Flashquake Winter Issue Online

As the weatherman predicts the first real snow storm of the season
for upstate New York, we bring you the Winter 2007-2008 issue of flashquake.

First, help us congratulate our nominees for the 2007 Pushcart
Prize: Chris Powici, Rinku Patel, Jackie Shannon Hollis, D.J.
Bensonhurst, Rafe Brox, and Sarah Black. You’ll find links to their
outstanding work at .

Our Winter issue includes a selection of beautiful photographs from
Featured Artist Ramnath Siva in our Gallery, along with:

FICTION from Bryan S. Wang, David Macpherson, Ryan Scammell, Tara
Lazar, Richelle Putnam, Jeanne Holtzman, Samantha Cope, Jenny
Williams, Jo Swingler, Ashley Callender, Joseph Kim, and Ronald E. Holtman

NONFICTION from Sarah Layden, Steve Firth, Alison Morse, Bill
Milligan, Anna Edmondson, Marie E. LaConte, Beth Langford, and Lorie Calkins

POETRY from Emily Bennett, Harriot West, Jenny Williams (yes, the
same Jenny Williams whose fiction work was selected), Gayla Chaney,
Tom Sheehan, Ramsy, Rachel Yoder, and Erika Dreifus

You’ll find the Winter issue at

Finally, we hope you all enjoy a peaceful and joyous holiday season,
and we’d like to encourage you to make an effort to do something nice
for someone who’s less fortunate than you are. It not only helps
them, but it helps you feel a little better about yourself, too.

Debi Orton, Publisher