kelly Cup Finals will be broadcast live by XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s leading satellite radio service, on HOME ICE XM 204 at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday.

In addition to its coverage of the Kelly Cup Finals, XM Radio has carried the ECHL All-Star Game live each of the past two years and regularly features the Premier ‘AA’ Hockey League on “Hockey This Morning” with Scott Laughlin heard each weekday morning on HOME ICE XM 204.

In 2007-08, XM Radio becomes the exclusive satellite radio network of the NHL. In addition to live play-by-play coverage of more than 1,000 games from every team in the NHL, XM has the HOME ICE channel which features original programming that focuses on all aspects of the NHL. XM will also broadcast the NHL All-Star Game, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals

Starship Traders on the Brink

From the SST-Alternate Yahoo! News Group:

Hello All,

I know many of you that read this will have no clue as to who I am,
but that is ok. I am simply making this post to find out what is
generally considered as a good SST game setup. The current game is in
a miserable state with very little activity. It is my opinion, that
unless something is done soon, this game will die. I understand that
many of you do not play in the TLR round because of your dislike of
the format. Here is my thinking isn’t a little discomfort ok, if it
keeps this great game alive? I know that TLF is still semi-active,
but that game has been closed to new ships, and thus most new players
that could add to our little community are lost because there is so
few people in the other game to help them pass the “newbie” stage. If
real world issues are preventing game time, that is ok and even
comendable–it is a game after all. However, a vote on a good set of
game settings would be greatly apreciatted. I hope if have not taken
too much of anyone’s time, if so I appologize.

Talon Jasra

The Space Review

The Space Review is a regularly updated website that covers space programs around the world. You can subscribe to its newsletter for free. It has links to all the new articles published on the website during the previous week.

This is a great service of interest to all those interested in the future of humanity.


f13.net is a blog that is the remainder of the once mighty Waterthread.org online gaming fansite. This is a fairly interesting blog, but it is unfortunately limited to store-bought games and the like.


Pker.org is a website based around the concept of player killing in MMORPG’s. It is also involved in collecting materials for designing online games and in promoting PK’ing as a desirable game feature.

Pretty interesting website.


One of the most consistently interesting blogs concerning online gaming is Sachant.com. Sachant is a former board moderator for Shadowbane who has also gone into game design and development. While her blog is almost exclusively devoted to covering big, store-bought games, its content is written in a lively manner and has insights that should be of interest to gamers in general.

Space Merchant Library

One of the most fascinating aspects of gaming fansites is that of the webpage designed as a museum for the game in question. One such place is the Space Merchant Library that is an offshoot of the now defunct Yellow Moon Alliance website.

As an in-game alliance, Yellow Moon never amounted to much, although its membership included such famous players as Amazonia & Cyrus, yet its SM Library has a number of documents that are literally must read for any SM/Space Merchant Realms gamers. Among other goodies are the “Famine in Flames” series of posts by Tempus as well as the ISN Archives chronicling SM during 1999-early 2000.

Great stuff.

Space Merchant Realms Basic Combat 101

Here is a combat tutorial for new players in Space Merchant Realms:


Some of you are new to the game and some are new to fighting ship to
ship against enemies. So I thought I’d pass on some thoughts about
fighting SMR style. The rules of engagement are pretty simple:

Rule #1: bigger ships destroy smaller ones … Capital > hunter > mining
> trader

Rule #2: when your enemy fires at you, you and your allies in the sector
share the damage

Rule #3: when you fire your weapons, all your allies in sector fire with

Rule #4: The fleet with the most ships usually wins the fight

What these rules mean in practical terms is that you should always try
to get the advantage of either ship class or number, or both.

With known enemies in the area, get your ships together and stay
together. Move together from place to place as a group with one player
calling the sectors. There is safety in numbers. If you have more ships
than them, they won’t attack you and if they do they’ll die.

Use mines to your advantage whenever possible. Heavy mines in sector
will often even the odds for a small fleet being attacked by a larger
one. Mines (even singles) will delay enemy triggers and allow your fleet
to get early shots.

Know when to retreat. If you don’t have the clear advantage of ship type
and numbers, it’s often best to save your ships and fight another day.

And finally, relax and enjoy it. For many, the thrill of combat is the
best part of SMR whether you end up in a pod or not.

Horror TV Movie Show Hosts

Have you ever wanted to find out what’s it like to watch a horror movie show on TV that has a regular host? Well, one way to find out is by checking out the Horror Hosts website. That way, if you want to find a TV station or cable system in your area or in an area that you plan to vacation to that has such programming, you can find it. Also, there are an increasing number of websites that do such shows on the Internet.

Have yourself a Hell of a time……………..