Boondock Saints Review

Sometimes I just don’t understand how a particular movie attains “cult” status. The Boondock Saints is one of those movies.

The Boondock Saints is an awful movie. The script does not hold together and saying that the plot is weak is putting it mildly. The acting is 3rd rate at best as is both the direction and the special effects. Too much of the movie is clearly done for shock value alone and there is little internal consistency. There is little common sense to anything that happens in this movie. Ultimately, the suspension of disbelief is violated due to the film’s manifest shortcomings.

One thought on “Boondock Saints Review”

  1. You suck at life. The Boondock Saints is a great movie; however, since you cannot understand the movie, I will leave you to roam in your misguided and overly concrete perceptions.

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