Interesting Stuff From The Smoking Gun

Another year and yet another E-Newsletter from the folks at The Smoking Gun. Some choice excerpts are as follows:

Returning to the scene of the grind, Florida cops
last week conducted undercover operations leading
to the arrest of 25 more dancers at Tampa-area
gentlemen’s clubs. Seems that some of the female
talent was rubbing their clientele the wrong way.
For mug shots of the arrestees–92 percent of whom
are tattooed–go here:

Yes, we’re only five weeks into the new year, but
if 2006 sees a dumber criminal than Michael Garibay,
well, we’d be floored. Details here:

Since several of you apparently are interested in the
latest legal developments in the Carolina Panthers
cheerleader case, we recently filed an open records
request for the prosecution’s case file. And then we
posted some previously unseen police reports about
the tussle in that Florida bathroom. You know, if
you’re into that stuff:

By any measure, Jose Luis Gomez has a remarkably
expressive face. Perhaps it has something to do with
the vulgar saying tattooed over his eyes. Yeah,
that’s probably it:

“Don’t you know who I am?” If a police report quotes
a celebrity wheeling out that old saw, well, we’re
publishing it. This time, a Grammy-award winning
singer (and former Mariah Carey flame) is the guilty
party. Story at: