Cheryl Lemke Appreciation

When you watch the Weather Channel, does it matter to you just who does the weather? To the folks at the Cheryl Lemke Appreciation Yahoo! News Group, it most certainly does. This is a group that claims to have 522 members all of whom evidently worship the gal who used to pronounce the word temperature as “temperachore.”

Strange as it may seem, Weather Channel female worship is not limited to this one group. According to Yahoo!, there are 159 such groups in existence.

Some folks have too much time on their hands……………..

9 thoughts on “Cheryl Lemke Appreciation”

  1. Love to see Cheryl Lemke on the weather channel. She is the best. Nobody else is even
    close to being half as good as she is.

  2. Cherl..I wish you the best, know that I’ll miss you and yes you were my favorite. I’m sorry but I’ve never heard why your not on TWC anymore.

  3. I would like to express how much I enjoy seeing Ms.? Lemki as she reports the current weather conditions. Her clean personality, her arm and hand language, her no frills appearance is very refreshing to see. She is natural and real. Five stars for meteorologist Cheryl Lemki, the best on TWC and all the others.

  4. Cheryl is one of the leading stars of the weather channel. She is so lovely and a very interesting person. I’m glad we have such an attractive sweet woman star!

  5. I read today that Cheryl Lemke, among others, is losing her job at the Weather Channel as part of its being bought by NBC Universal. I will miss her cogent weather presentations and pleasing appearance. It is hard to believe that she is leaving.

  6. I’ve always found Cheryl to be incredibly sexy in addition to being a 1st rate meteorologist. Aside from her obvious sexiness, she’s like that high school teacher you had that mad crush where you’d have done ANYTHING for her. When you were around her you’d tingle, and you’d have gladly carried her stuff, cleaned her house, or kissed her feet just to be near her.

  7. I sure will miss you-you were so professional and so expert-and had such a sweet voice-even when giving bad news!

  8. As the guy who actually started the Cheryl Lemke Appreciation site on Yahoo, I can tell you that the members do have a life, and are there because they appreciate Cheryl’s beauty and professionalism.

  9. I am late on the seen. I just found out what NBC did to Cheryl Lemke at TWC. This is a typical Big American Company in action. Cheryl Lemke you are gone from the air waves but in my my heart you will be cute forever.

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