More on the “Its Not About The Truth” Book Review

I’ve gotten through to the end of Chapter 16 of the book about the Duke Rape Case “Its Not About The Truth” by Don Yaeger and Mike Pressler. One thing is quite clear: The book β€œIts Not About the Truth” really is not about the truth after all. Its more of a gigantic whitewash of the party hardy Duke University athletic program combined with a smear job on law enforcement.

The way that this book is written you would think that the absolute worst thing that an administrator in higher education could do is cooperate with law enforcement in investigations of criminal students. This book maintains that administrators have a duty to cover up for criminal students, at least those who are athletes. Law enforcement is subjected to ad hominem insults and insinuations that they are all incompetent and unfairly target college kids. The authors do not substantiate any of their claims, particularly about the targeting of college student,

Thus far, β€œIts Not About the Truth” is more of a whitewash of athletic corruption and trashing of those who dared to hold wealthy Duke Lacrosse players to the same standards as everyone else. Unfortunately, I have to yet again return this slow reading book to the public library. In any event, a new book about the events at Duke is due to come out and based on early reviews, it sounds like an even more evil book than the one at hand.

SE2 Chat Transcript July 13th, 2001

Here’s an AIM Chat transcript relating to the development of the Solar Empire 2 project:

You have just entered room “The Mighty Chris Chat18.”
Nikmyt has entered the room.
PsuedoNorb has entered the room.
GRDarkstar has entered the room.
Nikmyt: hey all
CharlesRector: Hello
GRDarkstar: Hey
GRDarkstar: What’s the topic of conversation?
The Mighty Chris: this is a dev metting
SldrArturo: eh?
Nikmyt: so what up all
The Mighty Chris: poor sloopy fingers
PsuedoNorb: “sloopy”?
SldrArturo: heh
PsuedoNorb: is that irony?
FunkyJedi: a dev meeting inwich i was invited?
The Mighty Chris: well I want a serious discussion on
SE2.often these chats turn into big social gatherings
The Mighty Chris: lol
FunkyJedi: that u norb? Revered Norb?
GRDarkstar: ok lets get serious
CharlesRector: What’s SE2’s statu?
The Mighty Chris: plannign right now
CharlesRector: status
PsuedoNorb: so to speak.
PsuedoNorb: yes.
The Mighty Chris: we have some unfinished specs
The Mighty Chris:
SldrArturo: darkstar, could you change the color on
your font?
FunkyJedi: Acky! Havent seen j00 in ages!
GRDarkstar: yeah why?
RagennReB has entered the room.
SldrArturo: I can BARELY see the yellow on white
GRDarkstar: that better
SldrArturo: sorta πŸ™‚
RagennReB: howdy
The Mighty Chris: arturo, your in charge of
maintaining the spec doc now right?
SldrArturo: yes
Nikmyt: im back
RagennReB: hey that norb dude that they allways talkin
SldrArturo: I’ll need to upload it to my server, or
get the permissions on yours, tho
PsuedoNorb: still?
PsuedoNorb: I know I was good. but not that good.
RagennReB: but there all loser
FunkyJedi: what about weazy? I got it- head game
administration coordnator incharge of playtesting
SldrArturo: to repeat Chris, BTW, this isn’t a social
gathering πŸ™‚
FunkyJedi: yes it is
RagennReB: why aint it
Nikmyt: my ass itches
GRDarkstar: What are we all here for?
Nikmyt: mwhahaha..ok im cool what up
GRDarkstar: Brain storming
RagennReB: Cuz where the best Se has to offer
PsuedoNorb: that’s sad.
PsuedoNorb: very, very sad.
FunkyJedi: true dat norb
Nikmyt: lol Norb
CharlesRector: I gather that you guys don’t want
Moriarty in your midst….
FunkyJedi: nopey
SldrArturo: hell NO
RagennReB: mori
GRDarkstar: He is anal retentive some times
Nikmyt: whats a midst
RagennReB: whos that
FunkyJedi: mori sux0rz lam3 c0ck
PsuedoNorb: and you can’t spell.
PsuedoNorb: he’s not that bad.
GRDarkstar: He’s a brit give him a break
FunkyJedi: yes he is
GRDarkstar: He has done a lot for the game
Nikmyt: lol mwhahaha….any cute midget girls in here
RagennReB: he said waz delte jhis db
SldrArturo: He may not be bad, but he IS stuck up and
assumes the players suggestions are ALL right
SldrArturo: He implemented too much jazz that did’t
need to be there
RagennReB: like aliens
Nikmyt: short and swet hit me up!! EEOC
SldrArturo: exacly
Nikmyt: sweet even
GRDarkstar: If he hadn’t been there to keep SE
going… the game would have dissapeared
FunkyJedi: ahem… just go into my wolfden account and
see how gay he is
RagennReB: yea he keep it up
FunkyJedi: so? Blame bryan for that. Stewpid slaker
SldrArturo: don’t do that
GRDarkstar: lol… and now he has Global Combat
FunkyJedi: yah
Nikmyt: so whats the roundtable discussion fellas?
FunkyJedi: and hes gonna let it go to waste too
SldrArturo: he’s just trying to make a buck, guys.
You DID realize he made these games so he could feed
SldrArturo: his family right?
GRDarkstar: yeah…
FunkyJedi: me and kc are already too addicted to it
for him to let mori play w/ it
GRDarkstar: SE could be huge
RagennReB: i can make my own game
RagennReB: its called tic tick toe
GRDarkstar: It’s a very addictive game
RagennReB: yea
GRDarkstar: make it a little more user friendly and
get it on a stable server
SldrArturo has left the room.
FunkyJedi: se could also be dogshit tacos like space
merchant is in a few years
Nikmyt: capitalism is the natural order
RagennReB: he wuts yalls SE names?
FunkyJedi: Weaz
GRDarkstar: you would start building a membership base
PsuedoNorb: I’ll say something. and then I’ll probably
leave. so here goes.
CharlesRector: crector
RagennReB: hey crector
GRDarkstar: Darkstar/Forsaken
RagennReB: i know u
GRDarkstar: lol
Nikmyt: CrypT~ aka- sister fucker
GRDarkstar: i thought so
RagennReB: no em to
The Mighty Chris: common guys
The Mighty Chris: we need a serious dev meeting
GRDarkstar: listen to Norb
PsuedoNorb: SE was great. the main problem is the
multiple games, if you reimpliment it then you need to
keep it
PsuedoNorb: to one game
FunkyJedi: yes yes, we do…
PsuedoNorb: ONE
The Mighty Chris: unless of coarse you don’t want to
ever see an se2
GRDarkstar: I agree
GRDarkstar: I’ve been saying that for awhile
RagennReB: there should be 2
PsuedoNorb: that’s ONE again for those who didn’t hear
PsuedoNorb: ONE
SldrArturo has entered the room.
RagennReB: tooo
FunkyJedi: Shush all. Let the norby tak
GRDarkstar: Or at least make one game the proclaimed
king of SE games
RagennReB: newbies and big boys
Nikmyt: Go ahead Norb
PsuedoNorb: the extra shit only screwed it up.
FunkyJedi: True dat
The Mighty Chris: ya I agree teh multiple games is
what I alwasy thought was teh first thing to screw up
PsuedoNorb: the nail in the coffin was the auto-mine
The Mighty Chris: thas why on my server I only had one
RagennReB: u get confuzed and attack ur naps
PsuedoNorb: but it was definatley on the down slope.
FunkyJedi: u had two, but munch
The Mighty Chris: everyone knows multiple gaems
screwed it up but everyone was so stuck in trying to
admin their own
The Mighty Chris: game that they didnt’ want to admit
SldrArturo: yeah
SldrArturo: but each game was slightly unique, which
was cool
GRDarkstar: But that all came about because noone had
a really stable server
FunkyJedi: Yep. Mori just made newbies cause he
wanted power
PsuedoNorb: if everybody was forced to play in a
single game they wouldn’t just give up.
FunkyJedi: likewise, i made secondary for the same
SldrArturo: oh dude. that was bad…
Nikmyt has left the room.
The Mighty Chris: well I don’t think auto-mine
auto-sell where taht bad
The Mighty Chris: I mean all thoughs are are tiem
PsuedoNorb: terrible.
FunkyJedi: im a power hungry little weaz.
The Mighty Chris: but they need to be balanced
RagennReB: wutta about veggie
RagennReB: it has like 10
GRDarkstar: to many
FunkyJedi: Yah, only auto sell once a week
SldrArturo: he’s also making money off of it
GRDarkstar: way to many
PsuedoNorb: yeah but time was the limitinf factor.
The Mighty Chris: well no
RagennReB: hey i like the autos
The Mighty Chris: all that clicking was very
The Mighty Chris: and it also takes a load of teh
The Mighty Chris: decreases page requests by alot
FunkyJedi: gave me something to do on lonely nights
w/o sum lovvin
GRDarkstar: I don’t think taking away the sell all is
a good idea
The Mighty Chris: with the mine all sell all cam teh
age of scouts
PsuedoNorb: when I left the only technique that would
get you anywhere is scout ships.
FunkyJedi: yah… scouts sux0red
PsuedoNorb: fuck scout ships.
The Mighty Chris: btu as soon as I got into SE I cut
down scouts and made them usless for mass mining
RagennReB: i liked scouts
SldrArturo: I left when it started goin’ downhill πŸ™‚
SldrArturo: Scouts make for good cannon fodder
PsuedoNorb: either the auto-sell needs to go or the
formula needs to be reworked.
The Mighty Chris: the later
FunkyJedi: i left… hell, i left when i learned how
to cheat very well
RagennReB: there need to be a Rebel ship
FunkyJedi: like the more u auto sell, the less money u
make per unit
RagennReB: that just pisses people off
RagennReB: u know
SldrArturo: No. There should be like 4 ship classes,
and a few sub-classes that are essentially the
SldrArturo: same but modded a bit
RagennReB: that port system
GRDarkstar: The whole game needs to be reworked
FunkyJedi: shut up arturo… 1 ship, dats all
GRDarkstar: at least mori’s version
SldrArturo: That’s why we’re starting from scratch
RagennReB: u can just leave shit on planet
RagennReB: and sell in one ship
SldrArturo: I always like that
SldrArturo: leaving stuff on planets
PsuedoNorb: bases were fun.
The Mighty Chris: I mean, all mine all and sell all
are are interface features
FunkyJedi: me too. multi left cash for me all the
SldrArturo: πŸ˜›
FunkyJedi: πŸ˜‰
PsuedoNorb: capturing somebody else’s home base was
fun as hell.
SldrArturo: aww yeah
FunkyJedi: yah
The Mighty Chris: nto including them is not the
answere to stop mass buy sell buy sell mining
PsuedoNorb: I loved the planned attacks and the plots
and stuff like that.
The Mighty Chris: yeah those where teh days norb
FunkyJedi: i luved watching norb and hewho play…
great tatics
CharlesRector: When Bryan took the News out of SE,
that was screwy…..
The Mighty Chris: lol ya
FunkyJedi: i wanted to be like him
The Mighty Chris: lol we all did weaz
PsuedoNorb: we used to screw people nine ways from
RagennReB: i can beat norb
The Mighty Chris: me too
The Mighty Chris: lol
The Mighty Chris: he really let himself go
SldrArturo: Shaddup. Weaz is almost HF, and HF ownz
all y’all
The Mighty Chris: after EE left he couldn’t do much
FunkyJedi: Esp. when they made like 70 planets in one
sector and put 1000 fighters on each- couldnt kill
FunkyJedi: not enuf turns
The Mighty Chris: ok we goign off topic now
RagennReB: Santa u to say u need to play like norb
PsuedoNorb: EE was unstoppable.
FunkyJedi: that was lord right there
FunkyJedi: i tried to join ee, but they broke up as
soon as i requested
The Mighty Chris: well so was X during it’s time
SldrArturo: The glory days of SE was when HF faced off
against TH
SldrArturo: It went downhill from there πŸ™‚
FunkyJedi: No, that was lame. TH suxed
RagennReB: yall
SldrArturo: Yeah, but it was fun πŸ™‚
The Mighty Chris: there were many eras or clan
FunkyJedi: Germans sux
PsuedoNorb: I prefer seeing a game with 5 or so major
RagennReB: are talkin about stuff be for my time!
RagennReB: me and DS have no clue
The Mighty Chris: talk house was such a gay name
FunkyJedi: yah
SldrArturo: they were german, dude, give ’em a break
FunkyJedi: and bryan gave them their own game!
GRDarkstar: I prefer seeing a game with over 200
players like there used to be
FunkyJedi: how lame
SldrArturo: heh. no one used it πŸ™‚
PsuedoNorb: I always wondered why it wasn’t TalkHaus
FunkyJedi: me too
FunkyJedi: well, not really
RagennReB: What are yall talkin about
FunkyJedi: haus is gay, thats why
GRDarkstar: Reb speak for yourself
