The Travails of TDZK

Back during ye olden days, this writer was the leader of the then multi-game clan Trex Mercenaries aka “Soldiers of Fortune for Fun & Profit” in the original Space Merchant game. Two of my recruits in that game were Jerle & Hotaru who went on to co-create the game of TDZK that eventually became an even bigger game than SM’s successor Space Merchant Realms.

As it happens, I played a role in the creation of TDZK. I told Hotaru point blank that his idea for a SM like MUD was a bad idea on the grounds that MUD’s were going the way of the dinosaur. Turns out that almost a decade later, MUD’s are still going great guns as are PBEM’s, another genre whose existence I was confident was going to Hell in a hen basket.

I also gave Hotaru the idea of not having dozens of different ship types as in the original SM, but instead have a much smaller number of basic ship types with numerous modifications available so that there could be many different variations on a basic model. As a result, whereas in SM the great majority of ship types were but rarely used, if at all, and there was not all that much variety in ships actually used, in TDZK the situation was that in both theory and actual practice, just about every player flew a ship that was in some way unique from the other ships. This gave TDZK a special flavor that no other space strategy game whether it be SM, SMR or whatever had.

However, despite eventually having a sizable playership, advertising revenues failed to sustain TDZK. And so, after a run of a half decade or so, the creators/developers of TDZK decided to take their game offline and retool it under the name of “TDZK Fleets.” Evidently, their desire was to take it from being a single ship game to being a Quest for Yap type game where you command a fleet of ships.

As such, there were periodic updates that kept the game’s loyal fans well informed on the progress towards a new version of TDZK that would hopefully prove to be more economically self sufficient than the original. Thus it came as a complete surprise when TDZK Fleets disappeared to be replaced on the screen by something called “Singularity” with a notation that it is being done by something called “Metaspace Studios 2009.”

Is Singularity to be anything like TDZK or TDZK Fleets or is it something else new altogether? Given the absence of new info, you can easily see why a lot of the loyal gamers are giving up hope that their favorite game will ever return in any form or under any name.

Hey Jerle and Hotaru, an update on your further plans, if any, would be greatly appreciated.

Just an idea.

Charles Rector aka crector

HomeRun Homes Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Robert Eisenstein
HomeRun Homes
(631) 676-3609
(631) 574-2420

HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Powerhouse, Surpasses the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark

Ronkonkoma, New York, August 27, 2009 – HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Marketplace-Website, has Just Surpassed the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark on Their Website Homepage,

As a result of the Economy and the credit situation nationally and globally, HomeRun Homes has cracked through the coveted 1 Million visitor level on their website, The Company, who just recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, has had numerous accomplishments this past year. In addition to acquiring the foreclosure website, (Equifree, Inc.) earlier this year, they have also added support for the Commercial Real Estate market (which encompasses land, buildings, and stores) to their list of specialties. The President of the company, Robert Eisenstein, states that, “the owners of these commercial properties were long overdue for help”, and he says, “help is here”. The assistance extended to Commercial Property owners goes hand-in-hand with the help being provided to Non-Profit Housing Organizations, of which the Company has recently been assisting by providing Free Advertising to these organizations.

Since 2002, HomeRun Homes has been a leader in the marketplace for Rent to Own Homes, and Eisenstein says, “A Rent to Own arrangement is a win-win for all involved parties – it helps a buyer who might have less than perfect credit get into a home, and it provides additional options to a seller that is stuck with their home sitting on the market for a long period of time”. Eisenstein goes on to say, “We have been offering a very simple and effective way for buyers and sellers to connect with each other, and it is a blessing to be able to help people out in this type of an economy”. Recently, HomeRun Homes has expanded beyond the seller/buyer connections to also include services (attorneys, contractors, etc.), which are all vital services to the Rent to Own and Real Estate Market in general.

Currently, HomeRun Homes ( is sitting in the top 5 rankings for Rent to Own Homes on Google, Yahoo, and many other popular web directories. As homes are sitting dormant without offers in most markets, sellers (and buyers) are realizing the benefits of Rent to Own (or Lease Purchase).

HomeRun Homes is in the midst of one of their busiest years, with traffic to the site at record levels, as the trend of foreclosures looks to continue well into the year. With additional foreclosures, this means more damaged credit, more homes sitting for longer periods of time, and consequently, more people struggling to buy a home and more people stuck with a home with mounting debt. Eisenstein has said that “this year we will make an even larger impact and shorten the length of time homes and properties are sitting dormant. It’s a bold statement, but we have the infrastructure in place to make it happen”. He continues to say, “It is a snowball effect”.

For additional information on “HomeRun Homes, the Rent to Own Homes Powerhouse, Surpasses the 1 Million Visitor Benchmark”, visit

HomeRun Homes is a centralized marketplace which helps people find a rent to own property, sell a rent to own property, and offer services nationwide and globally to the thriving rent to own market.

– END –

Tucson Executive Suites Press Release

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IT Chimes Press Release

Revamp of IT Chimes a Website Design, Web Development and SEO Company, India

New Delhi, India 20/12/2007 IT Chimes, an award winning Web Development Company based in Delhi, India with Sales offices in New York and London have revamped their website The new site created by IT Chimes boasts of customized services in Website Design, Application Development and Search Engine Optimization. The website created on the latest technology platform has surpassed the basic standards of excellence that comprise web?s leading design and development firms.
IT Chimes ( is one of India?s premier Web Developer and have provided customized web services to more than 300 diverse international clients from United States, Canada, Australia, UK and India. Committed to provide the best in the industry IT Chimes has been able to garner consistent growth of more than hundred percent every financial year since its inception.
Backed with young, intelligent and hard working team IT Chimes strive to lead the web industry by providing solutions in diverse verticals such as Finance, Banking, HR, Retail, Travel and Manufacturing. With its rich experience and will to deliver quality product IT Chimes has build partnerships with leading web development firms across the world for mutual growth, value addition and increasing the ROI for the end customers.
At a recent New Media fair in Netherlands Pritthish Bhattacharya, Manger International Sales IT Chimes was part of the speaker panel and addressed talks on Web Technology and Outsourcing to India. It was during the end of the fair that IT Chimes revamped website was inaugurated and a formal presentation was given detailing all services and solutions that IT Chimes will be focusing on in years to come by. Top of the list were Website Designing for Small and Medium Enterprises, Ecommerce Web solutions, Application Development and Internet Marketing.
Rajesh Jha, SEO Head IT Chimes said ?These are exciting times. Internet today has given the platform for companies to promote business on-line and have their sales to multiply exponentially. If done right Search Engine Optimization can provide an organization the needed push for them to reach to the next level.? IT Chimes with its quality web design, application development and SEO services have paved ways for many such companies who have build big brands from modest starts.
With increase in competition, scaling customer demands and reducing margins it is important that business around the world look at outsourcing partners such as IT Chimes. Web Development partners like IT Chimes help in reduction of costs, increase in ROI, creating value for end customers and improving efficiencies to achieve the best for an organization.

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