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MyWay to HellWay

Originally, the free web based email service at MyWay was one of the best, if not the best of its kind. However, an ill-advised makeover has left it completely screwed up. For example, there are times when email deleted in one session shows up in the inbox the next time around.

And then there are times when just simply accessing the
part of the main MW website brings up this msg:

It looks like your account has been de-activated. As stated in our Terms of Service, My Way reserves the right to “terminate and/or delete accounts that have remained inactive for a period of ninety (90) or more days. In the event of a suspension or deletion of an email account, messages (whether sent, received, in draft form or archived) and address book entries will no longer be accessible.”

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. You may enter your email login and password to re-activate your account, but please note that emails and address book entries saved prior to de-activation will not be accessible. Please see our Terms of Service for further information regarding our Email Policy.

What’s really aggravating is that you get this msg before you even enter your handle/password.

Slandering Selena

For the past few years, athletic boosters at Duke University have been waging a vendetta against sports writer Selena Roberts, formerly of the N.Y. Times and now of Sports Illustrated. Roberts was the columnist who more than other journalist, exposed the culture of privilege that athletes — particularly those who were from wealthy and powerful families — that existed at Duke. It was this culture that allowed athletes to literally get away with murder in their treatment of other students. Of all the jocks at Duke, there were none who were more prone to exploiting their privileges than the members of the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team.

Long before the big rape case at Duke broke out, the virtually all white lacrosse team had a well deserved reputation as a uniquely criminal squad whose members were often engaged in such antisocial behavior as urinating in public, intimidating other students, throwing wild parties to the detriment of the neighborhood and treating their neighbors like dirt and also engaging in crimes against members of the female gender as well as the ebony hued race.

Roberts wrote a series of columns that exposed this culture of evil privilege by the criminal jocks and Duke’s complicity in maintaining a cover up of it as opposed to cracking down on criminal jocks. For this, Roberts has incurred the hatred of the athletic boosters at Duke who view Roberts as, among other things, a traitoress to the white race.

Here’s a post from a forum that is devoted to the defense of the Duke jocks that shows this mentality all too well:

She is genetically inferior. Very ugly. She and people like her are just besides themselves with envy over those with genetically superior super DNA. Her underlying motivation to her work is to shed light on what she feels are the darker sides of these beautiful human being. She will never be one and therefore it is up to her to “let everyone know what “they” are really like”. She formulates her writing with plans that include bringing down people that are already flawed. She rales about the chinks in the armour of college lacrosse players and major league baseball heros. She is really pissed that these people are admired and copied. It is her calling to show us the “truth”. Her big problem is that nobody is buying the notion that it is “she” who we should be listening too. She has zero credibility in most circles. Whether her story is true or not nobody is moved. I can see her most nights crying herself to sleep as she sees all the hot chicks around all these guys. She looks like a wort on the ass of a donkey. Some of you may take offense to my take, but I believe that many underlying motivations in people have to do with wanting to _uck the prom queen, or get _ucked by the athletic hero.

Whatever. In any event, for a gal in her mid-40’s, Roberts is not too bad looking. Its just plain despicable that instead of engaging in an honest debate, the athletic boosters engage in this sort of tactics. Then again, given the athletic privilege that continues to exist at Duke where coeds continue to be raped by jocks and the university continues to engage in cover ups such as the cover up in the lacrosse case that was exposed by the news media, there really is not much that the boosters can do other than engaging in tactics straight from the sewer.

Unnecessary Vulgarity

There is a fairly new News/Opinion website called The Stimulist . Its a pretty good website overall if you don’t mind its rabidly pro Obama aka “BHO” slant.

However, there is a problem with The Stimulist. It aims to be a comprehensive public affairs website, yet it is laced with all sorts of vulgarity that has no place on such an endeavor. For instance, there is a section of links interesting though trivial websites that has a vulgar heading to it.

What all this does is to cheapen The Stimulist and reduce the size of its audience. You would think that the creators of this website would want to make their creation a classy and widely read spot in cyberspace. Then again, there is a lot of poor thinking out there and this is but the latest example.

Back to the Old at SMR

Just when you thought that things could not get any worse at Space Merchant Realms, it has. SMR has just added the discredited Newbie Games from the original and long ago defunct Space Merchant. Newbie Games were shown to be a bad idea and their existence helped to speed up the demise of SM. Now it appears that the admins of SMR are determined to go down the fateful path of the original game.

Well SMR, its been nice knowing you.