SldrArturo: Well, we’re not getting anyone, so I’m
outta here. G’nite, ya’ll
FunkyJedi: noooo
FunkyJedi: we got dev to do
RagennReB: u where not around then DS
RagennReB: u know of it like i do
The Mighty Chris: stay arturo
GRDarkstar: I was there at the beginning
GRDarkstar: since the second game ever
SldrArturo: ::Bows to Chris:: yes, sir
PsuedoNorb: anyway. off topic.
The Mighty Chris: good boy, here is a biscuit
SldrArturo: I was there when there was 9 sectors in a
linear line πŸ™‚
GRDarkstar: lets Dev
FunkyJedi: Essientially, we need to make solar empire
2 identical to space merchant. Thats what we allways
FunkyJedi: ed
PsuedoNorb: what exactly did you need to accomplish?
The Mighty Chris: lol
RagennReB: my 1st game cretor asked me to join TM!
The Mighty Chris: you sound like mori
SldrArturo: eww
FunkyJedi: my first game i got raped
The Mighty Chris: just barinsotrm for SE2
SldrArturo: I say we make it like SE was in the olden
days before open source
SldrArturo: Then add a few features here or there,
PsuedoNorb: did somebody break your index finger or
GRDarkstar: I think it could be better
The Mighty Chris: open source wasn’t the problem
PsuedoNorb: barinsotarm?
The Mighty Chris: brainstorm
GRDarkstar: many other online games are turn based…
GRDarkstar: SE is sort of
FunkyJedi: ok, u need to make it so that theres only 1
login account; one that lasts forever and u can join
GRDarkstar: but not really
FunkyJedi: s w/ it
RagennReB: yall wont me to brainstme
The Mighty Chris: it will be simpler like old se
CharlesRector: Any chance Bryan will restore the link
from CoolText to SE?
RagennReB: i cant even spell it
SldrArturo: nope
FunkyJedi: sure. He obeys me and kc… well, kc
SldrArturo: SE is no longer Livingston’s
FunkyJedi: yah it is. His domain, his game
SldrArturo: It’s gone to 7th circle of hell and is
manipulated by Satan
FunkyJedi: nuff said
GRDarkstar: He has nothing to do with SE anymore
RagennReB: what happen to that Wolf dude?
FunkyJedi: Wolfpak… hes still around
The Mighty Chris: oh now he has teh global combat link
in our spot
SldrArturo: slap some horns and a pitchfork on Mori
and whaddya have? πŸ™‚
FunkyJedi: need his icq? He hanged up on me in
midconversation today
RagennReB: hey
The Mighty Chris: a gay brit going trick or treating?
SldrArturo: LOL
FunkyJedi: gc- what a great game. Its like risk but
better and no dice to eat
RagennReB: gc suck
RagennReB: u and KC keep killkin me
FunkyJedi: u sux at gc
The Mighty Chris: lol
The Mighty Chris: agg
SldrArturo: Well, I’m tired, dudes. Seriously. Got
up really early this morning
SldrArturo: g’nite
FunkyJedi: naw, i kill u and kc kills me
FunkyJedi: shut up arturo and sit down
The Mighty Chris: nite arturo
CharlesRector: Is GC anything like Earth: 2025?
FunkyJedi: no
GRDarkstar: yeah I think I’m leaving too
RagennReB: i no
SldrArturo has left the room.
RagennReB: im leavein to
FunkyJedi: gc is risk
The Mighty Chris: well sicne this dev meeting has
already gone to hell
GRDarkstar: not betting much done
FunkyJedi: hehe
GRDarkstar: getting
FunkyJedi: want me to just submit my ideas to u, kc?
RagennReB: i dont have to take this i was talkin to a
hoe and kc jumps in
The Mighty Chris: arturo is gone so no one is
recording specs
FunkyJedi: i’ll save log
FunkyJedi: and mail it
The Mighty Chris: of what?
RagennReB: here my idea
FunkyJedi: chat
GRDarkstar has left the room.
FunkyJedi: it culd be funny
The Mighty Chris: serilously we really need a dev
FunkyJedi: yah
The Mighty Chris: where we discuss SE2
Nikmyt has entered the room.
RagennReB: not old SE
FunkyJedi: old se was soo l337
Nikmyt: ok im back my bad
RagennReB: bye
The Mighty Chris: well old style SE with newer stuff
Nikmyt: so what up
FunkyJedi: ok, heres some ideas…
RagennReB: i wanna talk to that girl
The Mighty Chris: mori tooks e in teh wrong direction
RagennReB: bye
FunkyJedi: yes, he did
The Mighty Chris: we gotta start from where we where
and go in the right direction
Nikmyt: this crypt just fyi
RagennReB: yeah with is borginane names
FunkyJedi: kk
The Mighty Chris: yes lets have someone come up with
good names
RagennReB: like me
Nikmyt: so whats the topic of discussion
FunkyJedi: Thats my job
The Mighty Chris: and he thought all his names where
The Mighty Chris: se2
FunkyJedi: Brobgronianfdfasjsf
FunkyJedi: thats the new ship name!
PsuedoNorb: that’s an actual word.
RagennReB: the trans is a ok name
The Mighty Chris: what did he rename scouts to?
The Mighty Chris: I made up trans
The Mighty Chris: lol
PsuedoNorb: it means really damn big
FunkyJedi: Zypher Fighters
The Mighty Chris: oh yeah
The Mighty Chris: god
FunkyJedi: tehe
PsuedoNorb: brigibodigan or whatever.
Nikmyt: what no love
FunkyJedi: love
FunkyJedi: happy?
Nikmyt: so what the topic
The Mighty Chris: SE2
The Mighty Chris:
Nikmyt: lol i know that
FunkyJedi: or how se was killed by gayness… urr…
The Mighty Chris: you can find the preliminary spec
doc there
The Mighty Chris: it is not finished
The Mighty Chris: don’t fix my spelling
The Mighty Chris: in that message
FunkyJedi: Editplus has a spell checker
CharlesRector: SE2 should be focused on just minin &
taxing as sources of revenue.
The Mighty Chris: I don’t mean teh spec doc
The Mighty Chris: whats it focused on now?
The Mighty Chris: waht did mori do?
Nikmyt: SE2 looking to make some revenue?
PsuedoNorb: I’d like to see a few more creative ways
to take over planets.
FunkyJedi: alien bashing
FunkyJedi: Yah, like sleeping w/ the owner
The Mighty Chris: well aliens will be gone
RagennReB: i think there should be more in the planet
PsuedoNorb: perhaps you could opt to try to conquer
the planet rather than destroy it.
FunkyJedi: Yah, 2 days atleast for generation
Nikmyt: I havesome friends in adveritising thats why I
FunkyJedi: gorilla warriors πŸ™‚
RagennReB: and a way u can take over planets
The Mighty Chris: well we will need ads
RagennReB: with out fighteing
PsuedoNorb: like if you take over the planet some of
the fighters are destroyed but you can the rest.
The Mighty Chris: for the hosting $$
Nikmyt: marketing was my major in college
FunkyJedi: u get hosting free….
CharlesRector: How much does hosting cost?
The Mighty Chris: ya
The Mighty Chris: but he wants cash if it traffic is
PsuedoNorb: like if you over power the planet by
say..50% you can keep 25% of the fighters
The Mighty Chris: cause he needs to upgrade his server
FunkyJedi: good idea
Nikmyt: he should ask for more if the traffic is high
and turn a profit
RagennReB: there should be more rewards for planet
builed like now there is that auto shift
RagennReB: every can build planets now
The Mighty Chris: otehr ways to take over a planet
would be great..jsut as long as teh # of fighters is a
big factor
The Mighty Chris: liek taht damn quark displacer of
The Mighty Chris: 1000 damage to a planet for jstu a
few turns
Nikmyt: quark displacer is weeeak
The Mighty Chris: such bullshit
PsuedoNorb: you’d have to work with the percentages
but it would work.
FunkyJedi: im afraid of using a qd… i tried to blow
up earth and got fried
The Mighty Chris: well I rememebr one game I played in
The Mighty Chris: I worked my ass off to build up a
strong planet and lots of colonists
RagennReB: u going take off that auto shift
The Mighty Chris: while my nme jsut got a quark
The Mighty Chris: and blew my planet to hell for jsut
100 turns
The Mighty Chris: hell ya
The Mighty Chris: I yelled at mori when he did that
The Mighty Chris: it is gay as hell
The Mighty Chris: defeats the point of colonizing
PsuedoNorb: attacks need to organized better.
RagennReB: every can make planets now
Nikmyt: whos developing bad I missed a
majority of the discusion
FunkyJedi: quark displacers oughta not be able to have
fighter protection
The Mighty Chris: mwa
PsuedoNorb: you should be able to plan an assault turn
by turn whereas the defender doesn’t get those
The Mighty Chris: and some others
Nikmyt: looking to make $$
Nikmyt: ?
FunkyJedi: this is an rts… it shuldnt be babied by
all these messages se sends… u just lost 2 fighters
85 ti
FunkyJedi: mes while a fag suicides ss’s aginst u
Nikmyt: aliens should also have to attack a planet and
not swipe your shit behind it
The Mighty Chris: well otherwise you wouldn’t know
FunkyJedi: thats a big prolbem w/ current se. Those
fucking messages are EVERYWHERE
RagennReB: u should have a dammge thing where u say if
it dont do over 100 damge dont sat nuttin about it
The Mighty Chris: there will be no aliens
FunkyJedi: Good
RagennReB: colos should always be free
The Mighty Chris: I know
The Mighty Chris: I tried helping that
Nikmyt: mim catching up chris bad
The Mighty Chris: I amde it only send 1 message when
you got gammad
PsuedoNorb: I think there should be an option that
gives me sublime god-like power.
PsuedoNorb: be sure to impliment that.
RagennReB: why
FunkyJedi: u did when i watched u plau
The Mighty Chris: well
RagennReB: was norb really that good?
FunkyJedi: yes
The Mighty Chris: in a way there is
The Mighty Chris: nope
CharlesRector: Message is too long or too complex
The Mighty Chris: πŸ™‚
Nikmyt: and a port with a bar and ACTUAL hookers that
come to your house…
FunkyJedi: he puts my superior skills to shame
RagennReB: norb come join iCe
Nikmyt: πŸ˜‰
PsuedoNorb: liar-head. you know I’m your hero
The Mighty Chris: lol but you sucked once EE left
The Mighty Chris: when you was all alon
The Mighty Chris: e
CharlesRector: SE ships should have armor as well as
FunkyJedi: all me and kc did were try to find/exploit
The Mighty Chris: not ALL
RagennReB: KC fixed all the good bugs
CharlesRector: Rev. Norb played pretty well for an
PsuedoNorb: I won a few games on my own. but it’s a
tad difficult when entire clans are gunning for you.
The Mighty Chris: no I didn’t
FunkyJedi: crector- se shuldnt be 100% like sm
RagennReB: yes u did
The Mighty Chris: mori fixed them
The Mighty Chris: I liked the sell from anywhere
RagennReB: u fixed the colos bug
The Mighty Chris: mori started giving me his gay
FunkyJedi: that gay owner of sm might sue bryan πŸ™‚
PsuedoNorb: everybody used the sell from anywhere
cheat anyway.
Nikmyt: a few fixed clans that you had to gain
acceptance into…..
CharlesRector: No it shouldn’t be just like SM.
RagennReB: u could move colos from earth and not be at
CharlesRector: But it could add a few features from SM
FunkyJedi: hehe… which features are left out of se
The Mighty Chris: I liked sell from anywhere
FunkyJedi: me too
The Mighty Chris: perhapes it should be some way of
legaly doign it in se2
FunkyJedi: there shuld be roaming merchants that buy
stuff from u…
RagennReB: i liked opening up 2 windows
Nikmyt: check this..3
RagennReB: to move colos
The Mighty Chris: cause it was sucha pain in teh ass
to unhook yur mining fleet and drag them around
FunkyJedi: like some give u bad prices, some good
FunkyJedi: we need ass pain. Thats what made se worth
FunkyJedi: it was a workout
The Mighty Chris: lol
The Mighty Chris: what about a type of ship you can
The Mighty Chris: that can collect from all your
Nikmyt: 3 SE clans that were all enemies but part of
the SE govt…
FunkyJedi: had to cover ur ass from those fags in
forum while running a good orginization (clan) and a
good game
The Mighty Chris: maybe liek teh harvestor mammoth
FunkyJedi: races? Naw
The Mighty Chris: hell now
The Mighty Chris: no*
FunkyJedi: thats emulation of spacemerchant right
RagennReB: i should be the admin of the one game
The Mighty Chris: i think races/jobs are teh worst in
a web game
Nikmyt: no not my point
Nikmyt: 3 or whatever the number of clans
The Mighty Chris: ok for colonization
Nikmyt: you have to earn your way in…………
The Mighty Chris: I’m thiking abotu a random
colonization factor
Nikmyt: none of the three get along
FunkyJedi: i think the admin shuld assign clans…
clan leaders are apointed by the scores in last
Nikmyt: so…..
FunkyJedi: clan leaders pick clanns
PsuedoNorb: it would be sort of neat if random shit
