Was This the Most Important Book of the 2004 Elections?

One thing that stands out about the 2004 election is that it was the popular repudiation of a big-time Hollywood production that was produced with the express intent of swaying popular popular opinion against a particular candidate. The movie in question was Fahrenheit 9/11 and the film maker was Michael Moore.

The impact of Moore’s film was severely blunted if not entirely negated by, among other things, the book
Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man
David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke. This book revealed both the extent of the fraud that is in Moore’s
works and the methods that Moore uses to deceive his audience. It was in large
part to this hugely best selling book that Moore ultimately became a liability
for the Democrats.

Following is the review of this book that I wrote earlier this year:

Michael Moore is one of the most controversial figures of our time. He has made movies and television shows and written books about the contemporary American scene. There are many who love him and others who hate him with very few folks who are in between the two extremes.

Both Jason Clarke and David T. Hardy can be counted among the critics of Michael Moore. They are the creators of the popular MooreLies.com and MooreExposed.com websites that are dedicated to exposing what they consider to be the wholesale falsehoods of Michael Moore. They contend that Moore’s documentaries are so far off base they really should be called “crockumentaries.”

According to Clarke and Hardy, Moore bends the facts to fit a predetermined thesis. He doctors film footage, manipulates facts and takes excerpts out of speeches completely out of context by doing so tampers with the truth. He has also gotten in trouble for this tendency. For example, Warner Brothers was forced to pay legal damages to a man who was unfairly denigrated in Moore’s first film, Roger and Me.

According to Clarke and Hardy, Moore is a man who pretends to be a man of the downtrodden even though he lives in Manhattan, is rich, and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, they point out that although Moore has often claimed that he comes from a blue collar family, he is really from an affluent background. They say that Moore’s denunciations of rich white people is only an act.

According to Clarke and Hardy, Moore’s documentary Bowling for Columbine is “as manipulative as totalitarian propaganda.” In that same film, he made Charlton Heston, a personal friend of Martin Luther King and a supporter of civil rights in the 1960’s, out to be a racist nut via “creative” editing and manipulating the evidence.

According to Clarke and Hardy, Moore’s attacks on Heston were especially interesting in light of his own racial problems. For instance, just after 9/11 Moore made what many consider to be vicious racist slurs on an European speaking tour.

Essentially, Clarke and Hardy’s argument is that Michael Moore is a fraud who lusts for political power, public attention and above all, money.