Here’s an interesting gaming website.

Here’s its news:

August 21, 2008
The server is having significant issues that are diffuicult to isolate. I am working on a solution, including changing servers if neccessary. The new setup sould be online by next week, which will hopefully resolve our stability issues.

July 11, 2008
Whew.. finally get my email from the site working again, and discover that Marbles has been locking up after the first game for weeks. I found the problem and have corrected it. Unfortunatly, this has not restored high scores, so I have removed all the links to high scores since they are pointless if they can’t be updted. I am looking towards a permanent solution for the website in the near future.

June 4, 2008
I still do not know what exactly is wrong with the server. I am attempting to mitigate the problem by automaticlaly restarting the server ever hour. This all began with a full hard drive on the server. Beyond that, I do not know what is causing the failures on the server. I may have more time this weekend to fully investigate.

June 1, 2008
As many have noticed, the website encountered some issues late Friday. I thought I’d had them taken care of last night, but apparently not. At the moment, the games should all be playable, however, highscores and personal preferences are not working. I will update once this is resolved.