happened to your colonists.
The Mighty Chris: plantes gain colonists not only from
the m8ing, but based on their distance form sol get
some random
The Mighty Chris: immagrants
CharlesRector: Games without races are a lot better
than games with races…
RagennReB: ur colos should fuck like crazy
FunkyJedi: every game has races… cept tetris
Nikmyt: your independent clans battle like they do now
but the 3 battling factions do as they wish
The Mighty Chris: I hate races..whenver I go to a web
game…adn i nthe signup it asks me to pick one of
these strange
The Mighty Chris: names I know nothing about
FunkyJedi: hehe
The Mighty Chris: that have a bgi impact on my game
The Mighty Chris: I leave
Nikmyt: and pick other clans to ally with or not
PsuedoNorb: races are gay.
FunkyJedi: ok, races=out
RagennReB: races kool
Nikmyt: not races
PsuedoNorb: picking an alliance might be neat.
The Mighty Chris: I had to fight tooth adn nail to
keep them out of SE
PsuedoNorb: like you can be evil, good
The Mighty Chris: alliances are a must
PsuedoNorb: et cetra.
PsuedoNorb: given different options based on alliance.
FunkyJedi: new topic- Pre assigned clans
Nikmyt: example……
The Mighty Chris: well
FunkyJedi: randomly assigned
The Mighty Chris: I’m thinking clans and users can be
allie with otehr clasn and users
PsuedoNorb: like you could steal if you’re evil but
you get better colonist growth if you’re good.
The Mighty Chris: lol black and white
PsuedoNorb: fewer allies allowed if you’re evil
PsuedoNorb: that type of thing
The Mighty Chris: well
FunkyJedi: hehe… black and white πŸ™‚
The Mighty Chris: that wouldn’t be a part of teh game
The Mighty Chris: there are alreayd good and bad
FunkyJedi: Deciple Breeder!
The Mighty Chris: lol
Nikmyt: D~A E.E……7DS….3 random clans.that fight
one another.with whatever incentives
PsuedoNorb: yeah but different abilities would be
Nikmyt: then……..
The Mighty Chris: I don’t liek random clans
The Mighty Chris: but it could be an option
RagennReB: What about iCe
The Mighty Chris: to randomly assign teams
PsuedoNorb: random clans wouldn’t be fun. I’d kill my
clan members and steal their stuff.
RagennReB: iCE shuld be a Random clan
The Mighty Chris: would add a nice game type
The Mighty Chris: no they would prolyl best be colors
FunkyJedi: random clans would be l337. Or only 3
clans per game, admin apoints leaders, then they
draft!!! W00t
Nikmyt: you join and make X clan.with whoever .and for
whatever political reasons
Nikmyt: say D~A looks or reads the news and a
Nikmyt: and mes you and says we need your help
Nikmyt: our enemies are E.E
CharlesRector: Games with artificial clans aren’t all
that great. You wind up with a bunch of strangers.
FunkyJedi: yah
FunkyJedi: but new gaming relationships would result
Nikmyt: the 3 or whatever clans should be vets
The Mighty Chris: well I don’t mean for the whoel game
in general
CharlesRector: Many of whom are either apathetic or
refuse to cooperate for the common good.
FunkyJedi: i like the drafting system better…
The Mighty Chris: but an optional game type
The Mighty Chris: drafting wouldn’t work
FunkyJedi: yah it wuld
The Mighty Chris: cause it would never be fair
FunkyJedi: be like the nba!
RagennReB: all them idead bite
The Mighty Chris: I”m thinking
Nikmyt: i hate the impersonal rooms no time to pitch
my product
The Mighty Chris: for that their woudl need to be
somethign liek a lobby for the game
FunkyJedi: yah
The Mighty Chris: admin sets # of clans and min
RagennReB: make it where u fly ur ships
Nikmyt: draft is cool
The Mighty Chris: and when the min palyers is reached
The Mighty Chris: game starts adn peopel are randomly
devided into clans
Nikmyt: check this though like i said
RagennReB: hey whats some neat bugs i can us eKC
The Mighty Chris: no drafting wouldn’t work
RagennReB: Kc any bugs left?
The Mighty Chris: adn you know it wouldn’t
Nikmyt: 3 or whtever # cland that are admin aproved
FunkyJedi: but kc- who would lead? And theres always
afks or inactives
FunkyJedi: admin appoints clan leaders?
Nikmyt: butmade up of vets
RagennReB: there should be more clan tag colors
The Mighty Chris: no leaders
The Mighty Chris: why must there be leaders
RagennReB: and allies shoe be able to share aplanet
FunkyJedi: Orginization purpous
Nikmyt: and you have to earn yourwAay in when a vet
RagennReB: To lead
The Mighty Chris: naturally the more experienced
palyers woudl take charge
The Mighty Chris: think about many only video games
Nikmyt: but if you start
The Mighty Chris: with random teams
The Mighty Chris: If that is teh game type
FunkyJedi: kc- in space merchant, players sign up once
with a login game and can join games of their choices
Nikmyt: and have not a clue abotu se….
FunkyJedi: n they log in
FunkyJedi: all their stats are kept
The Mighty Chris: you except your terams and some
people act leader
Nikmyt: only these approved clans
FunkyJedi: from all games
FunkyJedi: thats what shuld be added
Nikmyt: then you start your own clan and recruit
Nikmyt: …while …….
FunkyJedi: then clan hiarchy is assigned by stats
The Mighty Chris: for teh random clans there would be
no leader in the sence of kicking and stuff
FunkyJedi: highest over all score
The Mighty Chris: there is no good way of rating
PsuedoNorb: too complicated.
FunkyJedi: yes there is
The Mighty Chris: nope
FunkyJedi: yep
Nikmyt: fellas im a horrible typwer give me 2.2
The Mighty Chris: depends on how peopel play and whats
their roles are
Nikmyt: typer
The Mighty Chris: norb is right it is too compicated
PsuedoNorb: different tactics can get you a different
The Mighty Chris: just have a game type where people
are randomly assigned to clans
PsuedoNorb: score shouldn’t matter, last man standing
The Mighty Chris: scoring is gay
The Mighty Chris: don’t see why peopel make a fuss
over it for rating
FunkyJedi: ok, so all games would be last man
Nikmyt: 1. Admin clans that are fighting made up of
PsuedoNorb: what else matters?
The Mighty Chris: I see it as, I kill you, I am better
then you, I kill everyone, I win
PsuedoNorb: dead is dead, aliive is alive
The Mighty Chris: the alive people win
The Mighty Chris: thats that
FunkyJedi: well, there could be other game modes…
The Mighty Chris: your dead, you lost
FunkyJedi: it doesnt have to be a blood bath
Nikmyt: 2. Newbies join and create their own clans
PsuedoNorb: rejoining isn’t too bad though
FunkyJedi: games shuld just start when all players are
joined up
Nikmyt: 3. newbie clans see the fighting in the forum
The Mighty Chris: well I think that maybe
PsuedoNorb: perhaps you could join as a newbie
The Mighty Chris: their should be respawning kinda
PsuedoNorb: can’t be killed but you can’t kill either.
Nikmyt: 4. and are recruited by whatever Admin clan
PsuedoNorb: no way to win but they can get the hang of
the game.
Nikmyt: fight the other stay independent and die
The Mighty Chris: you totaly die you jstu respawn liek
a enw account
FunkyJedi: ghosting like counter-strike… u get
unlimited turns and one “ghost ship”. U cant effect
the game b
Nikmyt: but the newbie clans when recruited keep their
The Mighty Chris: basicly the same as returning and
The Mighty Chris: g
FunkyJedi: ut u can see whats going on
PsuedoNorb: screw that.
FunkyJedi: no
PsuedoNorb: it’s a free scout
FunkyJedi: it will help u learn stragety
FunkyJedi: people ingame cant see u
RagennReB: there need to be a ranking
PsuedoNorb: ghost account to figure out where people
are and then your real account to kill them.
PsuedoNorb: it’s cheating
The Mighty Chris: well not automatic
The Mighty Chris: ya you could cheat like hell witha
ghost account
FunkyJedi: can only talk in forum and dead chat room
RagennReB: like for all games it tolls up ur fighter
FunkyJedi: in dead forum*
PsuedoNorb: multi-accounts
Nikmyt: a newbie forum for those that just joined..but
vets can come in and lie also
RagennReB: and say after 7 games u have 70 milf ighter
PsuedoNorb: just have your multi be a ghost.
PsuedoNorb: it’s too easy
FunkyJedi: well…
The Mighty Chris: ya
FunkyJedi: but it culd be a good concept
The Mighty Chris: well
FunkyJedi: and we need better multi prevention
FunkyJedi: 1 ip, one account
RagennReB: What about the rankings
RagennReB: What about my “brother” he wants to play
FunkyJedi: hehe
FunkyJedi: tell the hobo to find a new game
The Mighty Chris: you can’t do 1 ip 1 account
Nikmyt: 1 ip 1 account in my opinion
FunkyJedi: yah, dynamic ip
FunkyJedi: yada yada
RagennReB: member that dude that had his whole family
The Mighty Chris: most peopel have dynamic IP’s
The Mighty Chris: there wouldn’t be any use
RagennReB: even his 4 yr son playin
The Mighty Chris: yeah
FunkyJedi: too bad we dont have wonid’s
Nikmyt has left the room.
RagennReB: well bye
The Mighty Chris: multi prevention is teh admins job
The Mighty Chris: there are multi scanners
RagennReB: neone play dominion
The Mighty Chris: which point out possible multies
FunkyJedi: true
FunkyJedi: hum
The Mighty Chris: Admins job are to maintain the game
CharlesRector: Message is too long or too complex
The Mighty Chris: not to play god
FunkyJedi: admins in the past havent been to great at
The Mighty Chris: then teh server op has to fire them
CharlesRector: A lot of the admins have been pretty
FunkyJedi: ahem… me
The Mighty Chris: well in sE2
The Mighty Chris: there is no admin
The Mighty Chris: serverop has to manage games more
The Mighty Chris: wihc includes
The Mighty Chris: assigning users admin/moderator
The Mighty Chris: cause wtih single admin accounts
The Mighty Chris: there is usually multipel admins
sharing it
The Mighty Chris: and then teh pass links and no one
knwos who did it and then that screws up teh game
The Mighty Chris: moderators would have some of teh
powers as admin
The Mighty Chris: actually
The Mighty Chris: all teh powers that woudln’t give
then an unfair advantage in teh game
RagennReB: could me a mob yay
RagennReB: mod*
The Mighty Chris: like forum management
The Mighty Chris: news posting
RagennReB: what about seeing other Ships loc
The Mighty Chris: nope
The Mighty Chris: would give unfair advantage
RagennReB: shucks
The Mighty Chris: basicly thasts all mdoerators could
The Mighty Chris: manage forum and chat and post news
RagennReB: and warn people
RagennReB: like they warn them and teh admin of what
ever checks it out
RagennReB: or^
FunkyJedi: kc- will a serverop be that deticated?
The Mighty Chris: they will have to be
RagennReB: whats ab Serverop
The Mighty Chris: if they arn’t then no one will play
in their game
The Mighty Chris: the person/people running the server
RagennReB: i should be a Severop
The Mighty Chris: no it isn’t like that
RagennReB: im deticated
RagennReB: does the severop be all nice like on White
RagennReB: all his admins are fag
RagennReB: Ds is ok
FunkyJedi: hehe… whitefang doesnt know anything
RagennReB: he always retires me
RagennReB: i reckon he dont like me calling him gay
CharlesRector: SE needs a message board for postings
that last
CharlesRector: not postings that ex[pire after 48
RagennReB: and there needs to be no safe turns
RagennReB: people stay in safe for the hwole game
RagennReB: makes me mad cuz im the 1st one out wherei
can build my planet and sell my stuff for more money
RagennReB: i drop it on the planet
PsuedoNorb has left the room.
The Mighty Chris: safe turns is gay
The Mighty Chris: well
The Mighty Chris: the forum does go back forever
The Mighty Chris: but the hours limiting is a must
user option
The Mighty Chris: cuase I remember when I was on AOL
The Mighty Chris: adn later in teh game it was hell
sitting there waiting for teh damn forum to download
The Mighty Chris: there jsut ahs to be better archive
The Mighty Chris: ok well this is pretty much over it
The Mighty Chris: log it weaz
The Mighty Chris: I’ll save a log in teh same place as
teh spec doc
FunkyJedi: kk
The Mighty Chris has left the room.
RagennReB has left the room.
FunkyJedi has left the room.