Here’s an interesting gaming website.

Here’s its news:

August 21, 2008
The server is having significant issues that are diffuicult to isolate. I am working on a solution, including changing servers if neccessary. The new setup sould be online by next week, which will hopefully resolve our stability issues.

July 11, 2008
Whew.. finally get my email from the site working again, and discover that Marbles has been locking up after the first game for weeks. I found the problem and have corrected it. Unfortunatly, this has not restored high scores, so I have removed all the links to high scores since they are pointless if they can’t be updted. I am looking towards a permanent solution for the website in the near future.

June 4, 2008
I still do not know what exactly is wrong with the server. I am attempting to mitigate the problem by automaticlaly restarting the server ever hour. This all began with a full hard drive on the server. Beyond that, I do not know what is causing the failures on the server. I may have more time this weekend to fully investigate.

June 1, 2008
As many have noticed, the website encountered some issues late Friday. I thought I’d had them taken care of last night, but apparently not. At the moment, the games should all be playable, however, highscores and personal preferences are not working. I will update once this is resolved.

No Games Chicago

Both the corrupt Mayor Daley and his pathetic underling Obama are doing everything they can to force the disaster known as the 2016 summer Olympics upon the people of Chicago. Thankfully, there is a major website that is dedicated to opposing this corrupt activity by the crooked politicians of Illinois aka Land of Evil.

Book Review: The Strange Case of Hellish Nell by Nina Shandler

The Strange Case of Hellish Nell is a great book about the strange but true case of Helen Duncan who was the only person to be prosecuted during World War II under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Duncan was a medium or spiritualist who had a tendency to reveal state secrets during seances that suggested that she was on the side of the Nazis and had somehow corrupted folk in the British government to give her information that was supposed to be kept secret. However, the British government was unable to discover just how she was getting her information and the only way that British law enforcement could come up with to silence her was to bring her up on charges of witchcraft.

What were these secrets that the British government wanted kept out of Duncan’s seances? Ship movements including those related to the forthcoming invasion of France.

What specific secret that Duncan leaked during a seance sparked the British government’s action against her? The battleship HMS Barham had been sunk in the Mediterranean Sea and the British government withheld this information from the public for fear that it would damage public morale. However, during a seance, Duncan revealed that the Barham had been sunk. To this day it is unknown how Duncan came by this information and it seems unlikely that her naming the Barham as being sunk so soon after it was sunk could have been a coincidence.

In any event, The Strange Case of Hellish Nell is a great book about a bizarre subject.

Is Space Merchant Realms on the Brink of Extinction?

Currently, Space Merchant Realms is offline. No hint of any offline activity was even so much as hinted at by the admins. However, this development does not come as a surprise to long time players who have seen how the admins/developers have taken a once popular game and have literally run it into the ground.

Originally an unauthorized ripoff of the defunct Space Merchant (SM), Space Merchant Realms (SMR) quickly gathered an impressive following during its beta period of Fall, 2001–Spring, 2002. At its height in 2004, it had nearly 3,000 players. It was more popular than any other game of its type other than TDZK. Its popularity led to SM creator Jonathan Manton giving SMR his blessings in 2004. Everything looked bright for SMR’s future.

However, there was a problem. There was an aggressively vocal faction in the playership that demanded radical changes be made to the game. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with online gaming forums that this faction consisted of the most aggressively homicidal players in the game. They saw SMR as being purely a wargame and demanded changes to turn it into a wargame. They wanted to turn SMR into a glorified shooting gallery and make it easier to kill off the more peaceful players who consisted of the bulk of the playership.

You would think that the SMR admins would have the backbone to stand up to these webboard warriors. You would be wrong and the decline and fall of SMR began in the summer of 2004. By the summer of 2006, changes that, among other things, devalued planetary defenses, led to most of the players leaving the game and its playership plummeted to less than 1,000 players. At the start of 2008, the playership had declined further to 500 and now it its current round, there are fewer than 200 players, many of whom are not active.

What kind of changes led to so many players becoming alienated? In the original SM, you could only get Combat Drones at either a Combat Accessories (CA) shop (which were scarce in the game) or at the HQ sector of the Ik’Thorn Galaxy and even then you had to be either an Ik’Thorn player or a player whose race was not at war with the Ik’Thorns. Mines & Scout Drones were only accessible at CA’s. This helped to slow down the progress of players and groups of players interested only in killing other players. Planetary construction consisted of only Turrets, Shield Generators & Combat Drone Hangars and the price for construction in terms of credits, resources and time of construction were reasonable. Now, in the increasingly deserted SMR, you can gain access to Combat Drones, Mines & Scout Drones at every racial HQ. This only serves to enable pure player killers to engage in wholesale death and destruction. Add in the fact that planetary construction now requires huge sums of credits, resources and huge numbers of hours for construction, and you have a game where players who want to engage in peaceful trading have little chance for survival.

