Book Review Start: “Its Not About the Truth” by Don Yaeger & Mike Pressler, Authors’ Note — Chapter 2

I’ve gotten done with the first 2 chapters of “Its Not About the Truth” by former Sports Illustrated writer Don Yaeger and the ex coach of the Duke Lacrosse team, Mike Pressler. Thus far, its shaping up better than expected.

The book does a good job of laying out the background for the Duke Lacrosse Case by showing the elements that eventually joined together to form the “perfect storm” that included, among other things, a weakling university president and an arrogant bunch of jocks who constituted the Duke Lacrosse team. It also points out the fact that there were neighbors who witnessed the crude and rude behavior of the lacrosse team on the fateful night of March 13th, 2006.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of this case thus far in the book is the cowardly nature of Duke University President Richard Brodhead who refused to be interviewed for this book. Instead, he hid behind the university’s Minister of Propaganda, John Burness who failed to adequately answer the questions that were put to him.

However, there is one bad thing about this book. On page 22, Pressler is quoted as saying that he wanted to punish the team for both holding a stripper party and for their generally drunken behavior, but he “never got the chance to do that.” The record shows that there was 21 days aka three whole weeks between the controversial party and Pressler’s resignation. If Pressler was really serious about discipline, then he had plenty of time to punish the perpetrators. The evidence shows that Pressler is just another coach who thinks that crude, drunken behavior shows that the player(s) involved are “aggressive” and that aggressive is a good thing that should not be curtailed. In other words, Pressler may talk about how he wanted to punish the guilty players, but he certainly did not walk the talk when he had ample opportunity to do so.

In any event, this is a good start. Let’s see if it holds up in the long run.

Light/Lacrosse Blogging Ahead

Blogging by this writer will be light and mostly constricted to the Duke Lacrosse story since I will be reading and reviewing day by day the book Its Not About the Truth by Don Yaeger & former Duke University Lacrosse Coach Mike Pressler.

Jason Paul Collum

Jason Paul Collum is one of those guys who hover on the fringes of the horror movie genre. Sometimes he does something notable such as the time when he was the editor of Cinefantastique magazine. However, most of the time his efforts in horror is a waste of everybody’s time.

Dann Gire

Dann Gire Is the movie reviewer for a deservedly obscure Midwestern daily newspaper. He is also the president of the lame outfit known as the Chicago Film Critics Association.

Space Pirate History

Here are the release notes for Space Pirate:

Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5V – (04-October-2002)
Added a new mission

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5U1 – (29-April-2002)
Additional changes to font face and size to make text more readable

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5U – (24-April-2002)
Changed font face and size to make text more readable

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5T – (01-June-2000)
Removed remaining references to Trididium.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5S – (01-Jan-2000)
Changed message system to accomodate much longer messages between players
Removed Trididium from commodity list and player data
Prepared game for new outfitting menus to be utilized in a future update

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5R – (28-Nov-1999)
Five new planets added – See Space Pirate Storyline Chapter 007
Added new planet type indicator colors
Fixed disappearing planet bugs

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5Q – (19-Mar-1999)

Alert: This version requires a new version of Shockwave (version 7).
You can download it for free at Pick Shockwave, then Download Center and follow the instructions.

Ported the game to Macromedia Director 7. This will allow for more rapid development of multi-player routines.

Fixed some server side routines that could cause data loss for players.
Fixed some alert messages that were interefering with the plunder routines.
Added some new routines to highlight members and staff with colors.
Added the first phase of an extended message window (You’re still restricted to one line of input).
Fixed a bug that caused IE users to not be able to log into the game more than one time during the same browser session due to IE caching methods.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5P – (25-Jan-1999)

Fixed the “attack level” detail screen which shows the weapons currently loaded on your ship. Previously, a long list would scroll off the screen and was unreadable. Now the data flows into a Scrollable Screen for better viewing.
Fixed the director errors that would occur when clicking on a “Planet”, “Planet Type”, “Planet Gov” and “Market” sections of the user interface (left hand side of the screen) while in deep space. The game now properly reports that you are in deep space and your coordinates, rather than erroring on planet info that is null.
Added “ship kills” as a line item to the cash detail screen. You can now check the number of ship kills you’ve recorded by clicking on the cash box in the lower right hand corner of the playing screen (labeled “CASH”)
Moved further on the completion of the second quest, from 50% complete to 80% complete.
Modified login process to prompt for Username: (for greater consistency with new website).
Added a new “member” benefits screen to the demo logon process, extolling the virtues of a Space Pirate membership.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5O – (16-Jan-1999)

Squadron withdraw cash bug (oh no!) fixed. For Internet Explorer users, repeated deposits
and withdrawals sometimes resulted in problems.
Squadron balance bug fixed. After looking at your balance, and then making a deposit or
withdrawal, your balance wouldn’t show properly if you use Internet Explorer.
Captain-to-captain message bug (Internet Explorer users only) was fixed. Sometimes IE
users would receive inbound messages 2- times.
Director error encountered while battling the Hydra-class Imperial Cruiser is no longer
present. The rest of the quest will be fixed in a later release.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5N – (07-Aug-1998)