KOG Founding: Lonesome Bar Conversation

Some time ago, The Nexus presented the charter and other items relating to the now defunct online gaming group Knights of the Galaxy or KOG that for a time held sway in TDZK and was poised for a while to make inroads into Space Merchant Realms and perhaps some other games.

Here is the March 27th, 2003 Lonesome Bar Conversation where the founding concepts of the KOG were discussed:

Session Start: Thu Mar 27 03:38:38 2003
Session Ident: #the_lonesome_bar
[03:38] * Now talking in #the_lonesome_bar
[03:38] ‘sup?
[03:38] Is Chaortis coming?
[03:39] just sent the link… had a burp on my
connection that dropped irc
[03:39] * Chaortis has joined #the_lonesome_bar
ok, cool… the gang’s all here
[03:39] hello
[03:39] ok, so what are we looking at so far?
[03:40] this is a little lonesome don’t you
[03:40] lol
[03:40] A blank page mostly Sgili
[03:40] alright, now… I mean with the new
[03:40] Hi Crector
well it needs to be maturity based
as I think we all agree on that
[03:41] definitely… but how do we go about
setting that up?
[03:41] based around what HF is supposed to
be based on
I believe IRC screenings are
[03:41] true… so we can use the base idea of
the HF charter, and fish around for new recruits
[03:42] they will help us to accertain what
kind of ppl we are looking at
[03:42] yes… you can really tell maturity
level by how many fish you get hit with.
[03:42] uh…….yeah fish uhm I just
slapped hype with one in the main room
[03:42] lol… see what I mean?
[03:42] he he
[03:43] ok, so maturity is important, as well
as willingness to play, imo
[03:43] so what does Chuck have to say,
that for one has gotten my curriosity up
I’d like his input to
[03:43] we can’t have slackers who just join
and fart around.
well… what do you say, crector?
[03:43] I believe activity is one of the
main concerns we have as well
[03:44] I’d say do away with recruitment
periods, but stress maturity and strict adherence to
the rules and honorable behavior
[03:44] I agree with that
[03:44] ok… but how do we ascertain maturity
without at least a short recruitment?
[03:44] HYp went through a recruitment
period too
[03:44] no cheating no multiplaying no
[03:44] maybe just an irc chat to “get to know
yup… the three big rules
[03:45] Well, we try to stress it to them.
[03:45] true… especially when leading by
[03:45] I believe that if you talk to
someone long enough online you do kinda get to know
[03:45] Chaortis: Have you heard about Hyp
attacking/destroying my planet?
[03:45] VERY true…
[03:45] yes I did hear about that
[03:46] yes that/s true
[03:46] Yeah… I do NOT agree with that.
traitors should be expunged from the
[03:46] unfortunatly I did hand over
contorl of HFr to him
amen on the traitor thing
[03:46] Were you told to?
that is told to giver Hyp the clan
[03:47] not really but I felt he knew more
about the game then others in the clan
at the time
[03:47] since then he has been using us to
build up the planet, while he attacks everything in
[03:48] and I was just told to set the
thing up not lead it
[03:48] anyway… back on the subject… how
should we deal with people like that?
[03:48] * Retrieving #the_lonesome_bar info…
[03:49] We try to work with them first. If
they don’t shape up, we kick them out,
[03:49] traitors I feel should be expunged
and the reasoning for that is if they will do it once
they will do it again
[03:49] I mean, personally, I would eject them
and put them on the hit list
[03:49] MHO
[03:49] ok…I thught that you meant
non-team players
[03:49] although I am in favor of a “three
strikes” program
[03:49] zero tolerance for traitors
[03:49] aside from traitors, of course…
[03:50] non-team players can be taught, if
not they do without bennies for a while and that
should put them back in line
[03:50] you had mentioned having some web
space for a forum, chaortis?
we could also do an easyboard forum…
[03:50] yeah I have a bit of space free
10 different spaces I should say
[03:51] I think we should start as a tdzk-only
clan, then add other games as we move forward.
[03:51] that would probably be the way to
do it start small then expand
[03:51] Yes
[03:51] that would allow us to start small,
and work our way up.
[03:51] ok who is ghent12?
[03:51] eventually we could challenge HF on
even footing.
he’s the space-holder for this room
[03:51] oh ok
[03:52] Only add another game when we have
25+ members or somethig
[03:52] good idea
[03:52] Ghent12 is a wild and crazy guy
[03:52] yes… enough to fill an alliance in
lol… what makes you say that?
[03:52] I was in ITC with him last round
[03:52] ah, ok
[03:52] Err…
[03:52] when we fill one in tdzk I think we
should branch another as well
[03:52] so he is here… lol
[03:53] He’s posted more to the TDZK Forum
than just about anyone else
[03:53] true… start with one, fill it up,
and then move forward from there.
[03:53] he he
[03:53] Yes.
[03:53] I could work up a kind of “rules
charter” for the clan, if you want, crector…
[03:53] Yes
[03:53] I mean we do need to give ourselves
room for growth
send me a copy of that Sgili
[03:54] That they would have to agree to
first. such as no cheating
[03:54] * Ghent12 has quit IRC (Quit: I know TD’s
dirty little secret…)
[03:54] ok… I’ll start working on it
tomorrow… I have tomorrow off.
[03:54] great.
[03:54] cool
[03:54] no cheating being the biggest rule…
well, that and no traitors.
[03:54] I have to work tomorrow afternoon
[03:55] ok… I’ll forward a draft of that to
both of you once I get it finished.
[03:55] Also I believe that to officialy be
an alliance or clan don’t you need a name?
[03:55] well, of course… any ideas?
[03:55] hmmm.
[03:55] We should also decide if it s to be
a good or bad oriented clan
[03:55] true?
[03:55] true… although we could do both…
[03:56] mature yet violent?
[03:56] that is oriented towards piracy or
[03:56] just stick to either or for each game.
I favor piracy myself… hehe
[03:56] honorable, but we will still stab
you in the back
[03:56] Also, what kind of games to play?
[03:56] honor among thieves
[03:56] HF was in mainly space games.
[03:56] BBGs for one I also am going to be
on eve when it comes out
[03:57] well, I’m in favor of as many games as
we can.
[03:57] fantasy is good to
[03:57] not just space, but medieval as well
[03:57] Yes
[03:57] how bout modern stuff
[03:57] of course, most of the bbgs out there
are space-oriented.
modern is good, too.
[03:57] what about Gmuds
[03:58] I could also set up a MUD, if we can
get server space for that.
[03:58] Two towers you know stuff like that
now that would be cool’
[03:58] I don’t kknow much about MUD’s
[03:58] It’s been a while, but I did a
fantasy-based mud on a bbs back in ’92
[03:58] but I’d like to know what
allignment do you think chuck?
[03:58] They are pretty self-sufficient, if
set up correctly.
[03:58] pre-web, the games I played were
like Trade Wars 2002
TW 2002 is still around
[03:59] and bnt is based on trade wars
[03:59] yes
[03:59] Damn crector you remember pre web
[03:59] too buggy right now, though.
[03:59] God you must be old
[03:59] so do I, chaortis…
[04:00] I dfon’t meet many other ppl that
remember the bbs days
[04:00] I used to play L.O.R.D
[04:00] If a member knew any game
programming, then we could rework BNT
I’m 38
[04:00] I was on the Highlander mud
well I’m almost to my 30’s
[04:00] I’m studying php right now, but I
don’t know it well enough… yet.
[04:01] I think I might just start studying
that too
need more knowledge
[04:01] there’s an excellent lotr mud out
there… i’ll have to find it again.
[04:01] more input please
that’d be kick man lotr
[04:01] I still say start with tdzk and branch
out from there.
[04:01] oh it’s called 2 towers I have that
[04:02] nope… think older
[04:02] older than towers
[04:02] yup
[04:02] that one has been up since b4 web
[04:02] That’s my idea….TDZK first
[04:02] tdzk first myself
I think SE 2nd
[04:03] yeah… se 2nd
[04:03] SE’s very hard to recruit in
[04:03] true
[04:03] still… do we go piracy/raiding or
good guys?
[04:03] Games with players online lists and
id’d if they are in a clan are the ones we should
focus on
[04:03] we could always drag prople over from
tdzk for se…
[04:03] but if we get our guys from tdzk
[04:04] I was in a good guy alliance in SM
NG #8 called Law & Order….that was lots of fun
fighting the forces of evil
ITC last round was a lot like that
[04:04] that could be cool…
[04:04] SE is a little more complicated but
it’s still fun
[04:04] I could go for a “good guys” alliance
[04:04] I think raiding but we will need to
get a planet quick
[04:05] I’d prefer also to avoid games that
HF is in as much as possible
[04:05] or good gutys
[04:05] Also, if we are interested in running
our own games… check out
[04:05] except TDZK
[04:05] yes
[04:05] keep the conflict to a minium there
[04:05] yes
[04:05] hey wow that is a cool sight must
look more into it
so we go good guy’s then
[04:06] yes… they’ve got a TON of
open-source games and stuff.
yup… good guys.
[04:06] I saw that
[04:06] Websites are mainly for advertising
for recruits.
[04:06] I’ve got 30-40 links in my yahoo inbox
with open-source stuff on them
[04:07] sweet
[04:07] true… and we can get a website
easily enough.
[04:07] great
[04:07] I got website just tell me what to
name it and I’ll get working on it
[04:07] “Guardians of the Void”?
[04:07] oh yeah frames or no frames
[04:07] sry… meant that for the alliance
frames… got to have that navigation
[04:08] hmm has a ring to it
howbout Iframes
[04:08] Back in the 1950’s there was a comic
book group called the Galaxy Knights
[04:08] That could work, too.
[04:09] frames? I don’t know much about
webmastering and stuff
[04:09] well that would fit our space
faring groups
[04:09] yes
[04:09] you click in one frame it comes up
in the other
[04:09] we could always change the name a
little for medeival games.
[04:09] true
[04:09] or something like Knights of
Honor….stress the good guy part and honesty too
or the Untouchables from the TV show
[04:10] true… we definitely want to stress
[04:10] Galaxy Knights of Valour
[04:10] decent
[04:10] sweet… I like it
[04:10] problems is that we’d want the same
name in every game
