Movie Review Rough Draft: The Ruins (2008)

Scott Smith is both an up and coming author and filmmaker. His novels are landmarks in the development of contemporary American fiction. The film versions of his works are also very good. The 1998 film adaptation of his novel A Simple Plan is generally regarded as one of the single greatest crime dramas of the last few decades. Naturally, Smith decided after this triumph to enter the field of horror fiction to prove that his skills were not limited to crime fiction.

Among the end results of Smith’s new interest in horror writing are both the novel The Ruins and the movie adaptation of the same name. The Ruins is about the downside of visiting tourist resorts such as Cancun, Mexico. Some friends visit Cancun and after a while they get bored. They decide to explore the countryside and come across an ancient Mayan temple. There, they encounter an evil that has lurked at the temple waiting for some nice, juicy victims to wander by.

The Ruins is a great horror suspense film. The acting and direction are decent and it has excellent special effects. However, the movie has nudity that is all too pointless. There is simply no reason to include nudity in this movie. Despite this drawback, The Ruins is the scariest movie of the year thus far. It is also the most suspenseful. The vines scene is especially scary and suspenseful.

The original novel was a great scary and suspenseful read. Given the fact that the writer of the screenplay is also the author of the original novel, you would expect that the movie were also be every bit as scary and suspenseful as the novel. Your expectations are all richly rewarded by this hair raising movie that will leave you clutching on the edge of your seat in the most terrifying movie event of the year thus far.

The main problem is that it has nudity that like nudity in so many American movies made since the 1970’s is completely pointless and is simply not needed. On the other hand, the bad guy killer in The Ruins is not one of those seemingly immortal characters out of the slasher flicks. Instead, he was a relatively ordinary fellow who the audience could relate to.

This is a most entertaining and suspenseful movie that the audience will well worth find worth the $10 or so cost for tickets.