Squadron functionality has now been introduced into the game. You can now form teams with other players. One player forms the squadron, then gives out a password to allow others to join. Squad functions include: Inter-ship messaging, squadron bank account (share resources), the ability to form and disband a squadron, the ability to join or resign from a squad, the ability to list squads and their members, change your squad password and more.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5M – (17-Apr-1998)

We can’t put everything we’ve done in this version of the release notes, because we’d give away some of the suprise (grin).
There are new ship shields in the game (this will balance out the attack/defense ratios for the high-end players).
Some adjustments were made to the warehouse steal routines that should make the results a little more fair for all players, no matter how they make their money.
We’ll put more details in after Tuesday’s version (April 21). Make sure you read the storyline with this release.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5L – (26-Mar-1998)

Imperial Destroyers and Cruisers now give a bounty (cash and/or goods) when boarded and captured. Watch-out–these vessels have up to 25 and 50 crewmen each, respectively.
Boarding and capturing a ship now rewards the attacker with a ship kill.
Military Vessel structural improvements have enabled the addition of a second ion cannon to your ship.
Improved client/server handshaking and security should disallow the creation of fake ships and some other dastardly deeds.
You can now view your subscription renewal date by viewing your account information.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5K – (19-Mar-1998)

Top 25 Space Pirates OVERALL/RANKED BY KILLS is now available from the High Score List.
These are available on both member and demo menus of the game.


Client/Server programming routines reworked to reduce overhead. Please report any changes in performance for areas including logon, messaging, chat and intermittent server updates.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5J – (11-Feb-1998)

The Intergalactic Bank is now on all rebel planets.
DEMOS now have a more limited selection of weapons and shields to purchase. The Military Vessel is now restricted to only subscribing members of Space Pirate. This was done to increase the value of being a subscribing member of the game.
Lengthened data string to add fields for future statistics and features.
Added ship kills as a statistic, and reworked high score list to accomodate it, as well as some other movement of fields, for coming enhancements.
The planet X1 is now a rebel planet.
Staff members now show up in the “Who’s Playing List” as “-STAFF-”
Players in deep space should show up as being in deep space after being there for about 15-30 seconds. This info will show up in the “Who’s Playing List”.
When caught in deep space with no fuel, you can now draw on bank funds to refuel your ship. Money on hand will be used first, and any additional cash will be debited from bank balance.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5I – (05-Feb-1998)

Fixed Ion Beam bug that allowed you to purchase an Ion Beam for the price of
Mining Equipment, sell it for 1/2 the price of an Ion Beam, etc.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5H – (30-Jan-1998)

DEMOS were starting in a military vessel. Changed to shuttles now. “Oops!” – Zilthorn’s Fault 🙂
Loaded Imperial Battleship graphic into game in a different form for better quality.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5G – (29-Jan-1998)

The Intergalactic Bank has been added to the game. This gives players the ability to save cash. If ship loss occurs, the player can rely on banked cash to get going again. The cash box on the console will only show cash on-hand. Clicking on the box will show total banked cash. The high score list will show both banked/on-hand cash in one total number.
The Ion Beam has been introduced in select locations as a new weapon type for players.
The contact or “Who’s Playing?” list, now shows who are members. Anyone without a member marking is in DEMO (non-save) mode.
Fixed problem where “ghosting” would occur. A player or demo would leave the game, and the character would not completely leave from the list of current players for 3 minutes.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5F – (26-Jan-1998)

DEMO users now show up in the display of current users. Communication is now also possible with the DEMO users. (We will be modifying the display to show which are demo in 2.5G) (23-Jan-1998)

New Empire ships have been added and ship power boosted on these new ships. New graphics were drawn to represent these new ships. BEAUTIFUL.
New Weapons/Armor added to game. Only available to Empire at this time.
Prices for weapons and armor have been increased.
Another DEMO error that was popping up, has been fixed.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5e – (19-Jan-1998)

BUY MAX command added. Players may now buy maximum amount of cargo they can hold of a certain item. This was added to save multiple mouse clicks.
Some cosmetic changes were made to the appearance of the game. Metropolis logo, and
newer Space Pirate logo were all that were changed.
Fixed error message when DEMO users entered game. Internet inactivity timeout was wrong.
Upon login, the REGISTER button now takes you to the subscription screen immediately.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.5 – (15-Jan-1998)

DUMP ALL command added. Players may now dump all of a selected cargo.
SELL ALL command added. Players may now sell all of a selected cargo.
TAKE ALL command added. Players may now take all of a selected bounty. If there is not enough cargo space, as much will be taken as space permits.
IRS Tax Collector ships have stronger weapons and shields now.
Players may now outfit their ships with more powerful weapons and shields.
Password blanking has been added during password input times.

– Space Pirate Release Notes v2.1 – (27-Oct-1997)

Server saving has now been implemented. All characters are now saved on the server rather than the player’s disk drive.

Steve Prokopy

Steve Prokopy aka “Capone” is just another guy who hangs out on the fringes of the movie industry and who has been able to find websites willing to carry his work about movies.