[04:10] hmm. has a ring
[04:10] yes it does
[04:11] or “Frontier Knights”
[04:11] could have somewhat different names
in the games
[04:11] paladin realms
Paladin Realms
[04:11] Shanghai Knights…
[04:11] that sounds a lot like a clan that
I’ve heard of
[04:11] sorry Sgili that was a movie
[04:11] a movie too… lol
good movie
[04:12] haven’t seen it yet
[04:12] we’d want a really unique
name…..that’s how House Forsaken was
[04:12] well worth it
yes… unique is good…
[04:12] Knights of the Portals
[04:12] how about we brainstorm on our own for
that, then email each other with suggestions?
[04:12] yes.
[04:13] That way we’ll have a lot of choices.
[04:13] uhm. I’m now on a fishing
[04:13] ?
[04:13] well I’ll set up a framework for
the pages and we can fill it in later
[04:13] sounds like a good idea
[04:14] works for me
[04:14] once we get that under control
things will work a little better
[04:14] About how likely is it that Dwelgar
will join us down the road?
[04:14] btw… here’s a good site about online
[04:14] If I do he probably will so we are
pretty sure he will
[04:14] great
[04:15] ok, so that’s four trusted members,
I can probably bring my guys from work
on as well.
[04:15] Him and I are pretty much best
friends and we both see things pretty much the same
and I have a few others one who
hasn’t even signed up in tdzk yet because of phone
[04:16] xxanndyr, malikite, rowdy in tdzk
[04:16] cool
[04:17] malikite has been an everquest gm for
awhile, so he’s a good addition
[04:17] She is into the game cause she
watched myself and dwelgar play so much
maybe even my Dad
[04:18] moon dragon as well… he’s utterly
addicted to tdzk now
[04:18] I think that when the break with HF
comes this summer, I could persuade Bakito & DLB to
join us. Perhaps even DF
[04:18] he’s an everquester and NWN and
many others aswell
[04:18] so that’s about a dozen to start,
[04:18] I will probably be on at least
cable by then hopefully higher
[04:18] that’s a pretty good start for a clan,
I think
Love my cable… *snuggles cable modem
[04:19] we is setting up a network and
hopefully an ISP
[04:19] If this garbage hadn’t happened,
Moon Dragon would have been the one I’d have asked
first to join HF multi-game clan
[04:19] damn
[04:19] true… once he got the hang of the
game… he started climbing fast
[04:19] Yes, come the next round of TDZK, we
could concentrate on a system and on a specific planet
to take
[04:20] will the systems stay the same, or do
they change?
[04:20] we need to do it within the first
week too
[04:20] Stay the same & add new systems too
[04:20] some things do change sgili
[04:20] yes… that’s the best time… if we
can get it built up fast enough
[04:20] yeah like that
[04:20] first few days actually
[04:20] yep
I was with Kaos last round
[04:21] We just got started late this round…
too late
[04:21] yep
[04:21] why are you setting up an ISP? what
kind of ISP?
[04:21] but there is still hope
[04:21] I never joined an alliance last
round… almost didn’t join one this round.
[04:21] ISP=$$$$$ for me
[04:21] lol
[04:21] and I am hoping to provide cable
[04:21] dialup?
ah… cable good
[04:22] In which part of the country?
[04:22] so I need T3 or higher
washington state
[04:22] too far for me… πŸ™
[04:22] I have an area that is ready for
the cable the provider just hasn’t started it yet
cable laid- no service
I set up service I win
I’ll even go as low as $20 a month
to keep ppl
[04:24] btw, crector… Lene should be pulling
up in the ranks now…
hell, that’s cheaper than my cable…
[04:24] she also is a good one to pull from
[04:24] She didn’t know how to upgrade her
so I helped πŸ™‚
[04:24] I know if I go lower then I will
expand and the other companies will lose out
Lene is a personal friend of
[04:25] great
Take it that grecko finally got a
clue and shut up?
[04:26] he joined another alliance… so he
isn’t asking for our pw anymore
however, he is still using our
personal image file…
[04:27] what’s up with that
[04:27] check the link…
if you’re logged into tdzk, that is…
[04:27] he’s a liar and an idiot
[04:27] yes.
[04:28] still won’t let me
[04:28] wierd
well, look him up the next time you’re
in a station
[04:28] will do
his account is older than mine
[04:29] he’s almost certainly a spy
[04:29] no kidding
[04:29] yeah… and he has 12 deaths… lol
[04:29] I am 2733 and he is 2364 and just
asking for an alliance no he’s a spy
I wonder why alliance jumper
[04:30] I’m 617 *sticks out tongue
[04:30] I kicked him out
[04:30] cool
[04:30] and The Beast guy as well
[04:30] and next round I’ll be 1
[04:30] out of HF2… I never noticed he was
yeah… the beast was definitely a spy
[04:31] They were asking too many questions
that they shuld’n have ahd any interest in
[04:31] we figured that one out quick
[04:31] Turns out that Coolbeans wasn’t a
spy, right?
[04:31] oddly enough… I can’;t find the
beast in the player database
[04:31] like I said we use IRC for
screening and icq or something for raids
[04:31] nope… he just hadn’t logged in for
[04:31] no beans wasn’t
[04:32] I gave him th ehF2 password in SMR
[04:32] cool
[04:32] we could probably set up a private
chatroom on the forum website for raids… that
shouldn’t be too hard
[04:32] when I said at least 25 members, I
meant 25 who had registteered at the website
[04:32] wich one is that
[04:32] Space Merchant Realms
[04:32] have to check that out now too
[04:33] ooh looks like fun
[04:33] smr added to favorites list… hehe
[04:33] On that clans page it talks about
social clans
I’d say that HF is headed in that
[04:34] yup… they don’t do much except bitch
amongst themselves…
[04:34] true
[04:34] Too many HF higher-ups like that
Aeon guy hardly play games anymore
[04:34] I’m here for the games, personally.
[04:34] Yes
[04:34] me too
[04:35] I just don’t see the point of posting
on forums about things you don’t even do
[04:35] 1 good thing about the HF structure
is that it had different realms or focus groups for
different games.
[04:36] yes… I think we should incorporate
that as we branch out into other games
[04:36] me too
[04:36] And also the Alternative Gaming
[04:36] true
[04:36] It is actually pretty simple to set up
a forum like the one they have at HF
[04:37] even with all the bells and
they have it set up for you… you
just have to put up with banner ads unless you have a
gold account
[04:39] hmmm that might work or I might
just figure out the code for myself
[04:39] it’d be a little more difficult and
time-consuming to do it yourself
[04:40] I know but I have time
[04:40] That’s what HF & OMGN use
For some reason or aniter, EZBoard
looks cheap or something
[04:40] dammit, comstar went down again…
I was going to show you a completed
ezboards setup… but it’s inaccessible at the moment
[04:41] * Chaortis has quit IRC (Read error:
Connection reset by peer)
oops… bye, chaortis…
[04:42] * Chaortis has joined #the_lonesome_bar
[04:42] well, we’ve got a pretty good idea of
what we want so far, I think
[04:42] there’s omne
[04:42] hello, chaortis… hehe
[04:42] stupid mirc froze up
[04:42] use xchat like I use
[04:43] when it comes back up, go to and check out their forums…
they use ezboard as well, and that looks pretty good.
ummm… that took me to a porn site…
[04:43] cool got those
[04:44] lol
[04:44] uhm good job Sgili
what have we been looking up in our
spare time?
hmm hmmm
[04:44] dammit… I just typed in the bloody
that looks much better than most of
the EZBoards that I;ve seen
[04:45] hmmm… that looks different from the
last time I was there…
Yeah… they’ve got some good guys
working on the layout there.
Plus, they have a business account.
no ads… πŸ™‚
[04:46] There are a lot of free message
boards around. we can take our time in chooseing the
best one
[04:46] yeah, there are a lot of options.
[04:46] no need to hurry
[04:47] we’ve got a few months yet… and we
probably won’t need a board until we really get
started up.
check it ouot
[04:47] ok, so now we’ve got a decent plan and
a few ideas as well
sweet… there’s a lot of board
choices there.
I’ve also got a friend out here who
may be getting some server space as well.
[04:49] Free Center has lots of other free
stuff to choose from too,
[04:50] cool
[04:50] Ok I’ll look through all these
pages and through some other stuff
[04:50] I’ll get started on that charter
tomorrow, and I’ll also work on feeling out some of
the mentioned members of HF2 as well. That should net
us some good recruits.
[04:50] We are all agreed though…..New
Clan is good to go right
[04:51] agreed
[04:51] what I mean by that is we all think
it a good Idea
[04:51] yes
[04:51] yes
[04:51] and are all willing to participate
in getting it going?
[04:51] yes
[04:51] I nominate crector as supreme leader
[04:51] I second
[04:52] and chaortis as webmaster
[04:52] thank you
[04:52] and Sgili as recruitment
[04:52] sweet… now we all have our ranks.
[04:52] something or other
[04:52] lol… I’ll be the drill sergeant…
[04:52] He he
[04:52] well, recruiter means going through
the players list and msg’mg the non-a;ligned players.
[04:53] Now, for tdzk, what will our
requirements be for alliance members?
level-wise, I mean.
[04:53] yeah and Sgili seems to be good at
[04:53] lol
[04:53] well, we caould all recruit some
too. Sgili could be the recruit manager
[04:53] true
[04:53] that works… I can’t see everyone on
the server, you know… hehe
I can help with the website stuff,
[04:54] We can all work together as a team
[04:54] best way of doing it
[04:54] no requirements lvl wise.m just
because someone has a slow start doesn’t mean that
they can’t bbecome good players
[04:54] truest statement of all crector
[04:54] team way is the best way
[04:55] ok, good… after all, I was pretty
low when you recruited me…
[04:55] same here
[04:55] We should come up with an activity
requirement, too…
keep out the loafers
[04:55] Funny thing is I excepted his
recruitment over someone giving me money he he
[04:55] same here
[04:56] yes, I’m going to drop Black Avenger
in minute for inactivity
[04:56] It was the recruitment pitch that sold
[04:56] yep
of course next game sgili I will
keep up with you in lvls
[04:57] maybe not
Examine Player
House Forsaken 2Black Avenger
