“White Noise” Receives Low Marks From Ghost Hunters

In the latest issue of the International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter, there is this take on the flick
White Noise
that is currently playing in theaters:

We have some feed back on the White Noise film. So far the bottom line is that the film portrays a negative image of EVP researchers and that white noise/static is the only method for recording ghost voices, which is absolutely false. The film presents the idea that demons will kill any and all EVP researchers. This kind of belief that demons will hunt down EVP researchers reminds me of the over zealous minister pounding on the pulpit threatening the congregation with hell fire and damnation if they get involved with the evils of ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is a safe and enjoyable hobby for people everywhere. Ghosts do not sleep so investigations can be scheduled during the day rather then late at night. We teach the only thing you have to fear in an investigation is the living, not the dead.

The newsletter goies on to insinuate that religious “fundamentalists” are behind what amounts to an attack on ghost hunters and other investigators into the paranormal. However, that notion assumes that religious people have some sort of power and influence in Hollywood, which the ongoing glut of sex and violence laden movies basically disproves.

In any event, White Noise has received
generally poor marks from reviewers
with the result that hopefully the next time Hollowood tackles this subject, it will be done with a greater degree of intelligence.

2 thoughts on ““White Noise” Receives Low Marks From Ghost Hunters”

  1. I liked the movie its entertaining is there any history behind the three ghosts or shadows that where the stalking keaton the whole time

  2. hollywood is not a monolithic force. there are certainly a fair amount of social conservatives making films in Hollywood, CA.

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