Slandering Selena

For the past few years, athletic boosters at Duke University have been waging a vendetta against sports writer Selena Roberts, formerly of the N.Y. Times and now of Sports Illustrated. Roberts was the columnist who more than other journalist, exposed the culture of privilege that athletes — particularly those who were from wealthy and powerful families — that existed at Duke. It was this culture that allowed athletes to literally get away with murder in their treatment of other students. Of all the jocks at Duke, there were none who were more prone to exploiting their privileges than the members of the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team.

Long before the big rape case at Duke broke out, the virtually all white lacrosse team had a well deserved reputation as a uniquely criminal squad whose members were often engaged in such antisocial behavior as urinating in public, intimidating other students, throwing wild parties to the detriment of the neighborhood and treating their neighbors like dirt and also engaging in crimes against members of the female gender as well as the ebony hued race.

Roberts wrote a series of columns that exposed this culture of evil privilege by the criminal jocks and Duke’s complicity in maintaining a cover up of it as opposed to cracking down on criminal jocks. For this, Roberts has incurred the hatred of the athletic boosters at Duke who view Roberts as, among other things, a traitoress to the white race.

Here’s a post from a forum that is devoted to the defense of the Duke jocks that shows this mentality all too well:

She is genetically inferior. Very ugly. She and people like her are just besides themselves with envy over those with genetically superior super DNA. Her underlying motivation to her work is to shed light on what she feels are the darker sides of these beautiful human being. She will never be one and therefore it is up to her to “let everyone know what “they” are really like”. She formulates her writing with plans that include bringing down people that are already flawed. She rales about the chinks in the armour of college lacrosse players and major league baseball heros. She is really pissed that these people are admired and copied. It is her calling to show us the “truth”. Her big problem is that nobody is buying the notion that it is “she” who we should be listening too. She has zero credibility in most circles. Whether her story is true or not nobody is moved. I can see her most nights crying herself to sleep as she sees all the hot chicks around all these guys. She looks like a wort on the ass of a donkey. Some of you may take offense to my take, but I believe that many underlying motivations in people have to do with wanting to _uck the prom queen, or get _ucked by the athletic hero.

Whatever. In any event, for a gal in her mid-40’s, Roberts is not too bad looking. Its just plain despicable that instead of engaging in an honest debate, the athletic boosters engage in this sort of tactics. Then again, given the athletic privilege that continues to exist at Duke where coeds continue to be raped by jocks and the university continues to engage in cover ups such as the cover up in the lacrosse case that was exposed by the news media, there really is not much that the boosters can do other than engaging in tactics straight from the sewer.

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  1. ” intimidating other students”


    “throwing wild parties to the detriment of the neighborhood”

    Examples? (They weren’t even in the top ten of noisy houses in their neighborhood)

    ” and treating their neighbors like dirt”

    Examples? (They mentored local students, conducted reading programs, taught lacrosse, etc. They also raised more money for Katrina relief than any other Duke team.)

    ” and also engaging in crimes against members of the female gender as well as the ebony hued race”

    Examples? The Coleman commission reported :

    (1) In the six most recent academic years ending in 2006, there were a total of 377 reported incidents of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) by all students. . . NONE were lacrosse players.

    (2) In the six years ending in 2006, there were a total of 46 reported incidents of physical abuse, fighting and endangerment, including 3 findings of not responsible. NONE involved lacrosse players.

    (3) In the six years ending in 2006, there were 20 incidents of sexual misconduct, including 14 findings of not responsible. NONE were lacrosse players.

    (4) In the six years ending in 2006, there were 96 incidents of drug related misconduct, including 2 findings of not responsible. Only one was a lacrosse player (smoking marijuana in his room in 2001 and he was not a member of the 2005-2006 team).

    (5) In the three years ending in 2006, there were 171 alcohol related medical calls to DUPD/EMS. NONE were lacrosse players. (It’s likely that these are the most serious, and dangerous, alcohol related violations.)

    (6) About 60% of the lacrosse players, based on last year’s team, had GPA’s of 3.0 or higher.

    (7) The lacrosse players have a 100% graduation rate.

    The Coleman Report concluded, “by all accounts, the lacrosse players are a cohesive, hard working, disciplined and respectful athletic team” and their “conduct has not involved fighting, sexual assault or harassment, or racist behavior.”

  2. Yes, but it is customary at jock strap schools such as Duke where athletics is placed above academics to either not take down student complaints of jack misbehavior or to just go the motions of recording the complaints and then discarding the complaints once the student(s) have left the office. Only the non-athletes are actually required to follow campus rules and regulations on athletics worshipping campuses such as Duke.

    Also, jocks are awarded unearned high grades from professors and are exempt from the politically correct standards that the other students are subject to.

    Under these circumstances, plus white washers such as the Coleman Cover Up Committee, it is not surprising that criminal cultures are allowed to thrive and survive among Duke athletic teams such as the Men’s Lacrosse squad.

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