Last Login:
03/24/03 19:15:04 EST
[04:57] I’ve been thinking about messaging the
lower-level members and offering advice and help…
kind of get them moving up in terms of XP
[04:57] problem is that he doesn’t seem to
be moving up any
yes… go for it
[04:57] I noticed that a lot of newbies
quit when they get podded the first time
[04:58] too true… they’ve got to stick with
[04:58] In SMR, a lot of newbies try port
raiding, get podded, then quit the game
[04:58] so what we should look for in a
recruit is at least one pod and still playing
[04:58] yes
[04:58] that in itself shows a little
[04:58] well, those who haven’t been podded
are also good… if they’ve managed to gain a few
levels at least.
[04:59] hell man Ive only been podded twice
[04:59] After all, I didn’t get podded this
round until I was 20th level
[04:59] first time at our first raid
so I am one to talk
[04:59] first time after the reset… he was
waiting for me… I think I pissed him off…
[04:59] he he
I bet
2nd time last raid
hmm we raid I get podded we don’t I
[05:00] We need more preperation and more
participation in our raids.
[05:00] “Sworn to Valour”
[05:01] lack of people is what killed us both
[05:01] true
that and lack of armor
[05:01] three more counter-hunters and we
would’ve owned those phoenix bastards
[05:01] What would we do for IRC?
[05:01] well, it must not be too hard to get
an irc room on tdzk
[05:01] yes
[05:01] ICQ, Yahoo AIM
[05:02] that too
[05:02] Yahoo let’s you voice
[05:02] we can get a chatroom attached to the
website as well
[05:02] and that would help us a lot
that’s an easy setup Sgili
[05:02] yup… easy to password protect as
[05:02] brb coffe
[05:02] can you get one fore free?
[05:02] k
[05:02] coffee
I might be able too since I know
html I can password them too
[05:03] probably… although between me and
chaortis, we could probably build one as well
[05:03] true
[05:04] back
there’s three to look at
[05:05] got em
[05:05] most of those allow password rooms as
well, I think
[05:05] cool
what we should do is set up a main
page with links to our otherstuff
[05:05] yes
[05:05] true
[05:05] that would make it easier for
everyone involved
So tonight early tommorrow I will
set up a roughdraft of a main page and let you guys
look at it
[05:06] cool
[05:06] send you the links then
Hey chuck is your ICQ posted in the
in game forum
[05:07] ok… I know some html and dhtml as
well, so I could probably help with some of that
[05:07] cool cool
[05:07] I think so
[05:08] I can do any chat program you guys
[05:08] gotcha
Once I get my bus. up and running
none of this will be a problem
[05:10] sweet
[05:10] OMGN has free email from ZZN now.
Accordking to DF, its very easy to set up.
[05:10] cool
[05:11] We could do that.
[05:11] I’ve got a zzn address somewhere
[05:11] 22 years of computer exp and you’d
think I would already have something going, but no
[05:11] Also, you could check this out:
see if that could work for us
Irony is that I was going to see if
we couldn’t something like that for the HF/TDZK page I
[05:12] now that looks cool
[05:12] nice splash page
[05:12] Not a webmaster myself, so I
couldn;t tell for sure if it was a good idea or not
[05:13] hmm signing up just to check it out
let’s see except agrements without
reading them next
Hey what desired subdomain name do
we want
[05:14] When we make the break from HF, we
could exchange riciprocla links with OMGN to up our
[05:14] cool
[05:14] when we dceide on a name, then we’d
know the subdomaim=n, I would guess
[05:15] true… probly should get the name
[05:15] We could use “knights” in whatever
name we’d use Galaxy Knights, Pirate Knights
[05:16] true… try for knights
[05:16] Knights of Honor, Knights of Death
[05:16] yeah definatly Knights?
[05:16] Knights in the name
[05:16] yep
[05:16] somethign knights, of knights of
The Honorable Order of the Templar
Knights of Solomon’s Seal
[05:17] yes
[05:17] lol
[05:17] too long
[05:17] I know πŸ˜‰
[05:17] uhm a little long dontcha think
[05:17] but it is amusing…
[05:18] ok I’ll do that later
[05:18] we could abbreviate it HOTKSS
[05:18] lol
[05:18] that could be taken the wrong way…
[05:18] I like knights of Honor
[05:18] me too
it’s simple, and it states the purpose
[05:18] exactly
Tell everyone exactly what we are
[05:19] unless they think we’re lying…
[05:19] until we raid their planet
oh wait
[05:19] Hey… they didn’t defend it well
[05:20] If they call us liars then we raid
if they don’t then we raid
[05:20] after all, they’re impinging our honor
or something like that.
[05:20] Knights of Humor? hmmmm
[05:20] If we were the designated good guys,
we wouldnt’ raid planets or ports, just go after the
bad guyys
[05:21] hey sounds good to me
[05:21] Knights of the Galaxy for TDZK
[05:21] well, we could raid planets and ports
with negative alignment.
[05:21] less hunters if we kill them off
[05:21] yeah… I like galaxy for tdzk
[05:21] me to
[05:21] works for me
[05:21] he he
me too
[05:21] ok, no more rhyming…
[05:21] so is that it then
[05:21] Then in another game, it would be
knights of the era or whatever
[05:22] yup… though we can cross that bridge
when we come to it
[05:22] how many fantasy games are
[05:22] I’m not sure… I haven’t played many
There aren’t a lot to choose from.
[05:22] perfect so then in the forum it
would be Knights of whatever Realm
I know a couple that are
[05:23] Although… We could build one, eh,
[05:23] just about all the ones that I know
of such as Utopia & Dominion randomly assign you to
provinces in artificial clans called kingdomw
[05:23] yeah
[05:23] we coul
[05:23] Knights of the specific realm?
[05:23] You would have to take all credit for
that, though, chaortis
[05:23] the word realm works with knights
really well
[05:23] yeah, just Knights of the Realm
[05:24] for setting up our own no we would
all have too
[05:24] you mean in the forum?
[05:24] How bout in the forum “Knights of
the Realms”
[05:25] I think he meant our own game…
although that’s further in the future.
[05:25] No.
[05:25] I can’t actually publish anything
tech-related because of my current job… so I have to
be careful what I put my name on.
[05:25] I’ve already got a numbers system
set up for a mmpog
[05:25] Realm as the name of the focus
groups as with HF
waht’s that?
[05:25] ah… I see what you mean.
[05:26] masivly multi player online game
[05:26] ok
[05:26] yeah that
[05:26] lol
I think we’ve got a lot of good ideas
[05:26] Knights used as the basic name in
every game
[05:26] called it the Chaos realms
be cool for a table top too
actualy origanally set upo for
table top but easily converts
[05:27] yes, we’ve covered a lot of
territory….should the realms have their own websites
as with HF?
[05:28] we should probably just start with
each realm as a subset of the main forum
maybe expand from there
[05:28] I kinda combined D&D with a bunch
of other stuff and came up with my own stat system
[05:28] yes
[05:28] true sgili start it out small
that is the only way to see if it
can work larger
[05:28] maybe adopt something similar to the
outpost set
[05:28] yep
[05:29] once a game has enough adherents, and
some volunteers, then they get their own site
[05:29] and we can advertise like chuck
said fro omgm
and places like that
[05:29] yes… that will get some people in
[05:30] that is when we will start to grow
[05:30] and in search engines
[05:30] yep
[05:30] yes
[05:30] good thing I got somebody buying my
comp set up
[05:30] once we get some good traffic, we’ll
be ready to challenge HF
[05:30] yep
Hell they won’t know what hit
them…….or who
[05:31] lol… that’s the idea.
[05:31] brb
[05:31] It’ll be like Forsaken Union all
over again.
[05:31] forsaken union?
[05:32] damn… nice site
[05:32] back about 1 or 2 years ago, the
original Everquest & Shadowbane realms split off from
[05:33] ah… I’d never heard about that
I like the spiky rotating @ symbol
[05:33] HF didnt; really support those games
and the realm leaders got fed up with the HF
leadership, so they plotted ktheir defention….even
goth the website set up and everything before
splitting off.
Just like we’re doing
[05:34] hehe… history repeats, right?
[05:34] yes
[05:35] WoW is another game I want to play…
[05:35] Did you notice that the HF
founder-leader blowhard UsuRpeR noted that HF started
out hacking and chating in Diableo, but that had no
relevance to HF today?
[05:35] yeah, I noticed that
previous indiscretion always comes
back and bites you in the ass
[05:36] That came as a real surprise. Never
would have guessed it
but with all what’s happened lately,
it kind of fits a pattern
[05:36] Me either… especially seeing as how
HF was supposed to be all anti-cheating.
I hate to see a long-runnig clan like
HF go dow the way it has…
but it can’t keep going the way it
[05:38] Its dying or become a social clan.
Rotten to the core
[05:38] ok I’m back
model for a website?
[05:39] I hate that too sgili
[05:39] if you can do that website, chaortis,
you ARE the man!!!
[05:39] hate what??
[05:39] seeing HF go down
[05:40] yes
[05:40] dude I can do that and put frames
in it
[05:40] sweet… you da man, C
[05:40] I know of folks who were kicked out
of HF for saying the wornf thing on IRC
[05:40] yeah back when I was the shiznit on
bnet I heard of house forsaken but back then I had my
own clan
[05:40] now anything goes
[05:41] yeah… they’ve been flinging some mud
aruond back there
You know, this is actually the first
clan I’ve been in…
We’re going to do ours right.
[05:41] Yeah it isn’t really what I was
looking for
[05:42] I wasn’t really in a clan until the
Trex Mercenaries in December, 1999
[05:42] I mean some of it is all in good
fun but a lot of it has ppls tensions going
[05:42] was in teams in games like TW 2002,
but that;s not the same sort of thing
[05:42] I started the Dragon Knights back
in 98
[05:43] yeah, I’ve been in teams before, but
never a multi-game thing. I really like the idea… we
just need to get the implementation right.
[05:43] I think I still have a page on that
Charter…the clan referred to is HF
[05:43] well so far we have 4 ppl willing
to work on it and we are spread out over the nation
[05:44] I thinkthat we should spell out how