Duke Lacrosse Case Media Whitewash

The Duke Lacrosse Case has more or less ended with a clear victory for the wealthy, privileged “student” athletes and their backers who believe that absolutely nothing should ever get in the way of their athletic entertainment, not even matters of law and justice.

Now that the smoke has settled, the elite media outlet American Journalism Review has now put out what amounts to a whitewash of the whole affair. The AJR article fails to address the subject of the evil privileges that jocks enjoy on campuses across the nation. It was these privileges that led to the outbreak of the scandal.

Instead, the article sweeps the pre-scandal evils right under the bed and instead focuses in on whether or not the poor little rich kids got fair treatment from the news media.

Contrary to the article’s clear bias, of course the spoiled rotten brats got fair treatment. If anything, they received far more than fair treatment as shown by the fact that the media was hopelessly biased in favor of the accused right from the get go.

All this is just another example of how out of touch the news media is.

The Duke Lacrosse Team

Let’s summarize what we have learned about the Duke Lacrosse team since the scandal broke out in the Spring of 2006:

*There is a code of silence among team members. To this date, none of the Duke Lacrosse players have ever cooperated with the authorities.

*The Duke Lacrosse team has a long and disgraceful history of treating females like sexual objects and all nonwhites like they were worse than dirt.

*Duke University placed a heavy emphasis on Lacrosse despite the fact that Lacrosse is hardly an attendance draw. However, the wealthy families that Duke depends on for fund raising tend to be really into Lacrosse. Hence the coddling of the Lacrosse players after word of their deplorable conduct broke out.

*Despite the fact that all of the Lacrosse players were from wealthy families (at least from families that are wealthier than the average family), all of the players received all education paid athletic “scholar”ships.

*The Lacrosse players, like Duke “student” athletes in general, were basically exempt from campus regulations.

*Lacrosse players received preferential housing and complaints by neighbors went unheeded by campus police.

*The house where the Lacrosse team was quartered long has had the reputation of being an Animal House type place.

*So evil was the Lacrosse team’s pre-scandal reputation that once the university made the decision to quarter the Lacrosse team there, the owners of a nearby house sold it and got the hell out of the neighborhood despite the fact that they had spend a fortune restoring their house. When you consider the fact that the pre-Lacrosse team tenants had a wild and crazy reputation, you can appreciate just how low the reputation of the pre-scandal Lacrosse team was.

*The reputation of the Lacrosse team was such that long before the rape allegations were made in the Spring of 2006, young ladies’ clubs on campus had made the point of telling their members to avoid Lacrosse players like the plague.

*The Duke Lacrosse team has long had the reputation on campus of being the dumbest of the dumb jocks.

*The Duke Lacrosse team has a history of invading bars and instigating bar brawls for no apparent reason other than to show others just how tough they are.

*No Duke Lacrosse player has ever come clean about what really happened on the fateful night that the incident occurred that led to the scandal breaking out.

*The Lacrosse team had long been the subject of complaints made by neighbors, but these were ignored by the university.

*When the scandal broke out, the Durham Police Department did everything it could to limit the scope of its investigation to the scandal and conveniently ignore all of the other deplorable acts of the Lacrosse jocks so as to uphold the reputation of the Duke University Athletic Department as well as the university itself.

*The Lacrosse players, like Duke jocks in general, have long cut class for practice and skipped exams altogether secure in the knowledge that they will receive good grades on silver platters. After all, they are at the university for athletics, not to learn anything.

*The deplorable conduct of both the Lacrosse jocks and of Duke University itself in coddling the miscreants is unfortunately all too typical of the way that athletics are handled at institutions of so-called higher learning all over the country.

*Colleges and universities are becoming more jock resorts rather than places where students learn things and where good moral values are both respected and upheld.

*The Lacrosse players, like jocks in general, get their kicks out of treating other students like dirt while both campus police and university administrators turn away and pretend that nothing wrong is going on.

*The members of the Duke Lacrosse team, both then and now, are nothing but a bunch of drunken, illiterate punks.

Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox is one of those no talent pretty faces who keep on showing up in horror movies. Question: why do horror movies persist in having so many horrible actresses in them? Have they confused horror with horrible?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Lin Shaye

Lin Shaye is an actress with a most interesting career in that its pretty difficult to think of an actress who has appeared in so many horrible movies. Consider some of the movies that she has been in: Critters, Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again, My Demon Lover & ͂͂Brain Smasher… A Love Story. Talk about a Roll of Dishonorable Cinema.

Then again, Shaye herself is a horrible actress so perhaps that is the reason for it.

Ashley Laurence

Ashley Laurence is just another untalented hack actress who is attempting to cash in before her good looks fade away. This must be the reason why, at least according to IMDB she has appeared in or will appear in eight different B movie type productions. However, her attempts at making as big a buck as possible by being in so many bad flicks are hampered by her lame website.

How lame is her website? Well, consider her Official Biography:

Ashley Laurence is an actress and artist most well known for her starring role in the classic horror film Hellraiser.

Wow, how insightful!