Inane Articles at Skotos

As part of their strategy for creating a gamer’s community, the folks at Skotos have created a vast library of gaming-related articles and columns. This is a good idea. However, the execution is horribly flawed. Other than the Biting the Hand column, most of these articles and columns are written in such a way that they could hardly appeal to anyone. Also, the focuses of these pieces are extremely narrow.

For instance, here is a paragraph from Installment #155 of the “Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities” column entitled “Strategic Insights: Bluffing Games”:

The core idea of a bluffing game is to convince your opponents of something that isn’t true. This usually means that there’s some type of hidden information, as I talked about way back in Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities #112, Defining Strategy: Hidden Information. However, you could also be bluffing about what you’re going to do, a potential element in just about any strategy game, but one that’s brought to the forefront in a game specifically designed to support bluffing.

Wow, how profound. This particular piece goes on for 40 paragraphs exhibiting just how abnormal the author of such a monstrosity must be.