our clan came to be and stuff
[05:44] yes… we need a chronicler.
[05:44] That would be good
[05:45] I can start a backstory log.
[05:45] cool
[05:45] Make it clear from the get go that
ghis is not going to be a HF type of clan that PR’s
about honor and sutcc, but really sanctions all kinds
of horseplay
[05:45] hell sgili you and youre logs
[05:45] I log everything, man
[05:45] I cou;d write up the chronology and
[05:45] I know
I do to though so
[05:45] cool… we can share logs and work on
the backstory together
[05:46] cool I’ll need that
that way we can put that right up
[05:46] btw… if you want to email me… use
that’s the one I get the least spam in
[05:46] I probably would have anyway Sgili
I understand the spam thing
[05:47] lol… can’t get away from it…
[05:47] Most of my spam comes in through the forwarding address
[05:47] Ah 1974 the year that children born
were still children
[05:47] you should try explaining to an
80-year-old woman why she’s getting porn in her email
[05:47] ……..not goats
no thanx
[05:48] I have to do that at least once a
day… πŸ™
[05:49] Damn Sgili what kinda ISP you work
[05:49] Bellsouth
It doesn’t matter, though
[05:49] I know but no spam filters eww
[05:49] we have spam filters, they just suck
almost as bad as our email servers
[05:50] oh that’s why I stick with my Yahoo
[05:50] never go bellsouth, if you’re ever in
the southeast
[05:50] If I tell them it’s spam I don’t
get it anymore
[05:50] our email servers went down more than
10 times last week
[05:50] ouch
not even AT&T is that bad
or even AOHell
[05:50] yup… the customers are starting to
realize it’s not “maintenance” anymore
[05:51] They need me to set up their
[05:51] anyway… back to the subject… hehe
[05:52] So we need to set up Chronology, a
site, rules, honor code
[05:52] so we’ve got mee logging/chronicling
and recruiting
and setting up the charter
[05:52] need to recruit
[05:52] chaortis is in charge of website
[05:53] I think lot’s of pics are good too
in game type
[05:53] anything we’re missing here, crector?
You’ve done this more than we have.
pics are good.
[05:53] The games we play in should be
picked by basis of easy recruitability, unless its
open source
[05:53] pages dealing with help issues for
our games
[05:53] I’m no artist, though
[05:53] TDZK makes recruiting very easy
[05:53] pic’s are easy to find
[05:53] very much so
[05:53] yes
[05:54] TDZK recruiting is really easy
[05:54] I’ve never taken part in setting up
a clan before,
[05:54] web board and in game
[05:54] but was in the leadership in TM & HF
[05:54] that’s what I meant
[05:54] hey that’s all it takes
[05:55] You’ve got the leadership experience
[05:55] leadership know how and ppl to help
set it up
[05:55] I think that we’re on a really good
trrack now
[05:55] I second that
[05:55] i third that
[05:55] Things are moving better than I
[05:55] good rate
[05:56] same here… I wasn’t sure what to
expect, but I didn’t expect this many good ideas
[05:56] I think we may have enough of a
headstart to hit TDZK hard next round
[05:56] this many good ideas this soon in
the morning
[05:56] Since some of tdzk will stay the same,
we should start thinking about where to set up base
next round.
[05:56] oh wow 10 til 3 here
[05:57] almost 6:00 here
[05:57] Yes…oddly enough the ITC planet
was in Elanna too.
[05:57] ITC?
[05:57] Focus on Elanna next round perhaps
[05:57] we should probably lok around the
systems they have now to map them out
[05:57] Interstellar Trade Consortium
[05:58] I would like to get something close to
Manchari next round
[05:58] good guy outfit that targetted port
raiders and mass killers
[05:58] cool
[05:58] That’s always a high traffic system
[05:58] see that is what we should do
[05:58] Elanna is kind of off the beaten
[05:58] target port raiders and mass
[05:59] set up home base where there isn;t
muchhh competition
[05:59] Manchari has the best weapons, though
[05:59] teaneria
good trade area
how bout rhea?
[05:59] well, the home base should be in an
area not too many other clans want…,akes it easier.
[05:59] DathKara?
[06:00] Too many clans over theyears have
screwed themselves up going for the great real estate
too soon.
1st round as a clan go for Elannna
[06:00] good idea
[06:00] ok… close to taenaria, good
resourcing area
[06:00] 2nd round as a better orgaiized and
larger clan go for Manchari or Nexus
[06:00] although I was looking at Imrasael…
[06:01] I for one will look around
have a lot of turns right now
[06:01] It’s only 3 systems away from
manchari, and it’s at the end of an arm
why waste turns? just use the maps…
[06:01] hmm off the beaten path
how big is it
[06:01] SK’s starte out with only 4 members,
but gt 2 planets due to teamwork and coordination
[06:02] use the turns to scout out how
hostile it is Sgili
[06:02] 400 sectors with six planets in-system
[06:02] hmm possibilities
[06:02] base alignment is +100
[06:02] good base
[06:02] If we targetted the same system or
neighboring systems, then we should be able to get a
planet or 2.
[06:03] almost anyone can dock there
[06:03] easy enough for most people to dock
yeah… I want all six planets
there… hehe
[06:03] 2 planets spounds good
[06:03] But other clans would be targetting
it for the same reason.
[06:03] anyways what are Mal’s ideas on
allying with us
[06:03] good question
[06:03] for next round? haven’t asked him
[06:03] if anyone knows
hmm have to bring that up to him
[06:04] we should probably wait until late
this round to pop that question
[06:04] same thoughts here
towards the end of this round I say
we drift off but for now stay close in
that way we also get a feel for HF
[06:05] true
[06:05] and what thet are planning for next
It’s always good to know
[06:06] definitely
[06:06] yes
[06:06] I live by the statement “knowledge
is power”
[06:06] I can ask him because he already
knows that I’m starting a new alliance next round
[06:06] hmmm does that mean that supreme
knowledge is supreme power
[06:06] ok, cool
[06:07] good good
[06:07] possibly
[06:07] more allies we have the better
[06:07] yes
[06:07] I was also looking at Sarenn system…
five planets, base 200 alignment
[06:07] We shuld also go for a
recruit/training alliance
[06:07] well off the beaten path
[06:07] what # is that system
[06:07] 36xxx
[06:07] yes training
[06:08] should we go with two alliances at the
[06:08] when done with that they move up
into the main
[06:08] 25 registered and presumably active
members is the trigger for checking out a new game.
[06:08] 36 is a good sector
[06:08] so up to a specific level, then into
the main alliance?
lots of resourcing there
[06:08] I was thinking so
[06:09] depends on how the members of the
main alliance do.
[06:09] also tells us the character of said
[06:09] 35xxx is good, as well
[06:09] at the start, would need all members
in the same alliance,,,,r/t alliance would come after
the main alliance is close to full.
[06:09] good ideas
[06:10] ok… that works… so one of us
leaves the main alliance to start the recruitment?
[06:10] Then we send off one of us to set
up the next one
[06:10] I’m thinking of doig zallun next
[06:10] oops sgili already posted that
[06:10] lol
[06:10] I was thinking derivian
no minuses and a + to speed
[06:11] and we definitely want to pick a
system with lots of resourcing opps
I like my cloaking device, though
[06:11] true planet will grow faster that
you can buy a cloaking device
they just cost a lot
[06:12] that’s why I’m leaning toward 35 and
36 for now… lots of asteroid fields
and they require a -200 minimum for
[06:12] Has any of you been keepiong logs of
this meeting?
[06:12] fuel is good too so do they have a
lot of gas clouds
[06:12] I have
[06:12] I have
[06:12] great
I don’t know how too
[06:13] Mirc is set too do it automatically
[06:13] oth have gas clouds
[06:13] options logging both
[06:13] but he’s not on mirc
[06:13] oh ok
[06:13] xchat
[06:13] no, that xchat thing
[06:14] oh xchat
hey I wonder if cheeta would let me
in hwere
[06:14] dunno
[06:15] I have so many chat things I don’t
even know what to do with them all
[06:15] cheeta?
[06:15] I like the idea of browser-based chat
for the new clan, though… lets more people get in
[06:15] Cheeta chat
[06:15] site?
[06:15] is it free?
[06:15] uhm I dunno dwelgar dl’d it
it’s free
[06:15] lol
[06:15] all my stuff is free
[06:15] me too
[06:15] well most of it
AOHell isn’t
[06:16] aol is a virus
[06:16] * Chaortis smites AOL with the might hand of
Internetus, the god of internet
[06:16] he he
[06:16] anyway, guys… I’m falling asleep in
my chair here
and that’s a feat… I’m sitting in a
wooden chair
[06:17] I’m nodding off too
[06:17] I miss my 3 Mbit cable modem
[06:17] alright… lets go with what we’ve
got, and when should we meet again?
[06:17] I like my computer desk chair
officve chair
well I will be on again to night
and dwell will be on all day
we have each others ICQ
[06:18] true… I’ll be on most of today
(after sleep, of course)
[06:18] as soon as we are done here I will
go set up a temp page
[06:18] I’ll try to figure out a way to create
an irc room as well
[06:19] with *cough cough* geocities
[06:19] lol
[06:19] cool
[06:19] geocities is decent
[06:19] better than angelfire πŸ™
[06:19] it’s good if you don’t need
[06:19] true
[06:20] but if you want it pw’d then you
gotta go with someone else
[06:20] I had massive problwms with
Angelfire in 98 when trying to do a website. same
with Tripod
[06:20] Angel fire allows passwords
but I know of a couple others so
[06:20] Forutne City was good until they
messed up the online editor
[06:20] I’ve got an angelfire site, but I
haven’t done anything with it in forever
[06:20] pluss I have 25 megs of space
that I pay for
[06:20] There’s one in canada that gives
unlimited space
[06:21] I forget where it is guess I’ll
have to look through my old e-mail
[06:21] I’ll cvheck that out Sgili
[06:21] well, now it says 500+mb…
but that’s still a lot
[06:21] I have FrontPage so I don’t need
the on-line editor
[06:21] cool
alright then… I’m going to bed. I’ll
see you guys online later today, right?
[06:22] alrgith
[06:22] l8tr
[06:22] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Mar 27 06:22:36 2003