Given the fact that most players in space trading strategy games are of the peaceful trader sort, and you can easily see why the vast majority of the original SM/SMR playership were alienated by these changes. Just about all of the good non-hunter players such as Omega Prime and just about everyone from the generally peaceful trader player group Omega Factor have quit SMR. Back in early 2000, the original SM had over 11,000 players and now its successor game has fewer than 200 players most of whom are no more than semi-active. Given the refusal of the admins to reconsider their actions, it appears that it is only a matter of time before the admins pull the plug on the game.

For all of us at OMGN, this is an especially sad development given how OMGN has run 55 News Posts about SMR , possibly more news postings than about any other game. Hopefully, the story of SMR will serve as a warning for future game admins who come under the pressure of those whose forum conduct mirror their aggressive game play. Perhaps this will serve as a silver lining for the death of a once good, if not great, game.

The Dark Knight Review Rough Draft

The Dark Knight is the single most misreviewed movie of this year (2008) thus far. All too many movie reviewers are pandering to what they believe their readers want to hear, rather than what they actually believe. As a result, what is actually a movie with a confusing plot and a tendency towards speechifying, especially in its last half hour, has been hailed as one of the greatest movies of the year, if not this decade thus far.

Why has The Dark Knight been so widely labeled a great movie by the critics? Basically because movie reviewers, particularly critics for print publications such as newspapers, have been pandering to what they believe that their readers want to hear. Since the conventional wisdom is that The Dark Knight will be a blockbuster, the critics want to get on the “right side” of the public and so they write these pandering reviews that overlook the problems with The Dark Knight.

Why are the critics engaging in this behavior? Newspapers are downsizing and dropping their in-house movie reviewers and are either replacing them with syndicated writers or not even running movie reviews at all. Casualties of the recent downsizing trend include Terry Lawson of the Detroit Free Press and Michael Wilmington of the Chicago Tribune. A big reason for this trend is the increasing belief that movie reviewers are irrelevant as far as the movie going public is concerned. Flicks denounced by the critics score big at the box office while films that win critical praise bomb out. As a result, the critics are praising movies that they think will attract huge crowds so that they can “prove” their relevancy and as a result, keep their jobs.

While a better movie overall than Batman Begins, The Dark Knight suffers from the same basic flaws as its prequel. The plot is poorly thought out and has several improbably moments such as the Joker being able to escape at least 3 different times and in hard to believe ways each time. The acting is average at best & the script is not much better than okay. If Heath Ledger were still alive, practically nobody would be singling out his performance as the Joker as being Oscar worthy. Ledger’s Joker is lame and inferior to Cesar Romero’s Joker from the mid-1960’s TV show Batman and the 1966 movie version of the same show. About the only saving grace for The Dark Knight is the fact that its first 2 hours is so fast paced that it flies by so much so that you would almost swear that substantially less time had elapsed. Too bad the last half hour is loaded with characters making speeches to each other and the like that causes the movie to suddenly drag.

Like Batman Begins before it, The Dark Knight is basically a perversion of the original Batman created by Bob Kane. As such, it should be avoided by all those who read and respected Batman in the comic books.

As for those pandering print movie reviewers, if all they can do is praise the movies that they think are going to become hits, and trash the flicks that they believe are going to bite the dust, then they richly deserve to become an endangered species, if not altogether extinct.

Movie Review Rough Draft: The Ruins (2008)

Scott Smith is both an up and coming author and filmmaker. His novels are landmarks in the development of contemporary American fiction. The film versions of his works are also very good. The 1998 film adaptation of his novel A Simple Plan is generally regarded as one of the single greatest crime dramas of the last few decades. Naturally, Smith decided after this triumph to enter the field of horror fiction to prove that his skills were not limited to crime fiction.

Among the end results of Smith’s new interest in horror writing are both the novel The Ruins and the movie adaptation of the same name. The Ruins is about the downside of visiting tourist resorts such as Cancun, Mexico. Some friends visit Cancun and after a while they get bored. They decide to explore the countryside and come across an ancient Mayan temple. There, they encounter an evil that has lurked at the temple waiting for some nice, juicy victims to wander by.

