Lightning Cuts Slackers

We’ve all see how the NBA coddles miscreants including constant rule breakers and law violators. Well, not everyone in pro basketball agrees with that approach. The
Rockford Lightning
of the Continental Basketball Association recently provided an example of just how pro basketball teams/leagues should handle these things.

From the Lightning’s email newsletter:

Published: November 6, 2004

Sports: Lightning
No room for excuses while at Lightning camp

If you were to rank the 18-man Veterans Camp roster for the Rockford Lightning, I’d be No. 18. But, thanks to two players missing their flights, I won’t be the first man cut.

Raynell Brewer and SirValiant Brown missed their flights and didn’t make it to the first day of camp on Thursday, and they were waived from the Lightning roster.

“If you’re not responsible enough to make your flight, then you’re not responsible enough to get a paycheck from us,” coach Chris Daleo said.

It’s all part of the no-excuses world of CBA preseason.

Now, if only the NBA would follow this example……………………..

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  1. It is great to hear that coaches in the CBA have some guts. Do you have any ideas why these guys would have missed the plane in the first place? Were they ever even actually on the team – like did they even go to one practice?

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