Morbid Outlook’s 15th Anniversary

Here’s an email concerning this notable milestone:

Hello all,

Okay, the issue is slightly behind schedule, but this month has proven
to be super hectic! The first weekend of August, I was in Toronto,
enjoying “the long weekend”; last weekend my partner Joanna Serpentina
and I gave a bellydance workshop at Black Sun in New Haven and then I
DJed with the Contempt crew in the Lily Pad; Sunday I danced at a Big
Fat Armenian wedding and this Saturday is Contempt back home at the
Remote Lounge alongside Hi-fi Hillary.

Exhausting. But hey, when you get a little crazy and can take everyone
with you… it’s so fun!

This month, we celebrate 15 years of Morbid Outlook. Yes, it’s true;
back in 1992, Morbid Outlook started as a xeroxed and stapled zine and
grew into the web presence it is today. Gosh, I was a precocious teenager.

As part of our 15th, I’d like to offer a special for advertising. Good
til the end of August, please contact me at
and reserve a month!

We have a new comic strip from Sod’s Law, a new In Rotation, a book
review and a great tidbit on Retroscope Fashions.

I’ve also posted two Esoterica sets of mine so you have about two
hours of listening on the radio page. Now I need to finish up
Esoterica 5 one of these days…

So there you have it. Enjoy the new issue and thank you for your

Take care,
Laura the Mistress McCutchan
Managing Editor

AIM Conv. With PresBMK, September 24th 2002

Here’s an AIM conversation with a game developer, PresBMk of The Quest for Yap:

CharlesRector: I’ve noticed that there are 2 game
directories that have sprung up since I did the site
registering for Yap 11/2 years ago. Would it be ok
with you if I were to register Yap with them?
AnarchyOfCaz: Of course
AnarchyOfCaz: speaking of which…
AnarchyOfCaz: I’m setting up a GW development
AnarchyOfCaz: And I’d like to invite you to be a part
of it
CharlesRector: In what way? I’m not a programmer or
anything like that.
AnarchyOfCaz: As an observer
CharlesRector: ok
AnarchyOfCaz: You’d be able to put in some input if
you wanted as well
AnarchyOfCaz: And when time comes, I’d probably invite
you to be a part of the alpha test team or something
CharlesRector: ok…I’d suggest giving it a different
name from Quest for Yap such as jsut calling it Ground
AnarchyOfCaz: well if you’ll just give me a username
and password you want for the site, an email address
that you dont mind being public, and what you want me
to post your real name as
AnarchyOfCaz: I like keeping the quest for yap.
CharlesRector: Will this be a major download on
Infantry’s scale?
AnarchyOfCaz: Prob not
AnarchyOfCaz: I plan on making portions optional..
AnarchyOfCaz: For example, I’ll be working with a
musician friend of mine to make a full soundtrack for
the game. But that wont be available as a normal
AnarchyOfCaz: Right now, at this stage of development,
the game is under 300k when it’s zipped
CharlesRector: login: hftrex password: trexhf
CharlesRector: About how soon will it be ready?
Around May, 2003?
AnarchyOfCaz: um
AnarchyOfCaz: Probably later than that
AnarchyOfCaz: I really dont want to say
AnarchyOfCaz: I havent yet decided at what point I’ll
release it..
CharlesRector: ok…understood.
AnarchyOfCaz: I dont know if I’ll release it as soon
as all planned features are implemented, or if I’ll
wait until its a “perfect” game.
AnarchyOfCaz: So, that really matters I guess. πŸ™‚
AnarchyOfCaz: I also dont know how much time I’ll have
to work. Or what roadblocks we’ll hit.
AnarchyOfCaz: Haven’t really done this before, so I
dont know how to estimate timeframe.
CharlesRector: I have ahd some trouble getting some
downloads to work. I couldn’t ever get Yahoo Instant
Messenger to work, for instnace.
CharlesRector: I had a Hell of a time getting Diaspora
to work and after I figured it out, the game ceased to
exist just a few months later.
AnarchyOfCaz: I never got Diaspora to run actually lol
AnarchyOfCaz: well actually a Diaspora clone
AnarchyOfCaz: After it “ceased to exist”
CharlesRector: like Xiaspora or Rillaspora?
AnarchyOfCaz: Xiaspora
AnarchyOfCaz: What email do you want me to put with
your account for the site?
CharlesRector: Too much spam headed to the addy.
AnarchyOfCaz: heh yeah
AnarchyOfCaz: well if you want to
check it out sometime
AnarchyOfCaz: I’ve been working on the site yesterday
and today
AnarchyOfCaz: Not a whole lot there
AnarchyOfCaz: (yet)
CharlesRector: What should I use as my real name for
this project? crector?
AnarchyOfCaz: I just threw in Charles Rector
CharlesRector: ok…that’ll work
AnarchyOfCaz: If you want me to change it I will
AnarchyOfCaz: Ok
AnarchyOfCaz: I know some people dont want their full
name published for whatever reason..
AnarchyOfCaz: Personally I could care less who knows
my name
CharlesRector: yes
CharlesRector: What do your teachers think of your
projects? Or have you never told them?
AnarchyOfCaz: um
AnarchyOfCaz: they dont really know I suppose

Some Solar Empire Stuff From the Past

Here’s an email from Moriarty from May, 2003:

Morning Crector…
Well after many tries on your part, i’ve eventually decided to give you
the slow game to admin.

I’ll give you the requisite passwords and stuff in a few days. A week at
most, after which you can reset the game and start a new one…

do you have ICQ?


That experiment did not last long since the OMGN website admin opted to create the OMGN SE experiment that was to be a return to the original SE until one player, and one player only, got him to believe that going back to the original SE would “offend” some players and from that point on the OMGN SE game was just a waste of time and resources.

As for Moriarty, his SE server is no longer operational.

Here’s another email of interest from the same month:

Hey crector,

This is Maugrim The Reaper in case you are wondering…lol. I’m writing to
get some information about OMGN’s links exchange. As you may know from the
SE Global Forum the Quantum Star SE project has a website planned, it’s way
behind schedule but all of my time from hereon in will be concentrated on
getting it online. I’m not submitting QS as a game to OMGN just yet, but
that’s just around the corner. Some general news on QS, I today released
version 2.1.7 which when it is increased to 2.2.0 later will become our
flagstaff release. The project though slow to start currently has a member
base on Tradelair of about 150 give or take. Over the past two weeks I have
negotiated the release of QS on three new servers which will meet the
projects intended 5 servers limit far under schedule. I have a small
develpment team which is growing as at least two of the servers are mature
gaming sites whose teams will be aiding in development. Anyway, any info on
your link exchange program would be gratefully received.


Patrick Brady.

Such was the state of things back in May, 2003. Since then both OMGN & Solar Empire have grown although its too bad that the website owner did not allow the original conception of the OMGN SE to reach its full fruition.

Duke Lacrosse Case Book Review Cont.

The book “Its Not About the Truth” really is not about the truth after all. For instance, it uses Mike Nifong’s Democratic primary opponent Freda Black as the ultimate source for the truth about Nifong’s character and conduct in office. The book is long on insinuations and short on hard fact.

The book also trashes Duke University President Richard Brodhead because Brodhead has been attempting to change Duke from a party and sports school to a legitimate university. The book insinuates that Brodhead is not a big time sports nut, that makes him a bad university president. This is amazing since Brodhead has failed to have the Duke Lacrosse team members subjected to the campus judicial process that students of lesser family wealth have to face.

Finally, the book trashes the faculty because the faculty took a strong stand against campus rape and the idea that because one is an athlete, then that person should be exempt from campus rules and regulations. The book seems to take the position that college life should revolve around athletics and athletes should be praised by professors no matter how loathsomely that the athletes conduct themselves.

Unfortunately, I have to return this poorly done book to the public library. From this point on, blogging will resume its previous pace.

Book Review Start: β€œIts Not About the Truth” by Don Yaeger & Mike Pressler, Chapters 3-9

After a quick first 2 chapters, the reading of this book about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case has definitely turned into heavy slogging. This book is becoming more and specious by the chapter. It makes all sorts of insinuations against the officers of the Duke Police Department, the administrators at Duke University, former Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong and the crime victims. However, it really does not provide the kind of factual evidence needed to substantiate the allegations in the book.

Instead, it makes use of anonymous sources, criminal defense attorneys and the members and coaches of the Duke Lacrosse team. Very few of these sources appear to be credible. Although authors Yaeger & Pressler pile up the insinuations, they appear to have nothing on either Sergeant Mark Gottleib or Investigator Himan. They also have but very little on D.A. Nifong.

This is turning into a poor book. Hopefully, future reading will turn out better.

Blackhawks Sign Patrick Kane

From the Chicago Blackhawks:

General Manager Dale Tallon announced today that the Blackhawks have
signed forward Patrick Kane
to a 3-year contract. Kane, 18, was selected by the Blackhawks with
the number one overall pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft last month.

“Patrick is a dynamic and exciting young player. We’re pleased that
he will begin a long and productive career with the Blackhawks when
we open camp on September 13,” Tallon said.

“The Blackhawks organization has treated my family and me in a first
class manner and I’m looking forward to a long and exciting career
with the team,” Kane said.

– Draft Grade: Tallon, Hawks Earn Another ‘A’
– Individual Tickets On Sale Sept. 15
– Season Tickets Starting At $450
– 2007-08 Regular Season Schedule