The Ruins is a great horror suspense film. The acting and direction are decent and it has excellent special effects. However, the movie has nudity that is all too pointless. There is simply no reason to include nudity in this movie. Despite this drawback, The Ruins is the scariest movie of the year thus far. It is also the most suspenseful. The vines scene is especially scary and suspenseful.

The original novel was a great scary and suspenseful read. Given the fact that the writer of the screenplay is also the author of the original novel, you would expect that the movie were also be every bit as scary and suspenseful as the novel. Your expectations are all richly rewarded by this hair raising movie that will leave you clutching on the edge of your seat in the most terrifying movie event of the year thus far.

The main problem is that it has nudity that like nudity in so many American movies made since the 1970’s is completely pointless and is simply not needed. On the other hand, the bad guy killer in The Ruins is not one of those seemingly immortal characters out of the slasher flicks. Instead, he was a relatively ordinary fellow who the audience could relate to.

This is a most entertaining and suspenseful movie that the audience will well worth find worth the $10 or so cost for tickets.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Launched

A Press Release from the folks behind Pirates of the Burning Sea:

New Online PC Game Delivers Unique Swashbuckling Action Experience

SAN DIEGO, CA – Jan. 22, 2008 – Grab your parrot, raise the gang plank and ready the cannons with Pirates of the Burning Sea™ (PotBS), the hotly anticipated online PC game where players can clash on land and sea. This new title from Sony Online Entertainment LLC’s (SOE) Platform Publishing label, and Flying Lab Software LLC (FLS), is available today at participating retail outlets worldwide and as a digital download through and for a suggested retail price of US$49.99, with a monthly subscription fee of US$14.99 plus applicable taxes.
“After years of hard work by our top-notch crew, we are thrilled to announce players can now conquer the virtual Caribbean, circa 1720, in Pirates of the Burning Sea,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software in Seattle. “Working together with SOE’s Platform Publishing, we are able to launch this game simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe and release localized versions in English, French, Spanish and German, allowing players from all over to captain a ship in this world full of swashbuckling and high-seas adventure.”
Players start by joining the French, Spanish, English or Pirate nations as a naval officer, freetrader, privateer or pirate. At sea, players can blow enemy ships out of the water. On land, players can engage in a world of action and peril rife with sword fights. A unique economy lets players become captains of industry, running mines, lumber mills, shipyards and other large-scale operations. Players produce all the various goods needed to supply others with the raw materials to conquer the Caribbean, one port at a time. A player-generated content system lets gamers create their own sail and flag designs and even model their own ships.
Set in the New World circa 1720, PotBS recreates a dramatic time of conflict and riches with action for every play style, from epic ship combat to building an empire. With more than one thousand missions per nation, dozens of ports to explore, and the entire Caribbean as their domain, players will find an online experience like no other.

Pirates of the Burning Sea game features:
• Join one of four nations (Pirate, English, French, or Spanish)
• Every player is the captain of their very own ship in massive naval battles
• Duel other players to control more than 80 conquerable ports in the Caribbean
• Explore the world and make a name for yourself with more than 1,000 missions per nation
• Economy driven by players, who manufacture and sell all ships and equipment found in the game
• Take command of more than 50 historical ships
• Design your own flags and sails
• Build your very own or customize any of the ships in-game to your liking
• Choose from three different combat styles – deadly and formal Fencing, flashy, dual-wielding Florentine or rowdy and treacherous Dirty Fighting
• Participate in epic PvP sea battles with up to 25 players per side

For more information on Pirates of the Burning Sea, log onto or the community site at

About Platform Publishing™

Based in San Diego, CA, Platform Publishing is a cross-platform publishing, distribution and marketing label, with an exciting library of interactive entertainment products from third-party developers and content providers for personal computers, game consoles and mobile devices. The label puts talented developers and publishers together with Platform Publishing’s high caliber suite of services and support, including top-notch distribution, marketing and technology resources. Platform Publishing is a DBA of Sony Online Entertainment LLC. For more information, please visit

SOE and the SOE logo are registered trademarks and Platform Publishing and the Platform Publishing logo are trademarks of Sony Online Entertainment LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Flying Lab Software

Flying Lab Software, a Seattle-based game development company, is the maker of the critically acclaimed Rails Across America. Their current project is Pirates of the Burning Sea, an innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game of adventure and naval combat in the age of sail.

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