More on the “Its Not About The Truth” Book Review

I’ve gotten through to the end of Chapter 16 of the book about the Duke Rape Case “Its Not About The Truth” by Don Yaeger and Mike Pressler. One thing is quite clear: The book “Its Not About the Truth” really is not about the truth after all. Its more of a gigantic whitewash of the party hardy Duke University athletic program combined with a smear job on law enforcement.

The way that this book is written you would think that the absolute worst thing that an administrator in higher education could do is cooperate with law enforcement in investigations of criminal students. This book maintains that administrators have a duty to cover up for criminal students, at least those who are athletes. Law enforcement is subjected to ad hominem insults and insinuations that they are all incompetent and unfairly target college kids. The authors do not substantiate any of their claims, particularly about the targeting of college student,

Thus far, “Its Not About the Truth” is more of a whitewash of athletic corruption and trashing of those who dared to hold wealthy Duke Lacrosse players to the same standards as everyone else. Unfortunately, I have to yet again return this slow reading book to the public library. In any event, a new book about the events at Duke is due to come out and based on early reviews, it sounds like an even more evil book than the one at hand.